Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Real Goods On Medical Ozone Therapy

This time I think we need to focus more on the topic of  patients and their therapy. Please note that I am in no way making any claims, this is a blog and my opinion only...

We are all, at least in my opinion a walking disease factory and as such do need to take care of ourselves if we are ever to live to see the fruits of both our labor and our life on earth. The decision that every one of us has to make however is how we want to reach that golden age. Do we hobble into it or do we walk gracefully through, the eternal question?

This is or rather should be the topic of discussion in many circles and it is beyond my comprehension why it is not. For me, I would take being able to live a life of enjoyment through my old age instead of one in pain and suffering should be a no-brainer, yet I find most do not even start to think of this very important fact until they have a disorder that they can't control or a pain they can't get rid of.

What is it that you are thinking of? What is it that takes you away from your thoughts about your future years and leads you into a valley of despair? Do you not understand that each day you age is a day that you will never regain?

Many times I am forced to say no to people that want to come for ozone therapy because "It is just too late!" the form of Medical Science that we deal with is powerful I must admit but it does have it's limitations just like anything in life, there is a time when the body is in such a state that it is virtually impossible to bring it back. Yes, I know there are many on the internet that will tell you different, they promise you that you will feel like your were seventeen again, hogwash! The only way that you can feel that way is you are really seventeen and that only if you are a healthy seventeen and the way things are going I do not believe the seventeens are healthy anymore. Between fast food, booze and all the other vices, they are doomed to live older than they should and this is a travesty forced on us by the same idiots that run the drugs, look it up they are all in it together and tied in one neat package from our birth to our death, they control what we do and what we consume, but that's another story.

Anyway, what I want to get to is patient expectation, what do patients want, what is it really that is important in Medical Care, I am really confused about this. Many times, I receive patients and find that their expectations are a bit off the wall, they do not come to heal, they seem to come for various other reasons. Really, what is it that patients want and expect? I have changed the way I focus on communication for this very fact and have instead tried to clear the expectations before hand. Clearing the air so that all of us are in sync is paramount to any service group.

What I want to tell you now is the least we can do so that you can answer a question for me, why are people not beating the doors of Government to have this type of Medical Ozone Therapy as standard care in any hospital? Why are our Medical Ozone Generators not a part of every hospital and clinic? I do not want to get too technical and for those that need that type of thing feel free to contact me at, I will attempt to answer anything you need and if I can't I will get an answer to you rather quickly.

Our Specialized form of Ozone Therapies has the ability to clear all plaque and debris both from the circulatory system and the blood in any person that we do it on, anyone!. Did you hear that? Do you all understand the beauty of this? What this means is that any sort of garbage that you have managed to stuff down your gullet and collect with your filters in your whole system can be extracted by our form of Ozone Therapy. The ramifications of this one statement are nothing less than mind-blowing for anyone that has the capacity to think and understand what I am saying. This is just the tip of the iceberg, imagine if you will what that would mean to have clean blood, clear arteries, veins and capillaries, even the ones in your brain, yes brain, because Medical Ozone has proved in science time and time again to have the ability to pass the blood-brain barrier, something the mainstream medical drugs can't do. Ozone has the ability to even penetrate the bone marrow and encourage the growth of stem cells, yep, stem cells! This is the secret folks, this is the way things resolve in the human condition, are you getting this?

Cells repair occurs naturally because cells have the space to unload their garbage and that means that they become fresh and new, unchained from their constant fight for survival in that ever increasing toxic sludge we call blood. Look at the many pictures and videos that I have up, goes in dark brown or black comes our cherry red, this does not just mean it is oxygenated it means that it is as well cleaned. My blood now is practically the same color as it comes out but then I have maybe done this form of Medical Ozone Therapy over seven hundred times.

Now I do want to put up a bit of a disclaimer and only to say that we are all different and have many situations that require consistent work to resolve while others of us are in fact, quite easy, but this is something that in no way can be predicted until a full analysis is done and the therapy has started. You see, it is very hard to restrict Medical Ozone and have it do what you want it to exactly, it is an all around killer of anything foreign and there is no way on earth that someone can tell you the exact composition and location of all foreign bodies in your system, no matter what you read on the internet. Think logically, how would that be possible. Maybe Star Trek had the answer but not now, it is impossible. No one can predict that, no one, no matter how elaborate their machine or spirit or mind is!

So, to sum up what I am trying to say here is that there is a way to enhance what it is that keeps you alive for those that are not sick, there is a way for those that are slightly sick to get better and there is a way for those that are very sick to get better, do not be fooled by doctors that tell you different, they just do not know, not because they are stupid but because they are not opening their minds to the possibility of this incredible and unique form of Medical Ozone Therapy. Forever I remind doctors that by choice of profession they are scientists and they need to start behaving like scientists and not caretakers. We are not machines that need to be oiled and greased we are much more complex than that and the beauty of the way we maintain our health is in the fact that we can recover from anything that ails us, given the right tools and support, unless of course "It is too late!".