Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ozone Therapy Misconceptions

 Fortunate as I have been after being in the Medical Ozone field for the last 17 years and having myself thrust into building  three hospitals that serviced patients in ozone therapy, I still am finding new modalities and uses for this gas that we call Medical Ozone. It is very complex in nature and as well in science and it sometimes baffles me when I read stories and postings on the internet. Stories of unbelievable cures (not my words, don't like that word) that seem to be real.

To gain an understanding of all this one has to add equations to the subject at hand. These come in the form of a couple of things. One would be the person's physiology, another is the disease progression. Some others would be what other therapy the person was doing at the time, even geography has something to do with it. Who was doing the ozone therapy, what were they exactly doing, was the disease misdiagnosed, was a cure declared too early? Perhaps the more direct question would be, is it lasting or a transient effect? I don't know, maybe they are true and I am just putting words out there but our bodies are very complex in nature and it normally is a stretch to believe that in a short time anything will heal, it takes a while as the body has usually been in that state for a lot longer. This again is based on my opinion and what I have witnessed over the years.

This puts a very strange question out there, are we actually helping our cause or harming it by putting this information up? Yes, while it is true, in my opinion, that ozone therapy used for reversal of disease is the safest and best form of therapy to use, the real question is, how is the public to believe us if we do not clarify what we put up on the internet? You see, I think it is our duty to clarify what it truly is that ozone can do although I can tell you honestly that we really have not even begun to understand it's complexity even though all of us have been studying it for over 150 years. There are still some things to this day that occur and I am completely baffled as to how it can possibly be.

Now, do not get me wrong here, there is a lot of credible research on the net regarding ozone therapy and it's efficacy, like on Medscape and such. There are even two books by Professor Velio Bocci, even testimony on my own site that covers the potent efficacy of Medical Ozone Therapy. What I am talking about is the common man's testimony, reason I say this is that it would have you believe that since Joe Smith had his disease resolved so will you and that is just not the case. We are all different and being so must understand the issues I stated above, what works in a certain way with one may not work the same with another. This is the issue with Alternative Therapies, they do not work like drugs. They are in effect stimulating your own system to do the work, whereas drugs target some function and force it to do something or block something. In essence, because we are so vastly different, so is the effect and recovery in Alternative Therapies. This understanding is of paramount importance and must be clearly understood by the public and all that try to help in the aspect of healing, including professionals. 

You see, the real problem is Medical ozone Therapies acceptance as a true Medical Modality, if it were, there would be major studies in every university, ozone therapies would become the standard in every doctors office and every patient at some point would benefit to some degree. Ozone therapy would become so inexpensive that we could dispense it for free to those in lands that really have no source of income to make them capable and healthy human beings. It would be covered under insurance in other countries and obtainable to everyone. Drugs or most of them would no longer be in use, most surgeries would not occur and most cancers would as well be non-existent. No bad viruses, bacterium, parasitical infections, fungus gone. This would be a world much healthier and saner because ozone has the ability to even normalize brain chemistry as it does truly pass through the blood/brain barrier, where no drug is able to . Everybody would go in once a month, as I do and get their blood cleaned and purified keeping their immune system, organs, body and most importantly their heart in the best shape possible. Wow, think of what this would mean?

Oooops, wait, is that what the world really wants, is that what our leaders want, is it all an imaginary dream that I am relating, seems so, because at this point it has gone far past the point of frustration with me. Try as I might the powers that be just turn their heads and ignore the issues of success like they really do not care. Their illogical stance regarding ozone therapy is well, illogical. What has happened to us that we now do not even look at things that could possible save our life or give us better quality of life? If we are to ever become sick with God forbid something the world deems incurable, what then, would we then turn to ozone therapy, but what if then is too late, what if the body is so festered that nothing short of a miracle would be able to have it recover? It is nothing short of criminal to deny a person something that could potentially save them or at best give them a better quality of life, I do not think I am alone in that assumption.

Folks, we really need to smarten up here, because it is in our hands, you know, we do have the right to dictate what goes in our bodies and what we do with them, we still do have choice, we still do have the power to tell the governments that we want a better option to the one we have, we still have that voice where we can band together united and stand for a common goal. But I fear that we will not have that much longer, we get sicker by the day, our children are poisoned by the fast food and garbage products big business spews out day by day, not to mention vaccines and every other poison that inflicts our lives day by day. Be steadfast in your internal urge to do something, to say something to speak out because deep inside you I know there is a belief that it can be better, it must be better for the sake of us all. It is your right and duty to do what you can for your fellow man or for yourself before someone comes to you or one of your loved ones and utters those words that will make you shudder, "I am sorry but it's just too late!"