Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ozone Therapy and Therapeutical Considerations Part 1

This subject needs consideration both in the world of Alternative/Complimentary health as well as in the Medical mainstream. The crux of any therapy should be based on a certain set of diagnostic parameters and these need careful discussion and consideration before attempting to treat any patient any where and any time. This is especially true when using Medical Ozone.

Many patients come to our clinic for ozone therapy and are appalled at the number of tests and diagnostics that we put them under to be able to ascertain what truly is the cause of their disorder as well as the road ahead for their recovery. While, to us this is standard fare, it seems to most that it is much more than they are used to. This has been brought to my attention time after time so I thought I would share this topic with all those reading this blog and the reason for our decision to implement this type of analysis for all our patients.

The first reality of our mainstream medical standard is that doctors are not generally trained to understand lab tests and what they mean and if they are they are taught by medical literature. This literature is mainly based on pharma knowledge and drug based therapy which is not really all that truthful. This is not a value judgement on my part and no offence to anyone intended. We have all seen and heard in many reports through the years from those insiders in the research and drug companies that have come out to tell us their horrible stories. Basing your primary diagnosis on a set of lies whether unknowingly or otherwise is the first step towards failure in medicine.

This does lead to a statement on the quality of education regarding medicine and health in our society and that would be another topic to discuss at a later date. What is important in assessing health or direction of health is that the assessor is qualified to truly understand what all those figures and results mean. Secondly and just as important, how to put them together in one carefully researched diagnosis so to establish a correct protocol both for the safety of the patient and their road to recovery. These in my opinion are the most important parameters in ant type of medical therapy today, this is not just limited to modern medicine. It encompasses any type of health therapy. In fact most errors in medicine, alternative/complimentary are based on these operator errors, errors of omission so to speak and some have been fatal.

We have all had an experience where we go to the medical person of our choosing and explain what maladies we suffer from, without asking much input from you, the doctor prescribes a certain set of tests and sends them off to the lab. You go home and chew your nails while the testing is being done, weeks go by and you do not hear from your doctor, for some of you, you leave it at that but for others you wonder what became of the testing so you either call your doctor or go to see him/her  and ask. The answer is most frequently, "Well, they came back and were all within range so there was no need to call you." Satisfied you go on about your business as if nothing is wrong and you are healthy but in the back of your mind you still have the symptoms that you came in to discuss. However less now for some strange reason, probably because you have learned to cope with them or your body has started to correct them. In some cases they are worse but frustration regarding this cycle leads you to just sit and bear it, not good in any case.

The truth of this is that the doctor looks at your tests and sees that all is within range, not highlighted by the lab and leaves it at that. This is not real diagnostics, one must look at all those parameters and truly understand what they mean. The lab reports that show a range are general and do not pertain to all, in essence one must be qualified to understand that ranges have three characteristics outside of "within range". Those would be normal high, normal low and normal mid range and those do have a bearing on your health when related to others in your lab report. They do indicate an issue or an upcoming issue that should be taken care of before it becomes a life threatening situation or a debilitating disease. The sad reality is that they are not carefully screened and pretty soon you are on your way to the doctor with something that could have been easily avoided or even worse being admitted to the hospital.

The second part of this issue that needs discussion is, what tests should be considered standard? This has been an issue with me from day one of my venture into medicine. The way it is now, testing is and has become very expensive so most doctors/therapists are reluctant to do much testing and again you get the issue of being under-diagnosed. This behavior tends to overlook whatever issue is really occurring in the system. We believe that you should be tested for anything that we can think of, in that way we can rule out what a patient does not have instead of chasing what a patient does have, a much easier system to be sure and one that has proved to us works as we have found issues no one would have guessed existed. In this method we can and do prevent the occurrence of many larger issues in the future. Preventative or true anti-aging therapy one might call it.

The tests that should always be considered without doubt in any form of medicine for any patient as a general rule are as follows:

Diabetic Screen
Kidney Function
Lipid Profile
Liver Function
Hepatitis Screen
Thyroid Screen

These tests will tell any health provider what they need to look at and any further studies that they need to have the patient do or undergo. Of course there are others specialized tests in addition that would relate to condition, complaint and even genetic influence among others.

As well, it is of paramount importance that a patient undergoes a heart study as there is a lot that one can find in a heart study, the heart and cardiovascular system is directly related to the way our body works and should be considered when testing for any and all disorders. let's face it if your heart is not working optimally, nothing in your system will work optimally as the heart is related to all parts of the anatomy in the sense that it directs the blood and blood is life, at least in my opinion. The least of these studies should be an echo with a fairly accurate machine and a fairly well trained cardiologist running it, not an intern or a nurse. No offence to nurses or interns but I do believe that a cardiologist is more in tune to the fine details, at least I hope so.

So, there you have it, this should be the first part of anyone's journey to better health, be it with the Modern Medical paradigm or the Alternative/Complimentary scene. If the Health Practitioner does not do this for you before diagnosing or running any other tests, demand it be done. If they insist on running such tests as a live blood cell analysis or some other type and tell you that they can tell just as much or tell you that the lab reports are not accurate, they most probably do not understand them and my advise is to change that health provider immediately. For those of you in the health industry, please take the time to understand the scope of laboratory testing, when used right it is an invaluable tool in diagnosing what is wrong with a patient and it is your duty to use all means at your disposal to correctly analyse a patient before recommending or commencing any therapy, medical, natural or otherwise. Remember, "First do no harm!". If you base your methods on a set of parameters that are not complete, there is a certain probability that you may do harm, even if the internet and various authors have you convinced otherwise...


tera said...

Thank you Peter for your impeccable care, experience and expertise!! Your service and attention to detail is a great gift inside of this industry and for all patients and practitioners world wide.

May all people know the freedom sound health brings.

Jonathan Lowe said...

Very well said a lot of Medical practitioners are still not aware of ozone therapy. But as we already proven the power of ozone therapy a blog post like this really help the awareness. Understanding the power of ozone therapy can bring a better world on Medical practices.