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Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Epilogue

Continued from Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Part Four

As I had mentioned in the previous post, we continued therapy but there were issues. You see when one has major surgery, it takes a while for the body to start functioning again. This I relate to the fact that it is still in a state of shock. Added to that is the amount of sedatives, antibiotics and God only knows what else thrown into an already weakened system before, during and after surgery. Even though I am stronger than some, this felt like I was hit by a bus and recovering from the impact. At first I could barely talk, move or eat. I ate fish, milk fish and salmon because it did not bother me in any way and then introduced other food bit by bit and watched what effect it had on me. I was at one time a voracious eater, it looked however that those days are far gone now and I would have to not only curtail my consumption but watch what I eat and when. This brings me to another topic.

We are inundated by what we should eat and when, Internet sites and blogs are plenty, eat this, don't eat that, this is good, this diet, that diet and so on. Some advise is good and reasonable but when those that have adapted an eating habit, whatever it is try to bully you into their lifestyle using scare tactics or misinformation or cherry picking studies in an effort to have you follow their eating habits, it is all wrong. Just as in the therapeutical process, diet and lifestyle are an individual parameter and should be treated as such.There is no correct consumption menu for all of us, just as there is no therapeutic protocol that fits each individual. Considerations and aspects ascertain what we do, what we eat and yes, how we heal. There is no magic bullet and those that believe there is are living in a life of rainbows and unicorns. Forever society and those involved in medicine of whatever flavor try to shoebox the above, it just does not work. We are different and have to be treated in the same fashion, as individuals. For you in the healing field, if you do not see your client, patient or person and note their history and all other factors, genetics, environment, eugenics, to name a few before you decide to give advice, you are doing it all wrong and what you advise on may work for a while but will only be because you are forcing the body to react and not easing the body into healing. This is of paramount importance.

What we did with my situation is look at all aspects, my history, my heritage, every single aspect of my life to try and figure out what was wrong, what went wrong and how to correct it. Studying my eating habits, toilet habits was among the issues that we looked at. This is important because what goes in and what comes out is how one assesses what is retained.We would be incredibly naive to think that these two important factors do not come into the equation when one is trying to heal. By doing this you begin to realize what your body is retaining and what it is expelling. Also, important is how you feel, not right after you insert something in your mouth, although that may be a consideration as well, but how you feel in one hour, six hours, twelve hours and so on. This in an effort to adjust your eating habits so that what you consume does not consume you, get it? Yes, I know we are obsessed with the consumption of good things, the problem is that all those good things are flavoured with ingredients that do not exist and are made in a lab just for that specific purpose. No, in no way am I saying that you can't create good tasting food without using a lab experiment but it takes a bit of work to find it and use it. However, it is of significant value to your health and welfare, so isn't it worth that effort?

We used a combination of therapies on me, of course we used RHP Ozone Therapy as the main basis of getting my body back in shape but we also did a lot of fluid extraction because fluid build up in my case was a very serious issue. The aspect of bacterial infection was paramount in considering the protocol. Bacterial infection from ascites is common and it would have meant surgery again, problems with my blood and all other aspects would have made that dangerous and I was not about to let that happen so we trudged on and kept up the filtering of the blood, massive medical ozone infusion and the fluid extraction, all the time hoping and praying that I could at least recover some aspect of my life again. So here I was feeling old and very tired even at the best of times, not knowing whether I was to live or die, thinking about my life, my kids, my wife. This was certainly a time of reflection and I had to believe that I was to get better, if not for me but for my family. That's what goes through your head, is life worth it, what do you have to look forward to, have you finished what you wanted to do in this life, can you live like this, why me, why this, all those thoughts constantly in your face while you grasp every day and get up to do it all over again. A trying time, I feel for all of you that go through this, really I do.

Well, it was about March, mid-March I think of this year when out of nowhere I woke up and thought to myself, my belly looks rather small today, what the hell is going on? I asked my wife and kids, they agreed and we were all shocked, it was an overnight thing and certainly something that we did not expect. I went to see  my partner and he suggested that I go to get an ultrasound to see what was going on. I went to the hospital and the same radiologist that saw me shortly after surgery was there. He kept looking at me with a real weird look on his face. I started talking to him and he paused and looked like a deer in headlights. He looked at my chart and then back at me, he said that he could not believe it was me, how, he said? You were a mess the last time I saw you, what did you do, how did this happen, you do not look the same, I didn't recognise you at all. I started to explain the process but could see the glazed look in his eyes so I stopped short and got him to do his diagnostics. He looked at my spleen, said it was a bit large, we knew that would be, looked at my prostate, a bit large, no surprize there, kidneys, liver all good. Then the moment of truth, the portal vein, he put down his instrument with a shocked look on his face and said he can't believe it, I have a perfectly normal functioning portal vein. I said, no way, he said look! There it was on the screen, normal as normal could be, amazing!

The true test would however be when I go for my CT Scan and that was at the end of March, actually about two days after my birthday. The CT Scan guy as I had told you earlier was a friend and a professor so he was always warm and welcoming although i was not so happy to see him as I did not look forward to that feeling of drinking a liter or more of contrast liquid and having it shot into my arm at the speed of light, feeling that incredible burning pain so that he can read the CT better. No fun at all but I was excited to see what comes out in the scan seeing as the ultrasound was shocking, to say the least. Went in to the room, like a puppy being called out for misbehaviour, tail between my legs, had the shot and patiently went through the scan. We sat outside and waited for what seemed an eternity for the master CT radiologist to tell us what he sees. He called us into his room, he was always nice enough to let us into his cave where he analyzes all this stuff so he could show us what he was talking about, here it comes I thought, this is the defining moment in my life. This will dictate what happens in the future, was I scared, was I nervous, was I sweating bullets, you betcha!

We walked into his room and he had this unusual glow on his face, greeted us as he always does, very warmly and proceeded to talk. He said, I have no idea what you did and I really at this point do not care, my friend, but what I see it remarkable. All your veins are clear, portal, mesenteric and pulmonary, they are clear and functioning normally. Sorry, I took so long but I have never seen this before in a case such as yours, whatever you did, you did very well. He had known of our therapy and I proceeded to talk to him about what we did exactly and thanked him for his opinion and diagnostic brilliance. We walked out of there shell shocked, could it be, I thought? Things happen when you are very sick for a long period of time and all of a sudden someone tells you that you are ok, at first you really do not know how to react, disbelief is the first of the reactions, joy, the second then again doubt and disbelief and so on, vicious cycle.

The next day, we went to see the surgeon and give him the CT Scan, I had gotten over my disbelief and was now elated. I took the Scans and Ultrasound in my hand like a child that had discovered a new world and wanted to show it to his mother, proudly I went up to the surgeon's office and sat down, trying to tame the glee and side to side grin on my face. He said, as he normally does, so how are you doing. I burst out, because I couldn't hold my excitement back any longer. LOOK, LOOK, it's all gone, all gone, LOOK! Well, his excitement was not present at all, he looked at the reports, hummed and hawed and after a while said, who did the scan. The number one guy in Malaysia I said, he said, don't know him and I have my doubts. WHAAAAAT! what the hell is he saying, rightly so I was starting to get quite mad. The nerve of this guy, but I kept my cool and asked why do you say that? He said because it normally does not happen this way, so I doubt it but if you think that this is ok, then good I guess it has cleared up. That pompous, arrogant and words I do not want to repeat on this post. I kept calm, so what do you think did this, he said I guess it was the Warfarin. Now, remember some posts ago I wanted you to remember what he said. He had said that Warfarin will not clear the clots but will keep others from forming. I confronted him with that and he said well in this case it did. Again, that pompous, arrogant and words I do not want to repeat on this post. I asked, so you want to know what we did in case you have someone with the same issues, he said no, no need. That pompous, arrogant and words that I do not want to repeat on this post. Anyway after that I got up to say good bye and left. When we were leaving my wife said, you know he had his hand out to shake it, I said, he is lucky I didn't break it!

So, there you have it, the story of my personal health issues. I had wanted to write about this for a number of reasons, mainly to tell all of you that there is always hope, no matter what they tell you. Another reason is because you should always do your research, seek advice from the best around, do not look at one form of medicine, look at all of them. Decide for yourself what will work for you, once you have done so, stick to it and do not think that it will be easy or short. My issue was resolved with consistent and persistent therapy for 9 months and I am still cleaning it up, it is now 15 months in. I truly believe that one of the reasons that I am getting better and better is because of my obsessive nature, I do not go one day without doing what I am supposed to do that day for my health, no matter what occurs that day. This is my advise for you be consistent and persistent and it will come. In my years of doing this I find that people dabble in one therapy and then after a month or two go to another because they believe it is not working. Healing the body takes time, it will not happen as fast as you think it will, there are ebbs and tides in healing as well but if you are consistant and persistant,it will happen. Please do not listen to others, if you can keep it a secret, there is nothing worse than good  intentions from folk that care about you and because they do you may do as they suggest out of guilt or love, this is a mistake and may make things worse and most of all stop reading the crap on the internet from those that want your money. Read from blogs and sites that have no vested interest in extracting money from your wallet. I get so turned off by these sites that talk about the dangers of this or that and then show a product to cure it or that they are some sort of scientific brainiac that now has checked and concluded that the product they are trying to sell you is of the purest quality. While at the same time pushing conspiracies about the doom of the planet, aliens, meteors, riots and financial chaos and with every year telling us it will happen in the next few months. Why do most of you even bother to read it and support it, and if you choose to at least take it with a grain of salt, ok? If you re-read that you will guess which ones I am talking about.

My final message for you in this and all the other posts is that I truly believe that there is something for everyone out there to heal with but I just as much believe that something will not heal everyone so please do your research and understand that you may be human and have all the parts that the next guy has but your internal mechanism, chemistry and biological function is vastly different and individual!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Part Four

Continued from Medical Ozone Therapy Part Three

As you have read, it is a bad state of affairs at this point, surgery was done, quite extensive. I was told that I would have to remain on Warfarin (Rat Poison) for the rest of my life and that  would have a belly full of liquid (Ascites) for eternity that would have to be drained occasionally. As well, I am not able to consume more than 1.5 liters of fluid a day. To add, my portal vein, mesenteric vein and both pulmonary veins were as well blocked or thrombosed. Not to mention the DVT that had occurred long ago. So, here I was, not capable of much movement and feeling like I was pregnant, sloshing when I move due to the amount of fluid in my abdomen. My weight loss was dramatic, before surgery, I was 130 kilos and now I was 87 kilos, a loss of 43 kilos or 94.8 pounds, dramatic to say the least and all in about two or three weeks! It was at about that time that another issue came up.

You see, men when they are boys have testes that are up from their normal place and drop to their normal position when they become men, for that to occur there are holes that the testes fit in, those holes never really close so at times what occurs is that a man can develop an inguinal hernia. Quite simply put, if there is pressure on the abdomen, things can and will fall into that hole, intestines for instance and in my case. So, what happened due to the condition I was in is that as soon as I would get out of bed, my intestines would drop to my scrotum sack for lack of a better explanation. This, as you can imagine was quite uncomfortable and rather painful but again something that I did have to endure. The only solution is surgery and that was certainly out of the question. The fear was that I would strangulate my intestines making surgery inevitable, a stressful time, once again.

Please do understand that I am telling you all this because I do want to be clear about the extent and issues that occurred to me at that time. This by no means was an easy time and one that I certainly would not wish on anyone at any level. I can also tell you that when this does occur it changes you, as some of you already know and you either give in to it or you decide to take matters into your own hands and do something about it. We all have a breaking point and now, more than ever I do understand what patients go through, it's funny how that works...In a sense I am as much grateful for this as I am horrified, scared and confused by it all.

Those of you who know me well would understand my persona, I do not take things lightly and i do not stand by and let things occur. I had at that time decided that enough was enough and began to formulate in my head how I was to solve these issues. The only problem that I could not solve was which issue first. In my practice and work, I know that the human body is very generous in it's ability to heal itself if given the right tools, survival is what the body wants to do. The problem comes when we try to do too many things at once or give it more than it can handle. This I was well aware of and whatever I did I would have to concentrate on what I was trying to achieve and not give the body too many tasks.

Those of you that have been in similar situations know well what occurs first, you reach out to the internet and those that are close to you for help and information. This, at times makes matters worse because, well meaning as they are they give you a plethora of potions and lotions as well as instruments that you should use to put yourself back together. It becomes a huge task just looking and researching the suggestions. Most make the mistake and buy whatever suggestion is given to them, after all it is a life or death proposal so in panic we tend to eat, consume, probe, insert, and do whatever else to try and achieve some semblance of health.

Well, I did not do that. What I did is go back to basics and do some research. The two main issues that I saw were that I had to in some way unblock my veins so that the accumulation of fluid would not continue and the second part was that I had to ensure that the accumulation of fluid did not get out of hand. I ran this issue by my partner and as well by my good friends Robert Rowen and Howard Robins, all had a working knowledge of Western Medicine and Herbal, Alternative or Complementary Medicine. All were as well, leaders in their field on Ozone Therapy or Medical Ozone. The first suggestion was that I do Ozone therapy, well that was a no brainer as Medical Ozone does have the ability to repair and open up vessels as it is a vasodilator, we all agreed to that. The second was that I look into something called Lumbrokinase. Now this one stumped me, what the hell was that. So, off to the internet to search.

What I found was this:

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There is lots more if you Google it but it was enough for me to order it and start consuming large quantities of it. Not many side effects, made from worms but safer than most things, especially Warfarin. Hell, what did I have to lose. So, that was to take care of the blockage in my veins, I thought, but was it enough?

I would as well tell you all that I was ingesting in the way of supplements, diet, etc..., but I truly think that at this point it did not have much bearing on my issues. I also do not want to hear from well meaning people that I was doing it wrong, what vitamins, supplements, MLM and all that other advice that I normally get. That is an issue that we are unfortunately placed in as well when sick. You see, I believe that we as humans for the most part are so constricted that we do not have the time to do the research or really do not believe that we can understand what it is that we are trying to figure out about our health. So instead, we go to the internet, friends and so forth, in an effort to gain an understanding of what we should do. What we do not understand and I can't stress this enough, is that we are all unique. It is not necessarily true that what occurred with one of us will occur with another. The Roman poet Lucretius wrote, "One man's meat is another man's poison." No truer words were said, and this would apply in health more than anything. We continually search for testimony about how others got well but do not understand that we may be doing ourselves harm. More on this later on.

My eating habits at first were dramatically changed, I did not consume much, couldn't, I found that in the beginning after surgery, I was in so much pain that normal pain killers were of no use. I tried oxycontin and although it made me so numb that I did not care about the pain, it gave me a side effect that I did not like. It made my testes the size of grapefruits, not very comfortable! My main diet was a little piece of fish, could not eat much else, vegetables were out of the question as gas would kill me, the pain was intolerable and I would cry like a baby at night and during the day. Some episodes were so bad that I would wish I had died in surgery, I kid you not! In any case I had to endure. I asked the surgeon why this was all happening and he said that normally after abdominal surgery, the intestines, bowel, etc.., go to sleep and wake up after a while. When, I asked? He said, different for everyone. Great, so here I was writhing in pain, with nothing much of a pain killer, eating little portions of fish which in the beginning was Milk Fish as it is the fish that babies eat and easily digestible. 

We then decided that it was time that I do RHP Ozone therapy but with a twist, we were going to use low dose Medical Ozone and at the same time try to suck as much fluid out of the blood as we could. In theory if you dry the blood, fluid will be displaced and go from my abdomen to replenish. So, we decided a good level would be 20mcg. of ozone and try to at least extract two liters of fluid. We would do this weekly or so, but to make certain that enough fluid would come out we needed a diuretic. Well, I am not that fond of those, seeing as they can lead to a host of issues so we had to find one that was herbal or natural, which we did and I tell you it worked like a charm. I would get anywhere from 1-2 litres of fluid taken out of me plus a huge amount of Medical Ozone added to my blood and on top of all that we were able to use this diuretic and have me pass at least another two liters of fluid. I did go on this therapy, but there was a problem with that as well...

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Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Part Three

Continued from Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Part Two

For those that are following this, I truly apologise for the length of it all but I do believe that what I have to say, conclude and inform will help a lot of you that suffer daily. It may also help those in the future. It does relate to ozone therapy and medical ozone in a later post but as well it as well relates to Alternative or Complementary Medicine and Modern Medicine. Health is something we all have issues with at one time or another and we are constantly bombarded with claims and choices. To add to all this confusion are the irresponsible actions from those that are only there to create chaos and insecurity. These are the shrills that either misinterpret science or create issues that do not exist for financial or ego driven gain. So, the more reality based and realistic testimonies there are, the better for all. Please feel free to share all this to your friends and loved ones. As well, please comment and debate, it is the way we all learn...

Off to the IVC operation we go, this was an operation that occurs while you are fully awake. I was given a local anesthetic and I really can't explain the feeling that you get when someone is cutting into your neck and shoving a tube inside it, it is, to say the least, bizarre. They showed me the filter, it was a strange looking thing, reminded me of a fishing lure. I was able to watch what they were doing because there were screens around to guide them and they turned one in my direction so that I could see. There was really no feeling and it was just a matter of shoving this fishing lure deep enough so that it would catch all possible clots so they would not go to my heart or brain. This surgery was done rather quickly and painlessly, not even a scar was visible, no wonder this guy was the best.

It was a couple of days until the major surgery so I had time to put my will together as well try to organize what needed to be done just in case I was not coming back after surgery. Those of you that have been through this and have young kids and a wife can relate to what needs to be done before you let's just say, expire. It is a herculean undertaking and I do not wish anyone to go through it especially when it is completely unexpected, which in my case, it was. It took a couple of days for my INR to be acceptable enough for surgery but my platelets were not doing so well. we had to take some time and let my body absorb a couple of bags of platelets before the operation.

Finally, it was time. I said goodbye to  the kids, my son shell shocked and my daughter crying, wife by my side we went off to the operating theater. Once outside the doors, I told my wife my good byes and asked the nurse to ensure that she tells my wife when I am out of surgery, my wife sat down outside of those doors and only she would know what was going on through her head at that time, to top it all off, that day was her birthday, what a present this was for her, I can only imagine how brave she would have to be to endure this. We always consider our own horror and pain but we truly need to understand what happens to those around us that love us, the innocents in all this. In my eyes they are the true heroes and strength is tested to its limits by what occurs when their lives are interrupted by the issues of a loved one. They wheeled me in and placed me in a corner, a man came by with sheets of paper to sign absolving the hospital and anyone remotely connected to anyone there of any liability should I not survive. Not really reassuring. He then asked if I had questions, yeah, lots but I knew there were no answers. They stuck a needle in me and the guy holding it said, count to 100 backwards, 99...98........

There was nothing I remember about the surgery and the first semblance of reality was when my eyes opened a bit and I saw the surgeon in his gear looking at me and saying, "he's back and looks ok", as I faded again into an unconscious state. As I woke up I saw two figures in operating room garb, one was my wife but I could not recognize the other for a minute and then I realized it was my partner’s son. They had wide smiles on their faces, they were extremely excited I was back from the dead, while I, was rather confused. Trying to talk was a huge issue and to me I sounded fine but later found out that I sounded like a guy that had been on a week-long drinking bender. After my relieved wife saw that I was somewhat ok, I was put in recovery where I had to spend the night, only one there in this big room with what looked like nurses, I couldn't really tell as they were quite young but I had to stay there, it was night so there was only two of them, a couple of feet beside me. At one point, can't remember why I needed them. They were asleep so I had to bang on my bed to get their attention. This, I found troubling, I wondered if it occurred all the time, what if there was a real issue, good God... I tried to sleep and in the morning the day shift came, still woozy, the bevy of nurses had other plans for me. They were busy texting, cruising the internet and gabbing and giggling as if I did not exist, sigh...What an experience, you want to say something, anger is evident but you feel like a train wreck and so many emotions, glad to be alive and such that what you would normally do, you do not do, confusion is evident.

It was time now to go back to my room and find out the details of the operation and what happened while I was, ummm, comatose. They wheeled me back tubes, IV stands and all. As we entered the room I saw my kids’ faces light up, their joy was evident. They rushed towards me and hugged and kissed me in their glee with my wife standing watching with a big smile on her face. Well, seems I made it, this far at least. I did however notice that there was something different, I had a tube sticking out of my nose, another out of my belly and yet another out of my penis along with IV lines. I kind of noticed it before but when coming out of this, I think you slowly start to rationalize things, it is not all there in the beginning, slowly reality comes, I can only imagine what the ramifications to some are because of this. In my life i would have never imagined myself in this situation, just stuff you see in the movies but you never think that it could be you and then one day, the haze goes away and there you are. As I started to rationalize...the pain came, it was intense but not when I realized I had three holes in my abdomen, yikes!

The time went by and I was in and out for a while. Finally, the surgeon came to tell me all about what had occurred, to fill the gaps. He took out his phone and he had graphic pictures to show me what was done. To most it would be something they really do not want to see, I am exposed to this daily so to me it was quite interesting. He started to explain, he had thought that it was an operation for a stricture and easily done in one hour. However once he went into my abdomen, he found that not only were all my intestines stuck to the wall of my abdomen but, as well, they were twisted like a cord from the old spiral telephone handsets we all used to have. What he had to do was cut the intestines away from the wall and then untwist them all. All this with a camera, he really did not have a desire to cut me open and for that I was ever grateful...I knew that it would take much longer to recover from a slice in the abdomen. In any case he said it took four hours instead of one hour because he had to be careful not to cut into my intestines. The only thought that went through my head was my wife and kids, here I go on for an hour operation and four hours later they were still waiting, my God, I would have been beside myself if I were them with no word from anyone, must have been incredibly traumatic.

I spent another four days in the hospital recovering, I could not get up or move much for at least a day. Every time I tried, the pain was unbearable even though the surgeon would yell at me to move around, you must, he would say, easy for him to say...I would get up, walk about 100 feet and barely make it back but with every couple of hours I walked further, the pain, the lethargy was incredible. So now it was time to take the tubes out, more fun, I thought. The one in my nose was not that bad but the feeling was weird sort of like the feeling when you drink and eat too much and need to expel it all, but boy, it felt so good when out. The one in my abdomen was the weirdest, you see, what I did not know is that it was a drainage tube and was all the way on the other side of my abdomen, so when it was pulled out it felt like there was something in my abdomen scurrying to the other side. The feeling is hard to explain but not something I want to feel again, very weird. The tube that was in my penis put all others to shame though, that is where I will leave that, men can imagine but I think, really would not want to. After all that, hourly my faithful son would take me for a walk and watch that I do not fall and then carefully escort me back to my room, under excruciating pain, you continue, step by step, never thinking with so much suffering it will get better, but it does, that is the beauty of our bodies, they are remarkable in their ability to heal even under the most extreme of circumstances.

It was now time to go home and my last meeting, for now, with the surgeon. We sat down and I asked him, so tell me, "what I have to look forward to?". Well, he said, "your insides are ok but all the veins that were blocked are still blocked. You have ascites in you abdomen because your portal vein has shut down but there are some varices that have grown to take its place so there is blood going to your organs, unfortunately the liver can't take the load so there will always be fluid in your abdomen." "Great, so I will always be nine months pregnant?""Yes, he said and as well you will have to have the fluid removed on occasion." When? I asked, he shook his head and said, "when needed." He continues, "you will also have a possibility of infection due to the fluid." "What then?" I asked, "then we have to do something about it.", was his reply. Anything else I said, yes he said, "you can't have more than a litre and a half of fluid every twenty four hours." WHAT! Good grief, I normally have at least four liters and am still thirsty. To top it all off he said that I have to stay away from any strenuous exercise, can't lift anything more than a mouthful of food and not eat greens because I have to be on a high dose of warfarin. I asked what will be the outcome, well he said, you will live for a while. Great, how long? Don't know he said...Ok, is there a chance of recovery? His voice changed as if he was going to lie and said, maybe but I doubt it, but always stay positive he said. I said, why am I taking warfarin, he said warfarin will not get rid of your existing clots, nothing can do that but it will keep you from developing new ones. I want those of you reading this to remember this line in particular and what this highly skilled professional teacher of surgery said to me. It will make sense to you why I say this, when we conclude this story...

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Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Part Two

Continued from Part One Here ....Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Part One

At this point, I was at a loss as to what to do and still had no clue from anyone why this was occurring or what had even started it. Doctors would endlessly speculate one thing or another, the most reasonable suspicion was that I was suffering from Thrombophilia. This news, I received from a Hematologist who had speculated based on the reports but could not be certain unless I was to undergo some outrageously expensive tests. The one thing that he did tell me was that there was no least! In any case, I had to go to specialists to figure out why and what to do about it because the prognosis was not that good. Apparently there was no way to recover from what was occurring and Thrombophilia whether acquired or genetic is permanent. As those of you that have been in similar situations can attest to, what goes on in your mind when you are given a death sentence is inexplicable at best; I was in complete and utter shock. Is that it, I had thought, all I get on this earth is 58 years of life, too short, I am not ready, can't be, just some of the thoughts that speed by like a train in your head. let alone the thoughts about those around you that love and care for you.

For those that do not know what Thrombophilia is, just click on the word, it will go to a link for you. I will talk about this more later but so that you know, once diagnosed, one needs to be on Warfarin so as to stop the creation of clots. For me, it was a rather high dose at that. So yet, another bit of great news, now I have to take rat poison as well, just dandy, I thought. No use in denial, let's try to do the best we can, I have a young family and need to take care of this, if not for me, then for them. Strange how the motivation comes in but it does, to some it may be a different one but we all seem to have a reason for survival at first and really just want to do what we think is best given our set of circumstances. in the beginning, I notice that there are two mechanisms that kick in, the survival one and the one that says, what's the use and you go from one to the other. You tend to question everything including yourself, sometimes you withdraw and do not want anyone around, sometimes you want to enjoy every minute, it is certainly a very trying time and one that most people would not understand if they did not go through it. I did not understand it, but I certainly do now!

On to the next step, I wanted to find specialists in abdominal diseases, went through quite a few, looked at experts in their field, went and sat down with them and discussed options, probabilities and scenarios. Most, if not all, would not accept what had to be done, too risky they said. We have no clue what this is, they said. We don't know the causative factor, they said. All this sound familiar to any of you? Finally found one that looked at my paperwork and tests and said that surgery must be done but I would have a 50/50 chance of survival. 

A couple of days later I met with the surgeon directly, a brilliant surgeon who had been trained in the UK and actually teaches abdominal surgery. I thought to myself that he must know what he is doing and we sat down and discussed what needed to be done. I found him positive in his skills at surgery but not of my outcome. After reviewing my records and scans, he said that it was difficult to see what was going on as there are so many intestines and a CT scan will not show if there is a blockage or a stricture. They do however suspect it is a stricture that needs to be corrected. What he would do is go in with three holes, called a laparoscopy and try to remove the stricture, should not be hard to do, he said.  He continued, "That of course only solves the problem with your intestines and not any other issue." So, even if I survive the surgery, I still have the problem? "Yes, he said and as well your portal vein is blocked and even though you have collaterals that have taken over you will have an issue of ascites in your abdomen." What??? For how long? "Well, for good, that will not go away, veins do not un-block and there is nothing that can do for that." So, i will have a belly full of water all the time? "Yes, I am afraid so." BUT...Here it comes I thought. First, he said, we have to hospitalize you since you are on warfarin and put you on heparin until your INR subsides. Then you have to have an IVC filter installed so that you do not have issues during surgery or rather lower the possibility of an issue. This was just getting better and better, I thought. O.M.G., that hit me like a brick! Tears and a cry that I have never had engulfed me, that was it I thought, it's over!

The questions in my mind started to flow, what is the possibility that I may not survive, I wondered? With a smile he said, "Well, I will do the best I can but I am only human." Great I thought, not really what I wanted to hear. So, off to the hospital room I went, once again and on the IV's, but different ones. This time there was a twist though, apparently my stomach had become distended and there was a need to take out what contents they could, mostly fluid but it was necessary because it was not going to go far. The course of action is to stick a tube through your nasal passage down into the stomach and let whatever is in there either drain or be sucked out. If any of you had to have this done you would not need anyone to explain the discomfort and torture of this procedure. Tried as he may, the skilled surgeon could not make it work, it just did not want to go down, gagging, tears, pain, and it was one of the most awful experiences I had ever been through. Finally, giving up and dispensing with the torture, I was sedated and the tube was implanted. Talking was weird, in fact, it was all weird, can't swallow right, something intrusive in both your nose and throat. Certainly one of those things that you cant explain unless you go through it.

The days went by in the hospital, of course i could not eat any solid food, so I was put on nutrition which consisted of these drinks with God only knows what is inside. They kept bringing me food and it was incredibly yummy, my kids would eat it and at least enjoy in my place. I was monitored every few hours, blood was drawn and we waited for the INR to go down, I looked like a heroin addict due to all the needle pricks and at one point my veins were so collapsed that they had to call in an anesthesiologist to find a vein. During this time I lost 30 kilos or 66 pounds, that would be  almost the weight of my son who also noted that my stomach looked like a yoga ball or as if I was nine months pregnant. My wife, my dear wife, i can only imagine what went on with her in those days. She had later told me that she thought that was it; I can only speculate what this did to my family who were with me whenever they could be, closer now than we have ever been. Nothing was a priority anymore, this sickness ad taken over all our lives. My wife and kids even slept with me in my hospital room, going back and forth from school, college, the house and my side. We were all spent and all looked pretty bleak for this family.

Finally, after five days of what seemed an eternity of torture, it was acceptable for me to have an IVC filter installed. I was fortunate in that I had the best cardiovascular surgeon available doing this procedure, again, one that teaches cardiovascular surgery and technique. First we had to do an ultrasound to check my veins. While we did an ultrasound I asked the technician to check on my right leg because for a long time it was prone to edema, he did and to his amazement and mine he said that that the main vein in my leg was so solid that it felt like concrete. When you discover that you are sick and begin to focus on your sickness instead of the many other pressures of everyday life you begin to dissect your time on this planet into little sections and notice things that you really never gave any thought to, this was one of them. He also said this has been an issue for a long time and that it was completely blocked from my pelvis down to the end of my leg and had been for a while. How long I asked. He said, many, many years...Now things were starting to make sense, the lightbulb went off in my head!

To be continued...

NOTE: Since I started with this story, I have had many people asking questions about ozone therapy, medical ozone and so on. Also, questions about why, what and everything in-between. Please wait until you read all of it, I believe that most of the questions will be answered.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Part One

Been a long time since I created a post, the reason was that I was extremely sick, but now I am ready to talk about it and more. I think that this post will really add to the blog and my view on where medicine should be and as well, where medicine is at this stage of our evolution. This may turn into an extremely long post but I do believe it will be well worth reading to not only for those in a similar situation but for everyone due to my first-hand experience in the medical system.

If you know me at all, you understand that I really do not like testimonials much. The reason for this is simple to comprehend, we are all not the same, and we react in different ways to disease and to treatment. We all have genetics, eugenics as well as a host of other environmental issues and situations like present condition, all this must be a consideration when attempting any type of healing or therapy. When one reads a testimonial they should in fact understand that the above mentioned will have monumental effects on any and all therapies and considerations. What works for me might not work for you, and of course for the regulatory agencies reading this, it has nothing to do with treating, diagnosing or anything that you consider unlawful in your sorted cache of legal terminology. This is just my story and I am sharing it from my personal and professional viewpoint.

My issue started around August of 2012 when the family decided to go on a trip to Kenya for my sister-in-laws wedding and for my kids to meet their extended family on my wife's side. During that time there was great joy and partying. We stayed with my dear lawyer friend in Nairobi. He knew that I had an affinity for a certain beer called Tusker, found in Kenya as well as other African countries. To my delight, he told me that one of his clients had given him a case of this beer and I was welcome to drink as much as I like. Well, I am not much of a beer drinker, not really a drinker at all but at times when it is hot, nothing seems to take away that parched feeling in ones throat than a cold beer. Two is normally my limit as I also suffer with an acidic stomach after drinking any type of alcoholic beverage.

One day, we arrived at his house and I was exceptionally thirsty, so I opened a bottle of Tusker and started to gulp the beer as I would normally do. As soon as the first mouthful went down, I knew there was something wrong, the beer tasted funny and flat so I threw the bottle away and lost my taste for beer that day. That was the end of that.

Once back home after the trip to Kenya, I had to pick up our dog from the veterinarian that normally houses our dog when we are away, who is just next door to our clinic. I proceeded to go to her door and felt quite funny, like an out of body experience and thought that maybe I should return to the clinic. I opened the door to the clinic and in my blurred state could see the staff looking at me in shock, "What's wrong?” they said, "I don't know.” I said. They immediately laid me down on one of the beds and hooked monitors to me, something was definitely wrong.

Blood pressure was down; pulse was up so a round of saline V's and vitamins were in order. Once done, I was well enough to communicate and ask the staff to book an appointment with a physician that we normally use to try and figure out what just happened. I apologize if this story is a little spotty but I am trying to recall most of what had happened as best I can.

The next morning I went to the hospital where they ran tests after test to determine what the cause could have been. What they found out was that my spleen was abscessed in a third of its size. Now, a spleen abscess is not common and most doctors have not heard of it at all so the next issue is, what to do about it? I asked the physician and he said that I would need 24 hour high dose IV antibiotics for at least four days. Great, I thought, four days in the hospital, well that was impossible; I had the kids to take care of as my wife was still in Kenya with her family for another two weeks.

I talked to my partner and he suggested that I take treatment at the clinic and at home, which he was kind enough to provide for me so that I could still manage the kids and my life, fortunate for me. Many have asked why I did not use Medical Ozone to take away the infection, a good question and one of the reasons for this blog post.

Medical Ozone Therapy has its limitations, one of them is that it is very slow in its action and I needed something to clear my system that was going to act rapidly, I was in a state where I could develop sepsis quite easily so we had to work fast. The problem is that when you are hit with antibiotics at that speed, it is no party, I can attest to that and I am certain many of you can as well. You never really know what's worse, the sickness or the side effect. In any case for me, it worked and my spleen though not fully recovered was better but still enlarged. We did rounds of ozone therapy once I was off antibiotics to ensure that the infection was gone completely and to minimize the inflammation.

Some may have issue with what I have just said because those that have used ozone therapy do feel immediate relief. There are factors though, this was internal and was not something that I really could feel.  As well, let me say that those that do feel immediate relief should understand that medical ozone can and will pass through the blood brain barrier and increase serotonin as well as adrenalin for some. Also, consider at times the aspect of "the placebo effect". Of course I am not stating that this comes into consideration with all but it is noteworthy and a consideration. Also to note is that ozone is an anti-inflammatory and as well an analgesic.

After a while all was forgotten about all this and was leading a normal life until mid-March of 2014 when I started to get these unusually painful cramps in my lower abdomen. Normally, I am not that sensitive and can withstand a tremendous amount of pain but this was something else, so much so that I told my wife to drive me to hospital emergency. It was at night when I entered the hospital and of course they wanted info and for me to wait, I told them that would be impossible as the pain was unbearable. Normally, in hospital emergency, unless you have a bleeding something, you still have to wait, at least that has been my experience but fortunately at this one they directed me to a bed so that I could lay down. I still had to wait though until the attending physician came, when he did and I explained what I could, he ordered painkillers and sent me on my way. Ok, I thought, let them do what they know, don't argue I thought, stay calm I thought. I don't exactly know what I was given, probably tramadol, it did dull the pain somewhat so I left.

We drove home and when we were almost in the driveway, I turned to my wife and said, we have to go back, the pain started to increase as we were driving. Again went to emergency but this time the pain was so unbearable that I thought I was going to pass out. Again, I was put on a bed and had to wait for the attending physician. After numerous tests and more pain killer, I was advised to stay in the hospital overnight. The room I was given was wonderful, all the facilities of home so in that respect I was quite comfortable but the pain increased so much that eventually it took over my senses and I started to cry and howl like a baby, praying for God to take me so that I would not have to endure this pain. Still had no answer as to why this had occurred.

Late in the night, it became evident to the hospital staff that I would need something stronger to kill what pain I was experiencing so they called in an anesthesiologist who promptly set up a morphine unit for me so that once the pain came I could shoot morphine into me much like a late stage cancer patient. This did work somewhat and there I was attached to IV's, monitors and not lucid at all. I could feel the pain but really didn't care at this point.

The next day after a semi-conscious sleep, I was told that I had a lower bowel infection. Finally an answer.. Along with the pain, I was vomiting massive amounts of green fluids so the prognosis made sense. Well, the therapy again was massive amounts of antibiotics for four days only this time I had no choice but to stay in the hospital.

The days went by and I started to feel better, I was taken off morphine on the third day and released after five days. It was one week later and Easter was upon us. As we normally do we went to Easter brunch and decided to do a little shopping. All was normal until I was driving home with the family. At about two or three kilometers away from the house I noticed a weird sensation in my stomach area. My abdomen started to grumble, again came the pain I can never explain. It was like someone reached inside my abdomen and was twisting my intestines in an effort to pull them out. I grasped the steering wheel so hard I thought I was going to break it, I started howling and crying in pain but knew I had to get the family home safely. When I reached the house I did lay down and watch my stomach churn like there was a baby inside and I was nine months pregnant. I called my partner and he immediately sent a nurse to put me on fluids and ease my pain. I stayed in bed for about three days trying to get better but this, although subdued was getting no better. Nothing that I ate would stay down; it was like I was blocked.

We decided it was time for a CT scan to find out what the issue was, so I went to one of my dear friend who was a CT scan specialist, actually he teaches the method of CT. I had really wanted to get a proper diagnosis. After what seemed an eternity, he called the whole family into his office to tell us what he had found. It seemed that I had numerous issues, the infection in my bowel was gone but now it seems that my portal and mesenteric as well as pulmonary veins were blocked. As well, there seemed to be a blockage in my intestines, most probably a stricture that was narrowing the channel somewhere in my intestines. I say somewhere because even with CT, one can't really pinpoint intestine obstructions, too many twists, turns, guts, etc... Well, isn't that just peachy, I thought...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ozone Therapy and Common Sense Part 3 - Let's Clear The Ummm, Air...

At this time and in this post I feel it necessary to clear the air about some statements that I have made in the past and will be making in the future. It surprises me to no end to see how many people have nothing to say about a post that talks about healing but as soon as you rattle someone's belief about ozone therapy and what it can do, they rebel as if they were villagers hunting for Frankenstein. Please do not misunderstand me, Medical Ozone is the most important discovery in the last 150 or so years, that is without doubt. My issue is not with this wonder of nature but with the people that advocate it, use it, talk about it and in what manner. So, let me deal with these issues one at a time.

First would be the advocates of ozone therapy, many of which have never experienced any form of clinical use of ozone or are straight academics and know what they know from study and research. Second are those that take weekend courses, mostly doctors, and let their ego's dictate forcing them to believe that they know all there is to know about ozone use. Third are those that are wanna be ozonist that read books by authors that have no clue about ozone and buy an ozone unit to use on themselves while spewing information on what one should do with ozone on websites and blogs. Lastly are the true ozonists and pioneers of this technology, the clinician that works with medical ozone hour to hour, day by day.

The academic is the person that can tell you in detail what ozone does, it's composition, it's interaction and anything that you would want to know but his knowledge is limited to textbook analysis unless he or she have a highly equipped lab and many subjects to work on. Even then, he is limited by law as to what he can and can't do because of ethics committees and such that control what you can do with humans in research. So, his or her research would be biased and unreliable as it is limited in scope. I do not advise that you follow their recommendations or theories because of these factors. I would advise however, that you do read the research because it will tell you a lot about ozone and its function, but stay away from believing the conclusions for the above reasons.

Next we go to the guy that has taken a weekend course from some self-proclaimed ozone guru and bought the ozone generator he recommended so that he can easily do treatments in his clinic, office, what have you. These guys receive the basics of ozone and some in-depth stuff depending on the facilitator and his knowledge of ozone. This is not true in all cases but I can only think of a couple of trainers that I would trust. These students of ozone believe that they can use it successfully because they have been practicing medicine for a long time and relate it to their knowledge of medicine, not understanding that ozone therapy is a completely different ball game. The emails that I receive from patients, the horror stories that I receive are normally from this type of individuals use of medical ozone. You see, once they finish the course they are sent out with general instructions on what to do with a particular disease but this does not work. Why? Well, simple really we are not all the same in our composition and while we may have the same disease there are many more factors that need to be considered. Biology, race, creed, age, gender all have to be evaluated before we attempt to use ozone.

The wanna be probably the most dangerous of all these. This is the guy or girl that has searched the net or read books on ozone. Used ozone therapy on themselves and healed whatever condition they have so now they believe that they can heal the world in the same manner. They go on the net, blogs, forums and dispense medical analysis of a condition and how you should treat it. They are the most dangerous because they typically have no medical background or a very limited one. Their driving factor may be honourable or not but they are dangerous because of the same factors mentioned above. One can not simply talk on the internet and understand what an individual is suffering from. The correct, ethical and professional method is to have them present and do a complete diagnostic on their condition before prescribing any method of therapy. To do otherwise would be foolish and criminal as it could end up in a fatality as it has many times in the past.

The last person that I will talk about is the ozonist that does treatment hour by hour, day by day and
incorporates all forms of medicine in an attempt to eradicate whatever disease is presented before them. The one that takes the time to analyze the condition of the individual in detail. The one that runs tests on the patient no matter what the cost or time to get to the core of whatever ails them. The one that carefully puts together a program to return the patients health to a normal state. The one that carefully follows the progress of the patient and adjusts the therapy as they progress. The one that is open to anything that comes their way and does not accept the label put on a patient or the diagnosis from others but rather starts at the beginning and carefully deciphers the real cause of that patient's disorder. This, in my opinion is the person that you should seek out if you wish to be treated with medical ozone, this and no other.

I have held off in sharing this one post because I really am at a loss as what else to say. in my past
posts I have warned all of you about ozone and it's use but I still get a daily dose of emails that complain about what certain doctors, practitioners and such have done to them. When responding, I get the usual, "But he is qualified and has a certificate." People, please understand that certificates nowadays are easy to get, create, duplicate and do not necessarily mean anything if that person has not used ozone for a long time. I, myself took two years of straight study in ozone before I would even talk about it and that was day to day study. It is not an easy thing to understand, compound that with all the inaccuracy on the net and as well the crazy interpretations of it from professionals and others and you have a stew of misinformation that can really boggle any one of us.

So, what's my answer, well, I really have none. All I can do is keep writing about it and hope that you all hear me and understand what i am trying to say. Please understand that one point that is ever so important not only in the field of medicine but in life itself "First Do No Harm!"

                                                                    "Professor Ozone"

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ozone Therapy and Common Sense Part 2 - Internet Myths

Before I start on this post, I just want to make it clear that I do not post anything to change anyone's mind or try to persuade them to use any therapy that they have researched and found to be suitable for their issues. It is your body and your right to do with it what you will contrary to what anyone says to you, professional, academic, governmental or what have you. I am merely trying to bring in information that you may have overlooked in your research and as well trying to demystify what is on the internet. The email that I receive is mostly due to people cruising the internet. These people, for the most part are confused and rightly so, there is an abundance of contradictory information, so much so that I even find myself confused at times.
With the advancement of technology everyone and their mother can now create a site and look like they are the latest health guru, all you really need is a staff of internet gurus and you can rest assured that you will accumulate a large following. Oh yes, one more thing, the more conspiracy that you post, the better, it seems.Well, I am truly tired of all the misinformation, so let's begin to clear it up a bit.

It is also not my intent to bad mouth anyone but I do want to try and bring us all back to reality and not in the surreal world that we seem to have wandered into. Facts and truths are what we all seek, aren't they? More often than not, I see articles published that are misleading and exaggerated so much that they do not have anything whatsoever to do with fact and truth. I could put quite a few up to prove this to you but it would take quite a few posts. I may do that but right now, i will start with one related to medical ozone.

This is something that I received on email from a very intelligent source and was posted on a forum I had thought was credible.

Though there is nothing wrong with this picture as it claims what it states. Ozone will eradicate all these microorganisms. However, what it fails to state is that this analysis was done outside of the body. This is a common issue and certainly a big one. It is one thing to use ozone to in an experiment outside of the body and a completely different when using ozone therapy inside the body. What I find is that most people do not realize that ozone works much better when it does not have to deal with our internal biology. Once inside the body, there are a lot of processes that have to be dealt with to ensure that we get the same reaction as noted in this picture. This important fact is not included anywhere and is omitted in almost all research that I have encountered. We must understand that taking all things into consideration, these types of postings do nothing but confuse all of us as to the abilities of ozone in the human body. It does not matter what you do outside of the body with any ingredient, it does matter what happens in the body, again, common sense.

Look, it's like this, whatever disease or disorder that you have, there may be a way to reverse it but common sense would dictate to you that whatever it was that person, doctor or website told you reversed his or her condition may work for you but then again may not. This is because we are all different in our composition, not one of us is the same.

The relationship to disease or disorder and our personal structure is different from the next person. Consider this, a person goes on the internet and sees that a set of people that eventually found relief from a particular disorder, so they go out and seek this potion, lotion or what have you, they try it hoping that it will give them relief as well, but in the end it helps some but does not do as others have claimed. It is not the fault of the product per se, but is the combination of the product and the individual.

Now, let's look at products, an article comes out that specifically states that some herb, root, essence has been used to treat some specific disorder and the very next day, there are a hundred suppliers and MLM companies selling and advertising this product as the answer to that affliction. It may or may not contain any of that particular ingredient. There are no clear cut rules in this, so it is possible that there would be no product, very little or a similar product in the formula, no one would know unless they test each and every batch. This does happen more than you think folks. Remember, we are all humans and as such susceptible to any and all weaknesses, whether we are Medical, Alternative or other. In the same vein, we are hungry to believe, which makes us a direct target, doesn't it?

All things considered it could be a factual claim by the article but what is not disclosed, or rarely is, how it is to be used and as well in what capacity and concentration, what is the active ingredient and can it be used a whole or are there parts needed? These questions are never answered and not even considered, the product with that specific ingredient is marketed and sold by the millions, I have seen this many more times than I wish to. Of course after a run of a couple of years and the sales are exhausted, the product is sold out and we go to the next product of the day. MLM people are pros as are the internet Guru's, I know of one guy that created a product and made well over $30 million dollars in the first year, that is some serious cash! Commercialism at it's best...

There is one other point and it relates to ozone therapy as well. The product that you purchase and use or the one that is used on you is only as good as the person you choose to treat you with it. What I mean by this statement and it is perhaps the most important of all, is that something used as a healing agent is only as good as the person administering it and their knowledge of biology and science relating to the many variables and functions of the human body. Sometimes a product works slow, sometimes fast, but for true healing to occur it is never a fast course. I am shocked that people do not understand this one undeniable fact. The body does not heal rapidly, it is an impossibility, there are far too many variables and functions that need to occur before the body heals, I mean truly heals. Yes, it is true that you may feel better at some point in any therapy but this is not true healing, true healing is attained once parameters are at a level in the body considered safe, but even then the body has to catch up and healing may take longer. I always question why, when a product works so well, the person that is promoting it never bothers to put up lab reports of individuals that have used it like we have on this page If done right, patient confidentiality is preserved and maintained. All I see is what people have said or video testimony and there are never any follow ups. At least with lab reports you can see that the body has reacted to a certain extent and it is not just someone believing of feeling the effects, whether real or placebo.

So, what is the answer, well, I really don't have one, other than the fact that it is time that we stop listening to the self proclaimed guru's on the internet, you know which ones I mean. Their route is a financial one. Listen, I have met them and have talked at length with them, they start off trying to help but in the end, it is always the same. Sure they are nice, cordial with winning personalities but really, take a look at their websites, are they not full of things that one should use and buy, do they not endorse these things, of course they do, that is how they survive and it is because of that that they endorse them. Do they use these products themselves, probably they do. Do these products help them and others, probably to a point. But, none of these guys have all the answers, no one does.

What's my final word? Well, do your research, know your body, check what works and what doesn't specific to both you and your disorder. By the way, the disorder that you may have may not be what you think so get many opinions, not just one. Be patient with whatever you are using, know that healing is a slow process and at times it may not work for a while. Educate yourselves, look at scientific literature that you trust to be accurate and always, always, test, test and re-test the function of your body, it is the only real way to tell what this specific product is really doing to you and your biology.

There is always an answer, although it may not be the one that you want to hear so instead of looking for what you all seem to want, which is an elusive "cure", look instead of how you can improve your quality of life. This may end up to be a much more attainable goal and is after all what we really want, isn't it? We want to feel better, we want to be in control of our own body, we want to live a pain free life, these are all factors of quality. To find it we have to take matters in our own hands without the excuse of I don't understand or have time, money or any other excuse we can come up with, it is your life and health that you are dealing with and you need to be the person that controls how, first is to diagnose carefully and accurately, second is, who you choose to treat it, third, be watchful of how the therapy and your biology relate to each other by constantly testing the effects and parameters. Fourth and most important of all, do not take instruction or believe what is on the internet. Lastly, never give up hope in yourself and your capabilities. Everything I have told you relates to any and all Medical Sciences that you choose to participate in. This, to me is just plain common sense and relates to Medical Ozone Therapy as well!