Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why Can't We Just Get Along?

Of late, I have had deep thoughts about the future and how it is shaping out. I have kids, they are 8 and 3 now, so I look and think what will the world that I have brought them into lead to, what will it be like?

So much of today is set out so that we are at each others throats surviving so that we can buy food for our families, what have they done to us to make us this way, we were at one time happy, I remember the 70's and 80's it was a time of peace and joy, the worse thing that would happen was you would get some bad acid and freak out but all in all it was a quiet time of progress, where did it all go? How did we let it get this way?

Anyway, this is not a political post so let me get on with it. In my field of ozone therapy I see the same type of thing. I see almost all ozonists out there fighting with each other for that little bit of whatever they receive whether it be glory of finances, not understanding that this is the way of conditioning, this is how we are weak. Pin us against each other, make it so we do not agree, make it so we squabble, inflate our egos so we do not want to work with each other, that's the trick you know, that's the behavior that stops us from, progress in all fields and not just in Medical Ozone Therapy.

It was a glorious thing this internet we had thought what better way to get the word out to the masses, we thought. What we did not understand is that it was just another method to have us believe what they wanted us to and to have a tool for us to use against each other. So we put up our ads, we put up our hearts in words we proudly showed our work for all to see. Look, look at this marvel of science that has been around for at least 100 years. This is not just ozone but Medical Ozone, look! But wait, why are they mocking me, why are they saying those things, why are they disagreeing with me? There it was, the purpose, now we are just pawns in the game again.

Here is a post that I did on a forum I run...What we see is that this Medical ozone thing has been handled wrong for a long time, too much too soon, I think it is time that it became organized and smart. Many have attempted to do ozone in many different ways without actually understanding it fully, I get amazed at the lack of understanding with physicians and others in the field. They at times believe that a weekend course is enough or that one year of working with it is enough or that testing in laboratory settings is enough to make them knowledgeable. These are the ones that have put this therapy in jeopardy and they need to understand that this is far more complex and as such needs detail and attention. Enough has been done to slander Medical ozone, let alone those that have made it their reason in life to make it a true Medical Modality.

We will be going forward in our mandate to do this and I ask you all to participate in this, in whatever way you can, obviously the only thing that you can do is support us, by purchasing the magazine Healthy Living With Ozone, is one way. The next issue will answer a lot of questions that I have been asked and some answers will certainly surprise you, whether you believe of course will be up to you. There is a reason for this magazine other than its importance to those that want info, a much bigger reason, it is only the beginning.

By viewing the videos on You Tube that I put out but not just yourselves we need you to tell your friends, neighbors and relatives. We do not need everyone to believe what we are doing or even trust that we know what we are doing, that will come in proof shortly but now we need everyone to band together and be united.

I see that there is another group out there on ozone, won’t mention it because most of you are on it from the posts that I see, yet I never see any cross-posting or any questions that are relevant to Medical ozone and I do see a lot of bashing of personalities in ozone therapy that have done much for this modality, this is the point, how can we ever be a united force if we keep bashing each other, posting opinions against beliefs is a different story. All this gets picked up by Google and all can see that we are just people with no sense of direction, how are we ever to be taken seriously by that conduct.

Truth telling is again different as well, there have been many factors that I have found out about ozone since my time in Malaysia that have surprised me, thankfully because I have been given the resources and time to do the tests and verifications needed, so when I speak about them I am absolutely certain of it, all of us in the field should be the same.

Clinical experience, laboratory experience and studies put together as one are what tell the story, not hearsay, vast reports, findings from manufacturers or anyone that has a stake in what they say, it just can’t be that way anymore. I have been guilty of this in the past but I will not be guilty again and I urge all of you out there  to do the same, perhaps not for us or today, but for the future and for all those that will need this modality in their lives.

Do you think I get many comments...?

And here is something I will send to all Medical Ozone Therapists soon...

An Open Letter

I am writing this email to you in an attempt to open a fair discussion between all of us ozonists about the direction of Medical Ozone towards the future. I have put you all in the cc column so that we all know who we are talking to and I would appreciate any discussion or feedback be directed to all others involved. We have created a group called Ozone Therapists on Yahoo, the link to join is It is a closed group and it does not matter what you say, no one is there to judge or pick up on it so let go even if it is directed towards me personally but try to remember the big picture that I am trying to paint. Please try to force yourselves to join even if it is only to listen, you can dictate how messages come to you or not so do our industry a favor and join in.

I truly believe, or would like to, that you all have a passion for what you are doing and as such, have interest in expanding Medical Ozone out of the “fringe therapy” status and having it enter mainstream medicine. However, it has come to my attention that the reason we are at the mercy of those that detract us. This is because we, ourselves are our own enemies. For Medical Ozone to be recognized we must all stop the nonsense and disagreement that surrounds us or we are to perish in the process.

This is not about whose technique is better, safer or more effective, this is about how can we do the best for those that trust our process and honor us with their person and money to do what is needed and correct their maladies. Many of you may be looking on the financial side of this equation and that is OK. For you, if you are understand that what I am going to present, it will benefit you more than anything else. As for the rest of you, if you truly care about that patient that comes in and trusts you to do your job and do it well, you should be out there looking at any possible therapeutical concept with the intent to better yourselves and the Medical Ozone field. If we do not do this, we are no better than the ones that are trying to silence us, we have to be better, we do not have the finances nor do we have the capability to do what they do, so we must do it smarter.

We, our companies and members here in Malaysia and this part of the world are at least one thousand strong; This was not an easy task to achieve; it has taken ten years and many fortunes to establish and maintain and I go forward in an attempt to better all of us that is my mantra. It has now come time that I seek your help and support, you will benefit from this as well because as I said we have to come together in unison. We have to help each other…

There are many things that need to be addressed, our main concern at this point is that many of you are not aware of what we do here, EBOO SAFE and not knowing brings you to a place where you tend to discredit the science, this is wrong for all of us, it leads to a lack of trust in the marketplace.  How are those innocent masses able to trust ozone therapy when they receive conflicting information? Should you want to learn what we do I beseech you to open your hearts and minds and ask, I will give you any answer you want, some are proprietary and I am not able to disclose them, but most can be quickly answered and if I do not know I will certainly get an answer for you.

We have established a magazine about Medical Ozone, some of you are aware of it, others may not be, this will help us all and here’s how. First, we will put anyone in the magazine that submits a well written article about their experience or method or any other thing that has to do with our trade. This will not only get you noticed but will validate Medical Ozone as a true therapy. The articles that come from our side will be technical in nature but will explain Medical Ozone to the general public and the true power that can come from using it. We also have a section in the upcoming issue that will allow for ads that will cost $30 and up depending on size. I think that there is no one that deals with ozone that would not be able to afford this and that will not benefit from the same.

This magazine is now reaching a distribution of about 10, 000 world-wide and since it is not an average magazine, it is being sought after by many distributors. It is relatively inexpensive and it is full of information that common folk do not have access to. In the coming months we are to be featured in the iTunes Store. There are over 500 million smart phones out there and a projection that is to hit 1.3 Billion by 2015. The sales of i Pads occur at one every 2.3 seconds and on and on. This is the right place and time for us to gather our grass roots movement; with these kinds of numbers it is a no-brainer to understand the possibilities. Once digital, we open up another world of magazines as we can highlight videos, create links and practically do anything we want as we are not chained to just print issues. You can all be a part of this and in my opinion, should be.

Maybe all this will fall on deaf ears, I have no idea, maybe your egos do not want you to be part of a team and work together, maybe you have had bad meetings with others in ozone or maybe you just don’t care. That’s fine but if you truly want this to work and truly want your chosen field to be recognized and given the respect that it deserves, you must first respect all those involved in it, whether you agree with them or not and come together for a common cause. Set aside your differences, egos  and insecurities,  open your hearts and minds to the possibilities that I have presented to you, just think clearly for one moment and you will understand the logic and direction I am trying to get across. Make your voice and views be heard, think smart, never ever give up, we can do this but we must do it together, there is no other way!

So, those are my attempts at bringing us together, what do you think, will it work?