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Ozone Therapy and Common Sense Part 2 - Internet Myths

Before I start on this post, I just want to make it clear that I do not post anything to change anyone's mind or try to persuade them to use any therapy that they have researched and found to be suitable for their issues. It is your body and your right to do with it what you will contrary to what anyone says to you, professional, academic, governmental or what have you. I am merely trying to bring in information that you may have overlooked in your research and as well trying to demystify what is on the internet. The email that I receive is mostly due to people cruising the internet. These people, for the most part are confused and rightly so, there is an abundance of contradictory information, so much so that I even find myself confused at times.
With the advancement of technology everyone and their mother can now create a site and look like they are the latest health guru, all you really need is a staff of internet gurus and you can rest assured that you will accumulate a large following. Oh yes, one more thing, the more conspiracy that you post, the better, it seems.Well, I am truly tired of all the misinformation, so let's begin to clear it up a bit.

It is also not my intent to bad mouth anyone but I do want to try and bring us all back to reality and not in the surreal world that we seem to have wandered into. Facts and truths are what we all seek, aren't they? More often than not, I see articles published that are misleading and exaggerated so much that they do not have anything whatsoever to do with fact and truth. I could put quite a few up to prove this to you but it would take quite a few posts. I may do that but right now, i will start with one related to medical ozone.

This is something that I received on email from a very intelligent source and was posted on a forum I had thought was credible.

Though there is nothing wrong with this picture as it claims what it states. Ozone will eradicate all these microorganisms. However, what it fails to state is that this analysis was done outside of the body. This is a common issue and certainly a big one. It is one thing to use ozone to in an experiment outside of the body and a completely different when using ozone therapy inside the body. What I find is that most people do not realize that ozone works much better when it does not have to deal with our internal biology. Once inside the body, there are a lot of processes that have to be dealt with to ensure that we get the same reaction as noted in this picture. This important fact is not included anywhere and is omitted in almost all research that I have encountered. We must understand that taking all things into consideration, these types of postings do nothing but confuse all of us as to the abilities of ozone in the human body. It does not matter what you do outside of the body with any ingredient, it does matter what happens in the body, again, common sense.

Look, it's like this, whatever disease or disorder that you have, there may be a way to reverse it but common sense would dictate to you that whatever it was that person, doctor or website told you reversed his or her condition may work for you but then again may not. This is because we are all different in our composition, not one of us is the same.

The relationship to disease or disorder and our personal structure is different from the next person. Consider this, a person goes on the internet and sees that a set of people that eventually found relief from a particular disorder, so they go out and seek this potion, lotion or what have you, they try it hoping that it will give them relief as well, but in the end it helps some but does not do as others have claimed. It is not the fault of the product per se, but is the combination of the product and the individual.

Now, let's look at products, an article comes out that specifically states that some herb, root, essence has been used to treat some specific disorder and the very next day, there are a hundred suppliers and MLM companies selling and advertising this product as the answer to that affliction. It may or may not contain any of that particular ingredient. There are no clear cut rules in this, so it is possible that there would be no product, very little or a similar product in the formula, no one would know unless they test each and every batch. This does happen more than you think folks. Remember, we are all humans and as such susceptible to any and all weaknesses, whether we are Medical, Alternative or other. In the same vein, we are hungry to believe, which makes us a direct target, doesn't it?

All things considered it could be a factual claim by the article but what is not disclosed, or rarely is, how it is to be used and as well in what capacity and concentration, what is the active ingredient and can it be used a whole or are there parts needed? These questions are never answered and not even considered, the product with that specific ingredient is marketed and sold by the millions, I have seen this many more times than I wish to. Of course after a run of a couple of years and the sales are exhausted, the product is sold out and we go to the next product of the day. MLM people are pros as are the internet Guru's, I know of one guy that created a product and made well over $30 million dollars in the first year, that is some serious cash! Commercialism at it's best...

There is one other point and it relates to ozone therapy as well. The product that you purchase and use or the one that is used on you is only as good as the person you choose to treat you with it. What I mean by this statement and it is perhaps the most important of all, is that something used as a healing agent is only as good as the person administering it and their knowledge of biology and science relating to the many variables and functions of the human body. Sometimes a product works slow, sometimes fast, but for true healing to occur it is never a fast course. I am shocked that people do not understand this one undeniable fact. The body does not heal rapidly, it is an impossibility, there are far too many variables and functions that need to occur before the body heals, I mean truly heals. Yes, it is true that you may feel better at some point in any therapy but this is not true healing, true healing is attained once parameters are at a level in the body considered safe, but even then the body has to catch up and healing may take longer. I always question why, when a product works so well, the person that is promoting it never bothers to put up lab reports of individuals that have used it like we have on this page If done right, patient confidentiality is preserved and maintained. All I see is what people have said or video testimony and there are never any follow ups. At least with lab reports you can see that the body has reacted to a certain extent and it is not just someone believing of feeling the effects, whether real or placebo.

So, what is the answer, well, I really don't have one, other than the fact that it is time that we stop listening to the self proclaimed guru's on the internet, you know which ones I mean. Their route is a financial one. Listen, I have met them and have talked at length with them, they start off trying to help but in the end, it is always the same. Sure they are nice, cordial with winning personalities but really, take a look at their websites, are they not full of things that one should use and buy, do they not endorse these things, of course they do, that is how they survive and it is because of that that they endorse them. Do they use these products themselves, probably they do. Do these products help them and others, probably to a point. But, none of these guys have all the answers, no one does.

What's my final word? Well, do your research, know your body, check what works and what doesn't specific to both you and your disorder. By the way, the disorder that you may have may not be what you think so get many opinions, not just one. Be patient with whatever you are using, know that healing is a slow process and at times it may not work for a while. Educate yourselves, look at scientific literature that you trust to be accurate and always, always, test, test and re-test the function of your body, it is the only real way to tell what this specific product is really doing to you and your biology.

There is always an answer, although it may not be the one that you want to hear so instead of looking for what you all seem to want, which is an elusive "cure", look instead of how you can improve your quality of life. This may end up to be a much more attainable goal and is after all what we really want, isn't it? We want to feel better, we want to be in control of our own body, we want to live a pain free life, these are all factors of quality. To find it we have to take matters in our own hands without the excuse of I don't understand or have time, money or any other excuse we can come up with, it is your life and health that you are dealing with and you need to be the person that controls how, first is to diagnose carefully and accurately, second is, who you choose to treat it, third, be watchful of how the therapy and your biology relate to each other by constantly testing the effects and parameters. Fourth and most important of all, do not take instruction or believe what is on the internet. Lastly, never give up hope in yourself and your capabilities. Everything I have told you relates to any and all Medical Sciences that you choose to participate in. This, to me is just plain common sense and relates to Medical Ozone Therapy as well!

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