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Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Epilogue

Continued from Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Part Four

As I had mentioned in the previous post, we continued therapy but there were issues. You see when one has major surgery, it takes a while for the body to start functioning again. This I relate to the fact that it is still in a state of shock. Added to that is the amount of sedatives, antibiotics and God only knows what else thrown into an already weakened system before, during and after surgery. Even though I am stronger than some, this felt like I was hit by a bus and recovering from the impact. At first I could barely talk, move or eat. I ate fish, milk fish and salmon because it did not bother me in any way and then introduced other food bit by bit and watched what effect it had on me. I was at one time a voracious eater, it looked however that those days are far gone now and I would have to not only curtail my consumption but watch what I eat and when. This brings me to another topic.

We are inundated by what we should eat and when, Internet sites and blogs are plenty, eat this, don't eat that, this is good, this diet, that diet and so on. Some advise is good and reasonable but when those that have adapted an eating habit, whatever it is try to bully you into their lifestyle using scare tactics or misinformation or cherry picking studies in an effort to have you follow their eating habits, it is all wrong. Just as in the therapeutical process, diet and lifestyle are an individual parameter and should be treated as such.There is no correct consumption menu for all of us, just as there is no therapeutic protocol that fits each individual. Considerations and aspects ascertain what we do, what we eat and yes, how we heal. There is no magic bullet and those that believe there is are living in a life of rainbows and unicorns. Forever society and those involved in medicine of whatever flavor try to shoebox the above, it just does not work. We are different and have to be treated in the same fashion, as individuals. For you in the healing field, if you do not see your client, patient or person and note their history and all other factors, genetics, environment, eugenics, to name a few before you decide to give advice, you are doing it all wrong and what you advise on may work for a while but will only be because you are forcing the body to react and not easing the body into healing. This is of paramount importance.

What we did with my situation is look at all aspects, my history, my heritage, every single aspect of my life to try and figure out what was wrong, what went wrong and how to correct it. Studying my eating habits, toilet habits was among the issues that we looked at. This is important because what goes in and what comes out is how one assesses what is retained.We would be incredibly naive to think that these two important factors do not come into the equation when one is trying to heal. By doing this you begin to realize what your body is retaining and what it is expelling. Also, important is how you feel, not right after you insert something in your mouth, although that may be a consideration as well, but how you feel in one hour, six hours, twelve hours and so on. This in an effort to adjust your eating habits so that what you consume does not consume you, get it? Yes, I know we are obsessed with the consumption of good things, the problem is that all those good things are flavoured with ingredients that do not exist and are made in a lab just for that specific purpose. No, in no way am I saying that you can't create good tasting food without using a lab experiment but it takes a bit of work to find it and use it. However, it is of significant value to your health and welfare, so isn't it worth that effort?

We used a combination of therapies on me, of course we used RHP Ozone Therapy as the main basis of getting my body back in shape but we also did a lot of fluid extraction because fluid build up in my case was a very serious issue. The aspect of bacterial infection was paramount in considering the protocol. Bacterial infection from ascites is common and it would have meant surgery again, problems with my blood and all other aspects would have made that dangerous and I was not about to let that happen so we trudged on and kept up the filtering of the blood, massive medical ozone infusion and the fluid extraction, all the time hoping and praying that I could at least recover some aspect of my life again. So here I was feeling old and very tired even at the best of times, not knowing whether I was to live or die, thinking about my life, my kids, my wife. This was certainly a time of reflection and I had to believe that I was to get better, if not for me but for my family. That's what goes through your head, is life worth it, what do you have to look forward to, have you finished what you wanted to do in this life, can you live like this, why me, why this, all those thoughts constantly in your face while you grasp every day and get up to do it all over again. A trying time, I feel for all of you that go through this, really I do.

Well, it was about March, mid-March I think of this year when out of nowhere I woke up and thought to myself, my belly looks rather small today, what the hell is going on? I asked my wife and kids, they agreed and we were all shocked, it was an overnight thing and certainly something that we did not expect. I went to see  my partner and he suggested that I go to get an ultrasound to see what was going on. I went to the hospital and the same radiologist that saw me shortly after surgery was there. He kept looking at me with a real weird look on his face. I started talking to him and he paused and looked like a deer in headlights. He looked at my chart and then back at me, he said that he could not believe it was me, how, he said? You were a mess the last time I saw you, what did you do, how did this happen, you do not look the same, I didn't recognise you at all. I started to explain the process but could see the glazed look in his eyes so I stopped short and got him to do his diagnostics. He looked at my spleen, said it was a bit large, we knew that would be, looked at my prostate, a bit large, no surprize there, kidneys, liver all good. Then the moment of truth, the portal vein, he put down his instrument with a shocked look on his face and said he can't believe it, I have a perfectly normal functioning portal vein. I said, no way, he said look! There it was on the screen, normal as normal could be, amazing!

The true test would however be when I go for my CT Scan and that was at the end of March, actually about two days after my birthday. The CT Scan guy as I had told you earlier was a friend and a professor so he was always warm and welcoming although i was not so happy to see him as I did not look forward to that feeling of drinking a liter or more of contrast liquid and having it shot into my arm at the speed of light, feeling that incredible burning pain so that he can read the CT better. No fun at all but I was excited to see what comes out in the scan seeing as the ultrasound was shocking, to say the least. Went in to the room, like a puppy being called out for misbehaviour, tail between my legs, had the shot and patiently went through the scan. We sat outside and waited for what seemed an eternity for the master CT radiologist to tell us what he sees. He called us into his room, he was always nice enough to let us into his cave where he analyzes all this stuff so he could show us what he was talking about, here it comes I thought, this is the defining moment in my life. This will dictate what happens in the future, was I scared, was I nervous, was I sweating bullets, you betcha!

We walked into his room and he had this unusual glow on his face, greeted us as he always does, very warmly and proceeded to talk. He said, I have no idea what you did and I really at this point do not care, my friend, but what I see it remarkable. All your veins are clear, portal, mesenteric and pulmonary, they are clear and functioning normally. Sorry, I took so long but I have never seen this before in a case such as yours, whatever you did, you did very well. He had known of our therapy and I proceeded to talk to him about what we did exactly and thanked him for his opinion and diagnostic brilliance. We walked out of there shell shocked, could it be, I thought? Things happen when you are very sick for a long period of time and all of a sudden someone tells you that you are ok, at first you really do not know how to react, disbelief is the first of the reactions, joy, the second then again doubt and disbelief and so on, vicious cycle.

The next day, we went to see the surgeon and give him the CT Scan, I had gotten over my disbelief and was now elated. I took the Scans and Ultrasound in my hand like a child that had discovered a new world and wanted to show it to his mother, proudly I went up to the surgeon's office and sat down, trying to tame the glee and side to side grin on my face. He said, as he normally does, so how are you doing. I burst out, because I couldn't hold my excitement back any longer. LOOK, LOOK, it's all gone, all gone, LOOK! Well, his excitement was not present at all, he looked at the reports, hummed and hawed and after a while said, who did the scan. The number one guy in Malaysia I said, he said, don't know him and I have my doubts. WHAAAAAT! what the hell is he saying, rightly so I was starting to get quite mad. The nerve of this guy, but I kept my cool and asked why do you say that? He said because it normally does not happen this way, so I doubt it but if you think that this is ok, then good I guess it has cleared up. That pompous, arrogant and words I do not want to repeat on this post. I kept calm, so what do you think did this, he said I guess it was the Warfarin. Now, remember some posts ago I wanted you to remember what he said. He had said that Warfarin will not clear the clots but will keep others from forming. I confronted him with that and he said well in this case it did. Again, that pompous, arrogant and words I do not want to repeat on this post. I asked, so you want to know what we did in case you have someone with the same issues, he said no, no need. That pompous, arrogant and words that I do not want to repeat on this post. Anyway after that I got up to say good bye and left. When we were leaving my wife said, you know he had his hand out to shake it, I said, he is lucky I didn't break it!

So, there you have it, the story of my personal health issues. I had wanted to write about this for a number of reasons, mainly to tell all of you that there is always hope, no matter what they tell you. Another reason is because you should always do your research, seek advice from the best around, do not look at one form of medicine, look at all of them. Decide for yourself what will work for you, once you have done so, stick to it and do not think that it will be easy or short. My issue was resolved with consistent and persistent therapy for 9 months and I am still cleaning it up, it is now 15 months in. I truly believe that one of the reasons that I am getting better and better is because of my obsessive nature, I do not go one day without doing what I am supposed to do that day for my health, no matter what occurs that day. This is my advise for you be consistent and persistent and it will come. In my years of doing this I find that people dabble in one therapy and then after a month or two go to another because they believe it is not working. Healing the body takes time, it will not happen as fast as you think it will, there are ebbs and tides in healing as well but if you are consistant and persistant,it will happen. Please do not listen to others, if you can keep it a secret, there is nothing worse than good  intentions from folk that care about you and because they do you may do as they suggest out of guilt or love, this is a mistake and may make things worse and most of all stop reading the crap on the internet from those that want your money. Read from blogs and sites that have no vested interest in extracting money from your wallet. I get so turned off by these sites that talk about the dangers of this or that and then show a product to cure it or that they are some sort of scientific brainiac that now has checked and concluded that the product they are trying to sell you is of the purest quality. While at the same time pushing conspiracies about the doom of the planet, aliens, meteors, riots and financial chaos and with every year telling us it will happen in the next few months. Why do most of you even bother to read it and support it, and if you choose to at least take it with a grain of salt, ok? If you re-read that you will guess which ones I am talking about.

My final message for you in this and all the other posts is that I truly believe that there is something for everyone out there to heal with but I just as much believe that something will not heal everyone so please do your research and understand that you may be human and have all the parts that the next guy has but your internal mechanism, chemistry and biological function is vastly different and individual!


Unknown said...

Please check the schistosoma parasite. It is common in Africa and leads to similar simptoms you have had. Is treated with paraziquantel. Please let me know on results. Nadia

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I really appreciate the insight here in this post.Thank you.