Thursday, May 05, 2011

Reach Out To All Alternative Medicine Practicioners

Let me welcome you all and say that you are all appreciated. 

Many of you are aware and know that we have now started a magazine called Healthy Living With Ozone, this magazine is being published by a Non-Profit organization in Malaysia, translated it is The Organization of Medical Ozone Physicians Malaysia,  and it is at the heart of all Ozone therapy activity in this part of Asia.

Their mandate is to have ozone therapy accepted as a Medical modality through the extremely tedious processes within the government, so far there have been no issues and it looks promising. The other mandates are of course to help the needy and those that need help. They have purchased a new ambulance for those that cannot afford to pay for one. Much of this information will be in the magazine and also on the upcoming website. There is a lot more in the works.

We, in Malaysia believe that the magazine itself will be a helpful tool to all Alternative Therapists in the world as it will in print form give us all credibility. We also believe that it will be a tool that you can all use to inform the public as to what it is that you are doing in your particular field of Alternative therapy as well as create an up-to-date directory for Alternative therapists and their clinics.

We are in the process going digital, so hopefully soon we will be in the iTunes marketplace for all to see and download, this will give us access to about 500 million people. We are not thinking that many will, of course, view but the possibility of this is enormous and all of you can be a part of this.

My reason for this message is simple, we need you to partner with us and help to better our magazine, yourselves and Alternative Therapy in general. We will publish ads for a very low price in our magazine; I have had suggestions about placing credit card sized ads or like a classified column in the magazine. This will all be low cost of course, for those that wish a full page ad we will do the artwork for you and can quote you a price when you decide what size you would like. The second issue will be out mid-June so time is running out. Incidentally, we have managed to circulate about 6500 magazines on the first issue alone and internationally, I might add.

It would be absolutely amazing if you would all buy a place in this magazine to start it off on the right foot. Once we go digital all these ads will as well have a link to your site and email, this will increase your ranking in both Google and the web so really think about this. 

Let me end by saying that we also welcome your submissions to the magazine, we want you to write about what you are doing, theories, success stories and whatever else you think should be in a magazine about Alternative Therapy because this magazine is meant for all of us, so please send whatever you like, but remember we need a written authorization from  you saying that we can publish your writing and also a head shot and small bio to include in our publication. Feel free to contact me at

As always, suggestions and comments are welcome…