Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Debate, "Ozone Therapy" or "Medical Ozone Therapy"!

This one sentence above has been on my mind for a long time now so I want to write about it. It is of great concern of mine that the issue of ozone therapy is taken seriously not only by the media who, for the most part ignores the whole issue completely, but as well by the general public, all those scientists, medicos and professors as well. So, listen up all of you, even the ones in the Health Ministries, I know you read this blog, so listen up...! What I am referring to today is the whole concept of the terms, "ozone therapy" and Medical Ozone Therapy", am I the only person that has a problem with these terms? What are all the professors and highly skilled surgeons and doctors, etc.. thinking, why would you use the term "ozone therapy" when clearly it should be described as "medical ozone therapy"? Think for a minute, if one wants to distinguish medical ozone from environmental ozone would it not be prudent to give it a different name?

The mistake that we all tend to make now is to call it ozone. Immediately you get people looking up at the sky, thinking ozone hole, ozone smog and anything to do with environmental ozone. Negatives and doom and gloom pour into their heads and they either change the topic or look like a deer that has seen headlights. But that's not all, not only will people that have no former knowledge of this wonderful therapeutic marvel be confused but you tend to confuse all those that you introduce to on the idea, including, doctors, scientists, scholars of all fields and types. The more educated on environmental ozone, the worse it becomes. You see, we have been conditioned to think about global warming, ozone hole type of ozone but nothing near the fact that there exists a totally unique and different ozone, medically therapeutic ozone! It has absolutely nothing in relation to the ozone in the sky, nothing, it is a combination of toxic gasses and fumes and might as well be called gas soup and not ozone.

Here's an example to make you think. How about the difference between oxygen in the atmosphere and bottled oxygen, if they were the same why would they put a mask on you and make you breathe pure oxygen to get better in an emergency situation? Why would they have oxygen bars dispensing oxygen to those that keep coming back for more? Why would everything oxygen be showing up in anything one can think of oxygenized this and that, bottled, compressed, infused, the list goes on. But, in the same breath one needs a prescription to have medical grade oxygen, does that make it dangerous, well anything too much would be but certainly when used intelligently, a resounding, no! You would assume then, to any person with the inkling of intelligence this would mean something? And in this sense people understand the difference, and why, because it is classified as medical oxygen, that's why! Makes it easy to tell the difference, doesn't it?

Now, I am a great believer of the KISS method, for those that do not understand, that means, "Keep It Simple and Stupid", well, at least that's what I remember it to mean and it does make sense in this crazy information world of ours. There is such a stream of information that we are bombarded with on a day to day basis, the less complicated something becomes, the easier it would be to understand. We really do not have time to hear long drawn out explanations on every little aspect of our lives so we depend on those more learned than us to give us bits, nuggets that we can swallow, so here is one from me, forget "ozone therapy" and think "medical ozone therapy", forget "ozone therapist" and think "medical ozone therapist", forget "ozone generator" and think "medical ozone generator"! In essence, when you hear or read about any ozone being used on humans or animals, or any person doing ozone of any sort on any living thing, just put the word "medical" in front of it so that we, you I and all other people on this planet do not confuse the two terms, simple, huh?

What we need to do is shift our thoughts away from that railroad track that we have been stuck on by the masters so that we can understand more about this world and the wonders that surround us day to day. This is true with the many materials that we encounter in an effort to better humanity. We had thought of alternatives with everyday objects and materials and used them differently with success, sometimes they were better than the original use. I bet if you really think about it you can picture many ingredients, objects, things, etc...with alternate uses, so I won't go through that. Please open your mind to a different reality, one of observation and examination, do not listen to those with vested interest, explore your unknown realities that exist. Should you listen and do this, you will find without doubt there is no object more important to explore for our health and well being than "ozone". But please be correct in your terminology and classify it as what it is, and that would be nothing other than "medical ozone"!