Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Medical Ozone Therapy And Lyme Disease

In this post I would like to talk about the use of ozone therapy in the eradication or reversal of Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease has certainly become the focus of many, especially in North America where it seem that the numbers of this debilitating disease continue to grow at an alarming rate.

The first and most important factor in this equation is the inability of medical practitioners to correctly diagnose it, secondly their inability to properly treat it. There have been many attempts to treat this sickness with the use of anti-biotics and such but this, in my opinion, is lame and ineffective. Lyme, in general, has quite a few defenses, and this type of therapy, while helping, will not resolve it. With these therapies, you may be able to control or reverse disease to a degree, but it will return because of its ability to re-produce itself. It must be eradicated at the source, then and only then can one begin to heal the damage that it has created. This type of therapy is the same for all major disease, HIV and cancer to name a few. I don't think this is difficult to understand.

The damage done to the body by the pathogen, or disease, is the real issue, not the pathogen or the disease. It seems to me that the disease has many of my colleagues baffled.
Let's break this down a bit. Borrelia and Babesia are believed to be the pathogens involved.(I am being very general here. For further info see (LymeDisease.) These are easy to eliminate. The cysts that they produce, however, are more challenging.
Any well trained ozone therapist with a sound medical ozone generator should be able to eliminate the Borrelia or Babesia. The challenge is to eliminate all cysts. You need to understand  these cysts in order to completely rid the host of them. These cysts have a wall that is not easily penetrated by conventional ozone therapy. This means that as soon as the client stops ozone therapy the cysts will again open and release Lyme into the system, reinfecting the patient. These cysts can hide for days, weeks, months or years. To be considered effective, a therapy must ensure that these cysts are also eradicated. Commonly available ozone therapies do not eradicate these cysts and are, therefore, useless.

The good news is that we, at Ozone Research Group Inc., have been instrumental in creating a protocol that ensures these cysts are removed, along with the Borrelia and Babesia. Our Medical Ozone Generators are the only safe way to infuse enough ozone into the system to puncture a hole in the cyst wall and completely eradicate this source of re-occurring Lyme Infection permanently.

In simple terms, our generators infuse  ozone into the system equal to approximately 50 Direct IV's of ozone, or approximately 30 Autohemotherapies; and we do all this in 60 minutes. Another major factor in our success is our .22 micron blood filter. What this means essentially is that not much but blood will pass through this filter leaving all contaminants, toxins and whatever garbage is in the blood in either the filter or the collection jar attached to the unit. This enables our therapy to be a true blood cleaning and purification system.

When one uses an ozone generator of any type, the amount of ozone generated is 7% or less. The remaining gas is regular o2. So, in essence, what you have is 93-99% oxygen. This is the amount that is introduced inside the body when using conventional ozone therapies such as Direct IV or Autohemotherapy. Unfortunately, the red blood cells pick up the ozone, but not the oxygen, so the body has to deal with it.

Our therapy is unique, in that all contact with the blood is done outside the body. While outside of the body, the blood picks up the ozone and converts it (again I am being very general), while the oxygen is disposed of via the collection jar or the exhaust from the unit. With our therapy, therefore, no oxygen or ozone enters the blood, only converted, charged, clean blood goes back to the patient.

There are many other factors in chemistry and science that occur in our therapy that make it a far superior form of ozone therapy than any other,  but I will leave that for another day and get to the topic at hand.

The amount or concentration value of ozone at times must be extremely high to enable us to clean out the Borrelia, Babesia and of course the cysts. So high that this would as well put a burden on the red blood cells as well, other variables as well but let's just stick with red blood cells for now. In other forms of ozone therapy against Lyme this would certainly be disadvantageous as the blood cells would be eradicated as well, due to the method. In our advanced form of ozone therapy however we are able to see this occurrence and either lower the concentration variable or filter the destroyed cells so that they never enter the body. Truly a unique form of medical ozone technology and certainly effective against Lyme disease.

There are unscrupulous therapists that claim to have our technology and protocol,but do not.,  Our methodology is only available to a small number of practitioners. To ensure that you are receiving the correct treatment, please contact me for a list of certified practitioners  In the future we will have a link to all certified practitioners of true RHP Medical Ozone Therapy.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you may have on this blog or my various links and emails...