Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ozone Therapy and Therapeutical Considerations Part 2

It has been a while since the last post, sometimes work and life get in the way. In any event, just recently something came up that I thought would be the perfect example as to why I stress therapeutic considerations and test, test and test again and not only with ozone therapy.

In the last blog part one which is here I had stressed the importance of doing testing, what type to do and why. Hopefully all of you now understand my reason for this and have followed what I had to say. I pray that others in the field, as well, read and understood the importance of this and if not, I am always here to answer questions.

I would like now to tell you the story of our latest patient that will tie into all this and give you a better picture of the extreme importance of testing.

SB came to us after much talk over the internet to clear herself of the herpes virus with Medical Ozone Therapy and Clearwood. She had been infected by a man that never told her he was married and had kids. She had breakouts and lesions that were very painful and debilitating. After the breakout she had noticed a large amount of pain in her pelvic area and had thought that it was perhaps from the sex, skiing or the herpes itself. She went to have it checked out by a Gyno, this was in February of this year.
SB's armpit, not allowed to post pelvic area but just imagine

The Gyno told her without doing any testing and putting the poor woman through a torturous and painful examination that she had nerve damage or a bruised bone. So, she was put on opiates for pain and valium for sleep. So she was sent home with a basket full of drugs, sound familiar?

She came to us in August, so not working for seven months and in torturous pain when sitting, standing, hoping that it will go away. After all, this was a qualified doctor telling her it could be six months to a year before she recovers, why would she question it?

We took in SB and started her treatment for Herpes as well as cleaning out her blood with Medical Ozone for any other issues and gave her some Vitamin IV's and herbals to counteract the pain and swelling, if there was any. After a week or so we sent her for a CT scan of the abdomen to understand or try to why she was in so much pain.

When the scan came back we were amazed to see that her issue instead was related to a cyst in her ovary and actually quite a few small ones that were developing inside her. This was the answer that she was looking for for all this time, it was now conclusive as to why she was suffering so much and she could have been treated for this back in February had the Gyno bothered to do a complete exam instead of speculating on her condition. She is now as well on treatment for her ovarian cysts. She will also write her story in her own words and it will be posted so that it helps others in a similar situation.

Just to mention that when a patient comes to us we do quite a lot of testing to assess both the biological terrain and any other issues that might be occurring and will occur. We believe that our work does not start and end with what the patient has come for but as well in what we see in our analysis. There is no point in for instance just treating someone for herpes and then finding out that they have some other issue that occurred after they left. We believe that we should completely assess anyone that comes to us in an effort to give them the best quality of life possible.

The reason that I am writing all this down is as the topic of this post states, the importance of proper testing before any therapy is considered for any individual. In our lives we test and examine anything that we do before coming to a conclusion as to how we handle it, this is only common sense. Car repair, house repair, any repair or alteration is done by carefully analysis to ascertain the condition and issue. Why is it different when it comes to Medical Science? Should this not be the utmost consideration?

Lately I had received so much email on the aspect of evaluation in first world countries. Many have informed me that doctors shrug off or will not even discuss conditions and symptoms, this must stop. I also hear that it is extremely difficult to obtain your tests and that doctors will not discuss them if they come back within rage. This is highly unethical and as well truly unprofessional. It is your body, you have a right to know and it is their obligation to explain, period!

We are so inundated with the media reports of all that is happening in the world that we are not paying attention to what really matters in our own back yard. This is utmost priority in our lives and health. When we see a patient more often than not, this type of situation comes up. If you want to truly discuss what is wrong with the Medical System, this is it. As I have said before and as I will say again, do not have any type of condition treated by anyone unless they have done proper diagnostics in an effort to evaluate your condition in detail before recommending any type of therapy!

This is true for any therapy, whether it be Medical, Alternative, Complimentary or whatever flavor you prefer, this is common sense and I do not understand why we do not see it. Do not believe in anyone just because you heard, read or saw a testimonial. Be wary of everything that is on the internet, do your research and take manners in your own hands. Everyone has vested interest in having you as a patient, remember that, take this into your own hands and demand that it be done right, fight for your right to have the best quality of life possible and do not accept excuses as to why what you need and want can't be done. It is your right and your responsibility...

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