Sunday, June 07, 2020

Onward We go! Thoughts Moving Forward...

So...has been a while since I have posted something, lots to say so if you do not care or don't read long posts, click away now. Please note that with the present restrictions in place, I need to be careful as to how I word the following post, you can always ask me to clarify or expand on anything I type here.

We have in the last two weeks buried my mother and my Father in law, one from the present issue and the other through a mixture of male ego and medical mismanagement. I thank each and every one of you for your wishes and sympathies but I really did not post for that reason, I wanted you to note my endless frustration. This frustration has haunted me since I started involving myself with medical ozone.

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This is a bad time in our history but it is not over yet and I do not like to be negative believing that it will all come out better than ever. However, I do see some disturbing issues. Please bear with me as I try to explain.

The one that I want to bring up is something that is and will affect us all. In times of financial collapse or instability you will have all manner of folks, some well meaning, others not so much parade a slew of products promising the world to you, please note that the majority of this will be false claims and will be there to extract money from you. We must note that due to this issue that has been in front of our faces for the last couple of months, businesses and families are hurting and that at times seems to make naturally good people turn unethical in an effort to save their lives as well as their families. Please be careful in what you read and believe to be true. Do your research...

Should you have any questions as to what to do or buy with anything related to medical ozone or oxidant therapies, please feel free to drop me a note with your concerns, I am very approachable and respond promptly, please do not believe all you hear or read, do your research, I have always said that and it is even more important now. Do not always believe even if they are famous or have a stream of letters after their name, these thing are not an indication of knowledge, they are only an indication that they have been determined and successful in learning and obeying what they have been taught. Knowledge comes from an open heart and mind and not from what others want you to learn based on a set of rules dictated by members of a self-elected group or association.

I will not tell you what you should do, this is a decision you must make on your own, that is what freedom and democracy gives us, the responsibility over our own and our families lives and health. This does however bring me to another point.

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All of you that follow me or have read most of what I say know that I never dwell into politics as we are all allowed our beliefs and direction but I just want to say a couple of things about this. I studied constitutional law for two years for a court case I was involved in. I was fortunate that I had a judge that allowed me to defend myself and as such I studied my brains out in an effort to understand the law, I was given three days in court and to make a story short won my case as the Government was forced to withdraw.

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Why am I telling you this, well, because I think that we should all in some way teach ourselves of our rights and obligations, this should be taught in school but is not. The takeaway here is that modern countries are almost always a product of English Common Law and I think we forget what that is. We must understand that our power does not come from the government, any government, it comes instead from the people themselves. Yes, we are the power but we are lost and do not understand how to use this power and that is something that we must fix.

Not going to dwell on this too much except to tell you a few things, the government can and will make laws, hopefully for our own good but must observe the rules set out by both Common Law and the documents crafted by the founders of the country you live in. However, because a law is created does not make that law a legal one. There is new law, old law, bad law and good law. How is this decided, well, that is what the courts are for and ultimately it is the Supreme Courts that decide what is and is not law. These people sit on the bench and interpret what law was passed and is now being challenged before them. Their responsibility is to decipher what the writers and constructors meant when all the tenants of law were written and how to apply them to our society. So you see, it is all in what is written and how it is interpreted. ANY LAW CAN BE OVERTURNED AFTER A CHALLANGE, ANY LAW.