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Ozone Therapy RHP - Why Is It Superior?

RHP Unit
There have been many requests over the years from the public regarding our form of RHP Ozone Therapy and most are to do with the simple question, why is it superior? So, in this post I will outline some of the facts as to the technology and methods so that they are clear and understood by all those interested.

It may first be important to explain what common ozone therapy treatments are, these are by no means a comprehensive list but are the ones most used around the world:

Direct Injection
Ozone IV or Direct Injection. This method is generally done with a 27g. butterfly needle and 20 - 50 cc's of ozone gas infused directly in a vein at a normal rate of 1 - 2 cc's a minute. This is the correct way of doing it and the safest method. From what I know most do not do it this way due to time constraints or for other reasons only known to the therapist him or her self.

Ozone MAHT or Major Autohemotherapy. This method is done by taking 200 - 250 cc's of blood from a vein, mixing it in a bag or a jar with the same amount of ozone and a bit of heparin, then re-inserting it in the vein. Again this is the correct method although some physicians tend to change the amounts or ratios.

Ozone Minor Authemotherapy is the other method, where there is a small amount of blood 3 - 10 cc's taken out and mixed with ozone then re-inserted intramuscularly

Ozone Rectal Insufflation or RI. The aspect of rectal insufflation is primarily to use a standard catheter and introduce ozone into the rectal area, normally in this method 200 - 1000 cc's are used and held on to for about 20 min. or so. Then it is released by the patient, as well, an ozonated water enema can be done prior to this method.

Ozone Vaginal Insufflation or VI. Like the above, a catheter is used to inject in this instance anywhere from 500 cc's and above into the vagina. Again an ozonated water vaginal flush can be done previous to this application. Unlike the colon, the vagina can receive much more of a volume of ozone so there are different amounts and methods used.
RI or VI Set

Let me be clear that these are general explanations and are not to be used for therapeutic purposes, they are only being used by me as a comparison. There are far too many variables of these methods being used, right or wrong, good or bad and anything in between is really not the issue or my purpose for naming and explaining them. There are as well many, many others.

Let me now try to explain why our method is superior, safer and more efficient:

We take a large gauge needle and insert it into a vein in each arm of the body, then we attach blood lines, one in and one out. In the middle there are two instruments used, one is a pump that moves the blood from one arm to the other in a loop so we are basically just interrupting the normal blood flow. The other instrument used is a specially designed filter rated at .22 microns. This filters has many functions, one is to mix the blood and ozone, another is to filter out unnecessary components in the blood such as urea, creatinine  uric acid, etc... (see here for a complete list This filter also acts as an escape for the excess oxygen and ozone that is not used by the blood. Since the blood can not pass through the membrane it is not affected in any negative way and only oxygenated and cleaned of all viruses, bacteria, parasites, well as excess materials stated above and on the link provided. There is as well a minimal amount of heparin used in this process so as not to have blood coagulation and as well to ensure viscosity while sending blood from one arm to the other.

Here are some of the advantages of our system. There are far too many and would take up more space than I have. So, here in my opinion are the major ones:

This method of ozonation takes one to one and a half hours to complete, in that time we ozonate or rather activate a minimum of 35 cc's of blood a minute and a maximum of 75 cc's a minute. Now if one considers this and calculates the total amount of blood activated it would be equal to doing one minor autohemotherapy every minute or one direct injection every minute or one major autohemotherapy every three minutes and so on. Quite a remarkable concept considering that it is not possible to do these other therapies more than once every couple of hours, days or what have you. If we total this all up and use an hour as our base, it would come to the equivalent of 60 minor autohemotherapies or 60 direct injections or 20 major auto hemotherapies in one session.

Waste Container
How is this possible, well it is quite simple really, one must remember that we have an outlet for all the gases to escape so we are not introducing any gas into the system, we are just creating the reaction that ozone is known and used for while in any other application, the ozone and oxygen is first introduced into the body and then body has the job of dealing with it. This, then enables us to use more ozone and higher concentrations than in other ozone therapies safely and effectively.

There is as well a safety feature included in our method that others may not know about. In conventional ozone therapy applications one must observe and test the antioxidant level of a patient to understand what or how much the patients body or blood can withstand. Since ozone works on oxidative stress this is quite important so as not to unduly stress the body, system, blood. This is crucial to a successful therapy. In normal operation this is not done as it is an expensive test and one that almost all therapists do not do. In essence all applications using the standard method ignore this one crucial aspect and hope that damage does not occur to the patient or the blood. It is debatable if this is correct and not something I want to get into discussing at this point in time.

We, however have an easy solution to this, you see, in every application there is a waste disposal unit that is made of clear plastic, this disposal unit serves many purposes, one very important purpose is that it quite simply enables us to see and gauge when the patient has been either introduced to too much ozone or a concentration of ozone that is too high just by looking at the waste apparatus. Once we see any change in color, normally pink, we know that the blood has started to break down and we can decrease the rate of ozone or decrease the concentration, in either case the waste will again return to normal color. This method enables us to see changes in as little as 1 - 2 cc's of blood so that there are absolutely no issues encountered or created, this can not be done with conventional ozone therapies and would be unknown until a problem occurs later down the line and in some cases too late.

Another consideration in this therapy is the ability for our advanced units to safely and effectively squeeze the excess fluid from the blood and in effect drain the body of any water that has been retained for whatever reason, this is especially useful for those patients with water overload, retention, uric acid, gout, etc...and is the only safe form of water extraction when diuretics fail to do their job or are not used for whatever reason. we can also visually gauge what comes out of the blood and at times this is very useful in diagnosing a patient's condition.

The White In The Tube Is Plaque
Finally, the aspect of filtration is a major advantage to our method. As I had mentioned above many unwanted components in the blood are filtered out. In the number of years I have researched this therapy, I have seen plaque removed in every case, I have seen black soot and almost everything you can imagine come out of the tubes and into the waste container. This in itself is remarkable because the body is incapable of removing these components by itself and this is the only method capable of doing this form of mechanical chelation. This means that even if you are having normal ozone therapy done and don't get me wrong, ozone will inactivate all this and try to remove it but in conventional ozone therapy it would mean that your filters, liver, kidneys etc, would have to do the work. In our therapy it acts as the filter of the body and safely extracts all this through the blood and out to the waste container or at times into the filter, safely and effortlessly. 

The question that you must be considering is, why then is this method of blood ozonation not standard in ozone therapy? Well, the answer to that or rather the simple answer is that the health authorities have not fully yet even embraced ozone therapy let alone our advanced form of therapy. So then why do ozone therapists not use our form of therapy around the world, would be the next question? I would assume it is for a couple of reasons, mainly because it is a lot more expensive to start RHP ozone therapy than it is to start basic therapy to be one consideration. The other would be that it is more of an invasive therapy and most are not equipped to handle this advanced procedure or that they are just scared of the retribution of the powers that be. As well, in this field we do have those that are the so called guardians of ozone therapy or would structured associations be a better word? In these organizations as in any there are die-hards that already have a vested interest in the application, creation and peripherals used for standard ozone therapy and have invested large sums of money into their creation, introduction and application. As with any type of business and this is a business, switching any modality would be a loss of income and I suppose they are just not willing to do that. Do they know about our therapy? Of course they do, they are well aware of what it is and have followed it from inception but as yet have not come forth, save a few to ask any questions. They have however tried to copy it and unsuccessfully I might add. 

This therapy that we have created, tested and perfected is true medical science and in our opinion makes any other ozone based therapy inferior, while there are uses for the other therapies, ours should be the standard in all ozone therapy and the one used most often while the other less effective and minor therapies can be used as  additions, this is the way it should be if we are ever to progress in the use of ozone therapy but as in every case,progress is slow because people are reluctant to listen and change their ways of thinking. 

It could as well be that this type of therapy is a bit complicated to master. It is quite simple to learn how to use but there is a lot of analysis needed and as well a lot of training in it's correct use. Many that come to us are overwhelmed at the intricacy and level of science needed to perform a successful therapy and are perhaps a little intimidated by all of it. In our opinion it takes a therapist at least two years of clinical application to be certain and confident. In that time they would be able to analyze and correct whatever disorder they come across. It may be much but then we are talking about saving lives and correcting disorders that medical mainstream does not have any answers for. Looking at it in that aspect, whatever it takes to achieve this goal is worth it.

Maybe this post will rattle some chains or shake some trees and just maybe other prominent open minded ozone therapist that truly care about humanity will take a look at this and be enticed to at least think about starting to use this far more advanced form of ozone therapy. If that should be the case it will in fact create a snowball effect and contribute to our research in making this even better and then one can only imagine where we would go to create an even better form of healing using Medical Ozone Therapy.


Colleen Kincaid Smith, RN, ChH., Health Consultant said...

I am not afraid ... If there was any way I could come to Malaysia and train, I would work for free .. With a background as a critical care nurse and lots of experience with IV's and ozone and monitoring, nothing would be finer in this life for me to learn a skill that would save even more lives than I'm already attempting to save ....

Prof. Peter said...

Hi Colleen:

Makes me happy when a health provider does not bow, please contact me at my email and we can discuss it...

Alien Peet said...

Great explanation. That explains why you can do this without damaging the body or the blood. Thanks

Prof. Peter said...

My pleasure!

Toni said...

Peter I am interested in finding out more about this therapy as well. I too am an ICU nurse with 13 years of critical care experience. Please contact me at

Anonymous said...

Certainly interesting reading describing what appears to be a well-researched, and well-implemented protocol. My only humble suggestion would be to edit a bit. Remove various punctuation errors and duplication of material that make it a bit laborious, and sometimes confusing, to read

Prof. Peter said...

Thank you for your comment, i shall try to do as you have requested on the next post, i guess writing is not my strong point...

Unknown said...

Can doing this treatment hurt Ferratin levels?

Prof. Peter said...

Hi Rose:

Not when done by a well trained and certified RHP technician.

Jolene said...

Is there anyone in a North America doing it this way?

Prof. Peter said...

Hi Jolene, no one as yet...

bob said...

Hello Mr. Jovan,

After reading this blog/article, I am very interested and wanting to do this therapy for my father who has many diseases.

He has diabetes, sleep apnea, high and low blood pressure, kidney failure and has one year of kidney peritoneal dialysis. Is there any possibility of my dad getting cured with this therapy?

And, secondly, I know that there is nobody doing this therapy in the United States because it's expensive and they do not understand it, but is it actually considered illegal in this country?

Prof. Peter said...

Hi Bob:

Better that you contact me by email, but to answer your question, all except the kidney issue is possible. The kidney issue is dependant on many factors and while it is possible, it is not probable.

No, in my opinion, this therapy is not unlawful in the States although at times that does not seem to matter.

Unknown said...

Peter...what is your email. id like to contact you directly. I am very very interested in moving over to where you are...learning/volunteering...working for free...Im so passionate and enthusiastic about ozone...healing and optimizing. This is all i care about!!!!!!!