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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Part One

Been a long time since I created a post, the reason was that I was extremely sick, but now I am ready to talk about it and more. I think that this post will really add to the blog and my view on where medicine should be and as well, where medicine is at this stage of our evolution. This may turn into an extremely long post but I do believe it will be well worth reading to not only for those in a similar situation but for everyone due to my first-hand experience in the medical system.

If you know me at all, you understand that I really do not like testimonials much. The reason for this is simple to comprehend, we are all not the same, and we react in different ways to disease and to treatment. We all have genetics, eugenics as well as a host of other environmental issues and situations like present condition, all this must be a consideration when attempting any type of healing or therapy. When one reads a testimonial they should in fact understand that the above mentioned will have monumental effects on any and all therapies and considerations. What works for me might not work for you, and of course for the regulatory agencies reading this, it has nothing to do with treating, diagnosing or anything that you consider unlawful in your sorted cache of legal terminology. This is just my story and I am sharing it from my personal and professional viewpoint.

My issue started around August of 2012 when the family decided to go on a trip to Kenya for my sister-in-laws wedding and for my kids to meet their extended family on my wife's side. During that time there was great joy and partying. We stayed with my dear lawyer friend in Nairobi. He knew that I had an affinity for a certain beer called Tusker, found in Kenya as well as other African countries. To my delight, he told me that one of his clients had given him a case of this beer and I was welcome to drink as much as I like. Well, I am not much of a beer drinker, not really a drinker at all but at times when it is hot, nothing seems to take away that parched feeling in ones throat than a cold beer. Two is normally my limit as I also suffer with an acidic stomach after drinking any type of alcoholic beverage.

One day, we arrived at his house and I was exceptionally thirsty, so I opened a bottle of Tusker and started to gulp the beer as I would normally do. As soon as the first mouthful went down, I knew there was something wrong, the beer tasted funny and flat so I threw the bottle away and lost my taste for beer that day. That was the end of that.

Once back home after the trip to Kenya, I had to pick up our dog from the veterinarian that normally houses our dog when we are away, who is just next door to our clinic. I proceeded to go to her door and felt quite funny, like an out of body experience and thought that maybe I should return to the clinic. I opened the door to the clinic and in my blurred state could see the staff looking at me in shock, "What's wrong?” they said, "I don't know.” I said. They immediately laid me down on one of the beds and hooked monitors to me, something was definitely wrong.

Blood pressure was down; pulse was up so a round of saline V's and vitamins were in order. Once done, I was well enough to communicate and ask the staff to book an appointment with a physician that we normally use to try and figure out what just happened. I apologize if this story is a little spotty but I am trying to recall most of what had happened as best I can.

The next morning I went to the hospital where they ran tests after test to determine what the cause could have been. What they found out was that my spleen was abscessed in a third of its size. Now, a spleen abscess is not common and most doctors have not heard of it at all so the next issue is, what to do about it? I asked the physician and he said that I would need 24 hour high dose IV antibiotics for at least four days. Great, I thought, four days in the hospital, well that was impossible; I had the kids to take care of as my wife was still in Kenya with her family for another two weeks.

I talked to my partner and he suggested that I take treatment at the clinic and at home, which he was kind enough to provide for me so that I could still manage the kids and my life, fortunate for me. Many have asked why I did not use Medical Ozone to take away the infection, a good question and one of the reasons for this blog post.

Medical Ozone Therapy has its limitations, one of them is that it is very slow in its action and I needed something to clear my system that was going to act rapidly, I was in a state where I could develop sepsis quite easily so we had to work fast. The problem is that when you are hit with antibiotics at that speed, it is no party, I can attest to that and I am certain many of you can as well. You never really know what's worse, the sickness or the side effect. In any case for me, it worked and my spleen though not fully recovered was better but still enlarged. We did rounds of ozone therapy once I was off antibiotics to ensure that the infection was gone completely and to minimize the inflammation.

Some may have issue with what I have just said because those that have used ozone therapy do feel immediate relief. There are factors though, this was internal and was not something that I really could feel.  As well, let me say that those that do feel immediate relief should understand that medical ozone can and will pass through the blood brain barrier and increase serotonin as well as adrenalin for some. Also, consider at times the aspect of "the placebo effect". Of course I am not stating that this comes into consideration with all but it is noteworthy and a consideration. Also to note is that ozone is an anti-inflammatory and as well an analgesic.

After a while all was forgotten about all this and was leading a normal life until mid-March of 2014 when I started to get these unusually painful cramps in my lower abdomen. Normally, I am not that sensitive and can withstand a tremendous amount of pain but this was something else, so much so that I told my wife to drive me to hospital emergency. It was at night when I entered the hospital and of course they wanted info and for me to wait, I told them that would be impossible as the pain was unbearable. Normally, in hospital emergency, unless you have a bleeding something, you still have to wait, at least that has been my experience but fortunately at this one they directed me to a bed so that I could lay down. I still had to wait though until the attending physician came, when he did and I explained what I could, he ordered painkillers and sent me on my way. Ok, I thought, let them do what they know, don't argue I thought, stay calm I thought. I don't exactly know what I was given, probably tramadol, it did dull the pain somewhat so I left.

We drove home and when we were almost in the driveway, I turned to my wife and said, we have to go back, the pain started to increase as we were driving. Again went to emergency but this time the pain was so unbearable that I thought I was going to pass out. Again, I was put on a bed and had to wait for the attending physician. After numerous tests and more pain killer, I was advised to stay in the hospital overnight. The room I was given was wonderful, all the facilities of home so in that respect I was quite comfortable but the pain increased so much that eventually it took over my senses and I started to cry and howl like a baby, praying for God to take me so that I would not have to endure this pain. Still had no answer as to why this had occurred.

Late in the night, it became evident to the hospital staff that I would need something stronger to kill what pain I was experiencing so they called in an anesthesiologist who promptly set up a morphine unit for me so that once the pain came I could shoot morphine into me much like a late stage cancer patient. This did work somewhat and there I was attached to IV's, monitors and not lucid at all. I could feel the pain but really didn't care at this point.

The next day after a semi-conscious sleep, I was told that I had a lower bowel infection. Finally an answer.. Along with the pain, I was vomiting massive amounts of green fluids so the prognosis made sense. Well, the therapy again was massive amounts of antibiotics for four days only this time I had no choice but to stay in the hospital.

The days went by and I started to feel better, I was taken off morphine on the third day and released after five days. It was one week later and Easter was upon us. As we normally do we went to Easter brunch and decided to do a little shopping. All was normal until I was driving home with the family. At about two or three kilometers away from the house I noticed a weird sensation in my stomach area. My abdomen started to grumble, again came the pain I can never explain. It was like someone reached inside my abdomen and was twisting my intestines in an effort to pull them out. I grasped the steering wheel so hard I thought I was going to break it, I started howling and crying in pain but knew I had to get the family home safely. When I reached the house I did lay down and watch my stomach churn like there was a baby inside and I was nine months pregnant. I called my partner and he immediately sent a nurse to put me on fluids and ease my pain. I stayed in bed for about three days trying to get better but this, although subdued was getting no better. Nothing that I ate would stay down; it was like I was blocked.

We decided it was time for a CT scan to find out what the issue was, so I went to one of my dear friend who was a CT scan specialist, actually he teaches the method of CT. I had really wanted to get a proper diagnosis. After what seemed an eternity, he called the whole family into his office to tell us what he had found. It seemed that I had numerous issues, the infection in my bowel was gone but now it seems that my portal and mesenteric as well as pulmonary veins were blocked. As well, there seemed to be a blockage in my intestines, most probably a stricture that was narrowing the channel somewhere in my intestines. I say somewhere because even with CT, one can't really pinpoint intestine obstructions, too many twists, turns, guts, etc... Well, isn't that just peachy, I thought...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ozone Therapy and Common Sense Part 2 - Internet Myths

Before I start on this post, I just want to make it clear that I do not post anything to change anyone's mind or try to persuade them to use any therapy that they have researched and found to be suitable for their issues. It is your body and your right to do with it what you will contrary to what anyone says to you, professional, academic, governmental or what have you. I am merely trying to bring in information that you may have overlooked in your research and as well trying to demystify what is on the internet. The email that I receive is mostly due to people cruising the internet. These people, for the most part are confused and rightly so, there is an abundance of contradictory information, so much so that I even find myself confused at times.
With the advancement of technology everyone and their mother can now create a site and look like they are the latest health guru, all you really need is a staff of internet gurus and you can rest assured that you will accumulate a large following. Oh yes, one more thing, the more conspiracy that you post, the better, it seems.Well, I am truly tired of all the misinformation, so let's begin to clear it up a bit.

It is also not my intent to bad mouth anyone but I do want to try and bring us all back to reality and not in the surreal world that we seem to have wandered into. Facts and truths are what we all seek, aren't they? More often than not, I see articles published that are misleading and exaggerated so much that they do not have anything whatsoever to do with fact and truth. I could put quite a few up to prove this to you but it would take quite a few posts. I may do that but right now, i will start with one related to medical ozone.

This is something that I received on email from a very intelligent source and was posted on a forum I had thought was credible.

Though there is nothing wrong with this picture as it claims what it states. Ozone will eradicate all these microorganisms. However, what it fails to state is that this analysis was done outside of the body. This is a common issue and certainly a big one. It is one thing to use ozone to in an experiment outside of the body and a completely different when using ozone therapy inside the body. What I find is that most people do not realize that ozone works much better when it does not have to deal with our internal biology. Once inside the body, there are a lot of processes that have to be dealt with to ensure that we get the same reaction as noted in this picture. This important fact is not included anywhere and is omitted in almost all research that I have encountered. We must understand that taking all things into consideration, these types of postings do nothing but confuse all of us as to the abilities of ozone in the human body. It does not matter what you do outside of the body with any ingredient, it does matter what happens in the body, again, common sense.

Look, it's like this, whatever disease or disorder that you have, there may be a way to reverse it but common sense would dictate to you that whatever it was that person, doctor or website told you reversed his or her condition may work for you but then again may not. This is because we are all different in our composition, not one of us is the same.

The relationship to disease or disorder and our personal structure is different from the next person. Consider this, a person goes on the internet and sees that a set of people that eventually found relief from a particular disorder, so they go out and seek this potion, lotion or what have you, they try it hoping that it will give them relief as well, but in the end it helps some but does not do as others have claimed. It is not the fault of the product per se, but is the combination of the product and the individual.

Now, let's look at products, an article comes out that specifically states that some herb, root, essence has been used to treat some specific disorder and the very next day, there are a hundred suppliers and MLM companies selling and advertising this product as the answer to that affliction. It may or may not contain any of that particular ingredient. There are no clear cut rules in this, so it is possible that there would be no product, very little or a similar product in the formula, no one would know unless they test each and every batch. This does happen more than you think folks. Remember, we are all humans and as such susceptible to any and all weaknesses, whether we are Medical, Alternative or other. In the same vein, we are hungry to believe, which makes us a direct target, doesn't it?

All things considered it could be a factual claim by the article but what is not disclosed, or rarely is, how it is to be used and as well in what capacity and concentration, what is the active ingredient and can it be used a whole or are there parts needed? These questions are never answered and not even considered, the product with that specific ingredient is marketed and sold by the millions, I have seen this many more times than I wish to. Of course after a run of a couple of years and the sales are exhausted, the product is sold out and we go to the next product of the day. MLM people are pros as are the internet Guru's, I know of one guy that created a product and made well over $30 million dollars in the first year, that is some serious cash! Commercialism at it's best...

There is one other point and it relates to ozone therapy as well. The product that you purchase and use or the one that is used on you is only as good as the person you choose to treat you with it. What I mean by this statement and it is perhaps the most important of all, is that something used as a healing agent is only as good as the person administering it and their knowledge of biology and science relating to the many variables and functions of the human body. Sometimes a product works slow, sometimes fast, but for true healing to occur it is never a fast course. I am shocked that people do not understand this one undeniable fact. The body does not heal rapidly, it is an impossibility, there are far too many variables and functions that need to occur before the body heals, I mean truly heals. Yes, it is true that you may feel better at some point in any therapy but this is not true healing, true healing is attained once parameters are at a level in the body considered safe, but even then the body has to catch up and healing may take longer. I always question why, when a product works so well, the person that is promoting it never bothers to put up lab reports of individuals that have used it like we have on this page If done right, patient confidentiality is preserved and maintained. All I see is what people have said or video testimony and there are never any follow ups. At least with lab reports you can see that the body has reacted to a certain extent and it is not just someone believing of feeling the effects, whether real or placebo.

So, what is the answer, well, I really don't have one, other than the fact that it is time that we stop listening to the self proclaimed guru's on the internet, you know which ones I mean. Their route is a financial one. Listen, I have met them and have talked at length with them, they start off trying to help but in the end, it is always the same. Sure they are nice, cordial with winning personalities but really, take a look at their websites, are they not full of things that one should use and buy, do they not endorse these things, of course they do, that is how they survive and it is because of that that they endorse them. Do they use these products themselves, probably they do. Do these products help them and others, probably to a point. But, none of these guys have all the answers, no one does.

What's my final word? Well, do your research, know your body, check what works and what doesn't specific to both you and your disorder. By the way, the disorder that you may have may not be what you think so get many opinions, not just one. Be patient with whatever you are using, know that healing is a slow process and at times it may not work for a while. Educate yourselves, look at scientific literature that you trust to be accurate and always, always, test, test and re-test the function of your body, it is the only real way to tell what this specific product is really doing to you and your biology.

There is always an answer, although it may not be the one that you want to hear so instead of looking for what you all seem to want, which is an elusive "cure", look instead of how you can improve your quality of life. This may end up to be a much more attainable goal and is after all what we really want, isn't it? We want to feel better, we want to be in control of our own body, we want to live a pain free life, these are all factors of quality. To find it we have to take matters in our own hands without the excuse of I don't understand or have time, money or any other excuse we can come up with, it is your life and health that you are dealing with and you need to be the person that controls how, first is to diagnose carefully and accurately, second is, who you choose to treat it, third, be watchful of how the therapy and your biology relate to each other by constantly testing the effects and parameters. Fourth and most important of all, do not take instruction or believe what is on the internet. Lastly, never give up hope in yourself and your capabilities. Everything I have told you relates to any and all Medical Sciences that you choose to participate in. This, to me is just plain common sense and relates to Medical Ozone Therapy as well!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Ozone Therapy and Common Sense Part 1 - Cancer and pH

Lately, I have been inundated with emails, more than the normal ones, about the use of ozone in medicine by my colleagues and friends across the world. In particular, the use of RHP ozone therapy but as well all use of ozone therapy. The questions are numerous and vary from complaints to absolute shockers.

I guess maybe I should be grateful that our advanced form of therapy has gained notoriety in many of the ozone circles but it does offend me personally and professionally when therapists out there decide that they can just put together a unit and do the type of therapy that we do without any experience and training whatsoever. It is even more offensive when a therapist takes on the task of using ozone on a patient when he or she has only taken a weekend course. I would assume that because they have MD or what have you, credentials, they truly believe that it is enough for them to practice medical ozone therapy but this is far from the truth and I believe it is time all this is addressed.
Ozone Structure

In this series of posts I will try to address the main issues and answer most questions in regard to ozone and it's use in the medical field. I know or at least believe that some will be offended at what I have to say and I may be putting myself out there to be crucified by some but I only want you, the public to understand the truth about ozone therapy in science and practice. It is crucial to our well being that we understand the capabilities of this wondrous molecule as well as the setbacks of it's use. Challenge me if you will but you all know that what I will put in this blog is scientific and factual.

To understand why there is so much confusion in the use of ozone one must first understand the reality of commerce and finance. I am not in any way making a judgement call here but please note that all of us in the field, while we believe that this is the best form of therapy do make a living from it and as such have vested interest in what we say and do. Money and finance have a way of clouding both our integrity and our desire so much so that we tend to forget why we started this in the first place. Then there are some that see this as a cash cow and just get into it because they can make a decent living, jump on the band wagon if you will. The problem here is that if and when ozone therapy becomes mainstream, and it will, all this will come out and in effect hurt ozone and it's use. So let me be the first to unveil the mystery that surrounds it and separate the false beliefs that are being put out to you, the public. I will try and cover all this in later posts.

There is no better place to start talking about any form of oxygen therapy than with Otto Warburg. The claims regarding poor Otto are so vast that they have now taken on a life of their own. Let's clear up who Otto Warburg was
After all, most oxygen/ozone people hang on to his words like they were inscribed in stone. You will see this on almost any website that has to do with any oxygen therapy, here's the quote, "Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by fermentation of sugar [anaerobic respiration]." This was a good theory in 1931 I believe it was, but there have been quite a few advances in science since then and things have changed a bit. Besides, he did not say that if you introduce oxygen into the body, cancer will die.

Otto Warburg did not receive the Nobel for this as many claim. Don't get me wrong, Otto was a brilliant man but we need to really look at what he did, said and believed in a true light instead of grasping on some words and using them to justify our use of ozone in cancer. This is much the same as the theory that you can change your internal pH to kill cancer cells, it just will not happen. Cellular pH is regulated in the body and protected, to change it would be lethal. Many tissues of the body are naturally acidic. Yet this does not make them cancerous. The above statement can also be proven false by the fact that acidosis occurs during normal exercise, holding one's breath underwater, swallowing some poisons, during diabetes and COPD, etc. Still none of these are causes of cancer.

I could go on about this and talk about the low oxygen level maintained by cartilage, yet not cancerous or the fact that cancer tumors release vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) to allow it to create it's own blood vessels so that it would receive more oxygen than healthy tissues. You see, cancer proliferation is dependent on sufficient oxygen levels. What I am trying to say is that we really have to start coming to grips on all this and understand that if you use a theory from over 80 years ago to substantiate what you are doing in the scientific front you had better do your research to see if there have been any advancements in that theory. Just think of what it was like 80 or more years ago and what we believed to be true, things have changed, science has progressed in leaps and bounds.

If we are to do anything in the field of ozone therapy and progress this science further in both research and medical use we need to come to the present and use sound theory as its base and not something in the past. Not only will it be a dangerous proposition to rely on past science to treat the conditions that come up in today's world but as well ineffective and it will only fuel the fire that our detractors have it to label us charlatans, snake oil salesman or what have you. What we do must be based on true factual scientific theory and fact that can be explained and re-created. Not a hypothesis that is outdated and easily proved to be inaccurate. After saying all this let me add that some ozone therapy does seem to help in some cancer but as I have said in past posts only in the lower stages and combined with a well thought out complete therapy. All this to me is just, ozone therapy and common sense!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Ozone Therapy and Therapeutical Considerations Part 2

It has been a while since the last post, sometimes work and life get in the way. In any event, just recently something came up that I thought would be the perfect example as to why I stress therapeutic considerations and test, test and test again and not only with ozone therapy.

In the last blog part one which is here I had stressed the importance of doing testing, what type to do and why. Hopefully all of you now understand my reason for this and have followed what I had to say. I pray that others in the field, as well, read and understood the importance of this and if not, I am always here to answer questions.

I would like now to tell you the story of our latest patient that will tie into all this and give you a better picture of the extreme importance of testing.

SB came to us after much talk over the internet to clear herself of the herpes virus with Medical Ozone Therapy and Clearwood. She had been infected by a man that never told her he was married and had kids. She had breakouts and lesions that were very painful and debilitating. After the breakout she had noticed a large amount of pain in her pelvic area and had thought that it was perhaps from the sex, skiing or the herpes itself. She went to have it checked out by a Gyno, this was in February of this year.
SB's armpit, not allowed to post pelvic area but just imagine

The Gyno told her without doing any testing and putting the poor woman through a torturous and painful examination that she had nerve damage or a bruised bone. So, she was put on opiates for pain and valium for sleep. So she was sent home with a basket full of drugs, sound familiar?

She came to us in August, so not working for seven months and in torturous pain when sitting, standing, hoping that it will go away. After all, this was a qualified doctor telling her it could be six months to a year before she recovers, why would she question it?

We took in SB and started her treatment for Herpes as well as cleaning out her blood with Medical Ozone for any other issues and gave her some Vitamin IV's and herbals to counteract the pain and swelling, if there was any. After a week or so we sent her for a CT scan of the abdomen to understand or try to why she was in so much pain.

When the scan came back we were amazed to see that her issue instead was related to a cyst in her ovary and actually quite a few small ones that were developing inside her. This was the answer that she was looking for for all this time, it was now conclusive as to why she was suffering so much and she could have been treated for this back in February had the Gyno bothered to do a complete exam instead of speculating on her condition. She is now as well on treatment for her ovarian cysts. She will also write her story in her own words and it will be posted so that it helps others in a similar situation.

Just to mention that when a patient comes to us we do quite a lot of testing to assess both the biological terrain and any other issues that might be occurring and will occur. We believe that our work does not start and end with what the patient has come for but as well in what we see in our analysis. There is no point in for instance just treating someone for herpes and then finding out that they have some other issue that occurred after they left. We believe that we should completely assess anyone that comes to us in an effort to give them the best quality of life possible.

The reason that I am writing all this down is as the topic of this post states, the importance of proper testing before any therapy is considered for any individual. In our lives we test and examine anything that we do before coming to a conclusion as to how we handle it, this is only common sense. Car repair, house repair, any repair or alteration is done by carefully analysis to ascertain the condition and issue. Why is it different when it comes to Medical Science? Should this not be the utmost consideration?

Lately I had received so much email on the aspect of evaluation in first world countries. Many have informed me that doctors shrug off or will not even discuss conditions and symptoms, this must stop. I also hear that it is extremely difficult to obtain your tests and that doctors will not discuss them if they come back within rage. This is highly unethical and as well truly unprofessional. It is your body, you have a right to know and it is their obligation to explain, period!

We are so inundated with the media reports of all that is happening in the world that we are not paying attention to what really matters in our own back yard. This is utmost priority in our lives and health. When we see a patient more often than not, this type of situation comes up. If you want to truly discuss what is wrong with the Medical System, this is it. As I have said before and as I will say again, do not have any type of condition treated by anyone unless they have done proper diagnostics in an effort to evaluate your condition in detail before recommending any type of therapy!

This is true for any therapy, whether it be Medical, Alternative, Complimentary or whatever flavor you prefer, this is common sense and I do not understand why we do not see it. Do not believe in anyone just because you heard, read or saw a testimonial. Be wary of everything that is on the internet, do your research and take manners in your own hands. Everyone has vested interest in having you as a patient, remember that, take this into your own hands and demand that it be done right, fight for your right to have the best quality of life possible and do not accept excuses as to why what you need and want can't be done. It is your right and your responsibility...

Monday, April 01, 2013

Ozone Therapy RHP - Why Is It Superior?

RHP Unit
There have been many requests over the years from the public regarding our form of RHP Ozone Therapy and most are to do with the simple question, why is it superior? So, in this post I will outline some of the facts as to the technology and methods so that they are clear and understood by all those interested.

It may first be important to explain what common ozone therapy treatments are, these are by no means a comprehensive list but are the ones most used around the world:

Direct Injection
Ozone IV or Direct Injection. This method is generally done with a 27g. butterfly needle and 20 - 50 cc's of ozone gas infused directly in a vein at a normal rate of 1 - 2 cc's a minute. This is the correct way of doing it and the safest method. From what I know most do not do it this way due to time constraints or for other reasons only known to the therapist him or her self.

Ozone MAHT or Major Autohemotherapy. This method is done by taking 200 - 250 cc's of blood from a vein, mixing it in a bag or a jar with the same amount of ozone and a bit of heparin, then re-inserting it in the vein. Again this is the correct method although some physicians tend to change the amounts or ratios.

Ozone Minor Authemotherapy is the other method, where there is a small amount of blood 3 - 10 cc's taken out and mixed with ozone then re-inserted intramuscularly

Ozone Rectal Insufflation or RI. The aspect of rectal insufflation is primarily to use a standard catheter and introduce ozone into the rectal area, normally in this method 200 - 1000 cc's are used and held on to for about 20 min. or so. Then it is released by the patient, as well, an ozonated water enema can be done prior to this method.

Ozone Vaginal Insufflation or VI. Like the above, a catheter is used to inject in this instance anywhere from 500 cc's and above into the vagina. Again an ozonated water vaginal flush can be done previous to this application. Unlike the colon, the vagina can receive much more of a volume of ozone so there are different amounts and methods used.
RI or VI Set

Let me be clear that these are general explanations and are not to be used for therapeutic purposes, they are only being used by me as a comparison. There are far too many variables of these methods being used, right or wrong, good or bad and anything in between is really not the issue or my purpose for naming and explaining them. There are as well many, many others.

Let me now try to explain why our method is superior, safer and more efficient:

We take a large gauge needle and insert it into a vein in each arm of the body, then we attach blood lines, one in and one out. In the middle there are two instruments used, one is a pump that moves the blood from one arm to the other in a loop so we are basically just interrupting the normal blood flow. The other instrument used is a specially designed filter rated at .22 microns. This filters has many functions, one is to mix the blood and ozone, another is to filter out unnecessary components in the blood such as urea, creatinine  uric acid, etc... (see here for a complete list This filter also acts as an escape for the excess oxygen and ozone that is not used by the blood. Since the blood can not pass through the membrane it is not affected in any negative way and only oxygenated and cleaned of all viruses, bacteria, parasites, well as excess materials stated above and on the link provided. There is as well a minimal amount of heparin used in this process so as not to have blood coagulation and as well to ensure viscosity while sending blood from one arm to the other.

Here are some of the advantages of our system. There are far too many and would take up more space than I have. So, here in my opinion are the major ones:

This method of ozonation takes one to one and a half hours to complete, in that time we ozonate or rather activate a minimum of 35 cc's of blood a minute and a maximum of 75 cc's a minute. Now if one considers this and calculates the total amount of blood activated it would be equal to doing one minor autohemotherapy every minute or one direct injection every minute or one major autohemotherapy every three minutes and so on. Quite a remarkable concept considering that it is not possible to do these other therapies more than once every couple of hours, days or what have you. If we total this all up and use an hour as our base, it would come to the equivalent of 60 minor autohemotherapies or 60 direct injections or 20 major auto hemotherapies in one session.

Waste Container
How is this possible, well it is quite simple really, one must remember that we have an outlet for all the gases to escape so we are not introducing any gas into the system, we are just creating the reaction that ozone is known and used for while in any other application, the ozone and oxygen is first introduced into the body and then body has the job of dealing with it. This, then enables us to use more ozone and higher concentrations than in other ozone therapies safely and effectively.

There is as well a safety feature included in our method that others may not know about. In conventional ozone therapy applications one must observe and test the antioxidant level of a patient to understand what or how much the patients body or blood can withstand. Since ozone works on oxidative stress this is quite important so as not to unduly stress the body, system, blood. This is crucial to a successful therapy. In normal operation this is not done as it is an expensive test and one that almost all therapists do not do. In essence all applications using the standard method ignore this one crucial aspect and hope that damage does not occur to the patient or the blood. It is debatable if this is correct and not something I want to get into discussing at this point in time.

We, however have an easy solution to this, you see, in every application there is a waste disposal unit that is made of clear plastic, this disposal unit serves many purposes, one very important purpose is that it quite simply enables us to see and gauge when the patient has been either introduced to too much ozone or a concentration of ozone that is too high just by looking at the waste apparatus. Once we see any change in color, normally pink, we know that the blood has started to break down and we can decrease the rate of ozone or decrease the concentration, in either case the waste will again return to normal color. This method enables us to see changes in as little as 1 - 2 cc's of blood so that there are absolutely no issues encountered or created, this can not be done with conventional ozone therapies and would be unknown until a problem occurs later down the line and in some cases too late.

Another consideration in this therapy is the ability for our advanced units to safely and effectively squeeze the excess fluid from the blood and in effect drain the body of any water that has been retained for whatever reason, this is especially useful for those patients with water overload, retention, uric acid, gout, etc...and is the only safe form of water extraction when diuretics fail to do their job or are not used for whatever reason. we can also visually gauge what comes out of the blood and at times this is very useful in diagnosing a patient's condition.

The White In The Tube Is Plaque
Finally, the aspect of filtration is a major advantage to our method. As I had mentioned above many unwanted components in the blood are filtered out. In the number of years I have researched this therapy, I have seen plaque removed in every case, I have seen black soot and almost everything you can imagine come out of the tubes and into the waste container. This in itself is remarkable because the body is incapable of removing these components by itself and this is the only method capable of doing this form of mechanical chelation. This means that even if you are having normal ozone therapy done and don't get me wrong, ozone will inactivate all this and try to remove it but in conventional ozone therapy it would mean that your filters, liver, kidneys etc, would have to do the work. In our therapy it acts as the filter of the body and safely extracts all this through the blood and out to the waste container or at times into the filter, safely and effortlessly. 

The question that you must be considering is, why then is this method of blood ozonation not standard in ozone therapy? Well, the answer to that or rather the simple answer is that the health authorities have not fully yet even embraced ozone therapy let alone our advanced form of therapy. So then why do ozone therapists not use our form of therapy around the world, would be the next question? I would assume it is for a couple of reasons, mainly because it is a lot more expensive to start RHP ozone therapy than it is to start basic therapy to be one consideration. The other would be that it is more of an invasive therapy and most are not equipped to handle this advanced procedure or that they are just scared of the retribution of the powers that be. As well, in this field we do have those that are the so called guardians of ozone therapy or would structured associations be a better word? In these organizations as in any there are die-hards that already have a vested interest in the application, creation and peripherals used for standard ozone therapy and have invested large sums of money into their creation, introduction and application. As with any type of business and this is a business, switching any modality would be a loss of income and I suppose they are just not willing to do that. Do they know about our therapy? Of course they do, they are well aware of what it is and have followed it from inception but as yet have not come forth, save a few to ask any questions. They have however tried to copy it and unsuccessfully I might add. 

This therapy that we have created, tested and perfected is true medical science and in our opinion makes any other ozone based therapy inferior, while there are uses for the other therapies, ours should be the standard in all ozone therapy and the one used most often while the other less effective and minor therapies can be used as  additions, this is the way it should be if we are ever to progress in the use of ozone therapy but as in every case,progress is slow because people are reluctant to listen and change their ways of thinking. 

It could as well be that this type of therapy is a bit complicated to master. It is quite simple to learn how to use but there is a lot of analysis needed and as well a lot of training in it's correct use. Many that come to us are overwhelmed at the intricacy and level of science needed to perform a successful therapy and are perhaps a little intimidated by all of it. In our opinion it takes a therapist at least two years of clinical application to be certain and confident. In that time they would be able to analyze and correct whatever disorder they come across. It may be much but then we are talking about saving lives and correcting disorders that medical mainstream does not have any answers for. Looking at it in that aspect, whatever it takes to achieve this goal is worth it.

Maybe this post will rattle some chains or shake some trees and just maybe other prominent open minded ozone therapist that truly care about humanity will take a look at this and be enticed to at least think about starting to use this far more advanced form of ozone therapy. If that should be the case it will in fact create a snowball effect and contribute to our research in making this even better and then one can only imagine where we would go to create an even better form of healing using Medical Ozone Therapy.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ozone Therapy Advanced FAQ

In an attempt to  dispel rumors and misinformation on advanced ozone therapy use this blog will try to answer questions that I have been asked over the years. There is so much information on the internet and sometimes it can be quite confusing for most people. What one must understand is, just as in anything, do not believe what you read until you can verify it. We must all remember, our society is based on money not good intentions. As much as we should all object to this mode of living, it is what it is...

If any of you think of anything that you want an answer to and I have not covered it, please feel free to ask by commenting below, in fact, if you disagree comment as well. For us to be a society that truly believes in having the freedom of choice, it is essential that we have all the facts, good and bad, enabling us to make the right choice for us individually.

1. Does ozone therapy cure as many diseases as they claim it to?

This is a very difficult question to answer. In my vast experience, I can say that not one individual in the many thousands that we have treated that has not had some form of benefit from Ozone therapy when it is done correctly by a well trained ozone therapist. By well trained, I mean one that not only knows ozone therapy but, is also familiar with all aspects of the body and can read into the testing of the bodies parameters when analyzed by a lab. This must include observation of the patient as well. These points are critical and must be observed in successful ozone therapy treatments. At times, diseases can be reversed, at times it can be regulated and at other times it can be helped, This therapy is not a panacea or a magic formula, it is true science and should be understood as such and nothing else.

2. What are the differences between normal ozone therapy and advanced RHP ozone therapy?

 Anyone who has studied ozone therapy and it's many applications has read that our form of ozone therapy is known as the best, there is no arguing this fact. The problem that most face is why is it the best? Well to explain this in simple terms, I must first say that really there is no comparison as it is a completely different process. You see, in conventional ozone therapies such as direct injection, saline infusion, insufflation, major and minor autohaemotherapy and any others. The body is filled with ozone in many ways and forced to absorb the ozone into the blood, this process creates chemical reactions inside the body and creates waste products that need to be excreted by our many filters, kidneys, liver, etc...To add, these processes do not enable us to infuse more than a small amount of ozone at a time. This due to the conversion of ozone to usable components and as well the excretion of waste coupled with the ability of the body and it's components to tolerate ozone's powerful effects.

In our method, we circulate all of the blood and at the same time ozonate and filter it. The body in this case is not forced to both withstand the reactions created not filter the waste, it is all done outside and what goes back is fresh, ozonated, filtered blood, nothing else. There is another point, valid or not, it is but a theory that I am working on. When ozonating, the ratio is typically 3-5% ozone and the rest is oxygen, I am still not certain whether the 93-97% oxygen put into the body is beneficial. Of course in our method, this does not occur as all extra oxygen is released. Due to this method we are able to safely infuse a higher concentration than typically recognized as safe and much more ozone into the system safely and effectively. All in all, a much more effective means of ozone therapy than all the rest.
Clean blood versus dirty blood
Clean Blood Versus Dirty Blood

3. I have a friend who told me that there are others using RHP ozone therapy.

Yes, as with anything else we do have copycats trying to create RHP in their own way and attempting to do it without the proper training. I want to make myself perfectly clear here. This is medical science and not something that can be understood by a lay person or attempted by someone untrained in it's use. It should be avoided if the ozone therapist or clinic/hospital is not certified or substantially trained in it's use and I do not mean a during a weekend seminar. Our training involves a multitude of courses over a long period of time. This method of healing is very intricate and as such needs to be taught by those that are trainers and educators in this field. A good part of knowing what to do with ozone is based on experience and observation and for that experience is the best teacher. Be wary of those that have just started or that have tried to copy our method. You may wind up worse than when you started and in critically ill patients, this could be disastrous. Should you encounter any of these instances, please feel free to contact me for an opinion or a review of either the person claiming to do this therapy or the establishment that you are in contact with.
RHP ozone generator
True RHP Ozone Unit

4. How safe is this therapy?

Safety of ozone therapy has been tossed around the internet for quite a while and I read many of the citations that exist. The use of ozone therapy has been around for at least a century, unfortunately however, there have been no safeguards to assure accuracy and benefit. In any therapy there are risks, even with a skilled ozone therapist. I can say however that this is the safest form of medicine that exists in the world today. Having said that though, it does not mean that it is completely safe and one should exercise caution by reading and understanding what I have stated above and in my many blogs.

5. Is this Alternative Therapy?

Although we, as ozone therapist have jumped foolishly on to the alternative Medicine heading, this is not what ozone therapy is. Ozone therapy and especially advanced RHP therapy is in fact, a true medical modality and should be recognized as such. We hope to have that happen in the near future, it is our course and our aim.

6. Why is it so expensive?

Traditionally all forms of medicine are funded and researched by the pharmaceutical giants, government grants and such, they are as well covered by insurance. The only people that truly understand the low cost and value of ozone therapy are the ones without insurance as they are the ones that have to pay full price for their treatment. In the world, I can state that above any other true medical treatment, ozone therapy is by far safer, more effective and less expensive than any other. If one was to take a close look at all these parameters, there is no doubt in my mind that they would come to the same conclusion.

7. Why is it not accepted and available?

The world of medicine is dependent on, as with everything else, financial gain. There is no financial gain with ozone, it can't be patented and t is a cure unlike the medicine of today that merely puts off disease or creates other issues. As well, should the world embrace ozone therapy, most researchers, societies and grants would disappear and there would be less dependence on surgery and most drugs would be of no use. This would create financial kayos in our money dependent world. All these institutions I have mentioned also pay taxes, fueling the government coffers and no government at any point in time can afford to lose the fuel created by them. Simply put, the financial system in itself would suffer immensely should ozone therapy be common. Remember it is not about lives it is about money and the creation of it that fuels our economy, it's that simple.
Just in the US
I hope that I have answered some of the questions that need an answer, please feel free to ask any others that you may have so that we can establish a true and safe understanding of what is Medical Ozone Therapy.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Truth In Medical Ozone Therapy

Been away for a while so did not have time to post about anything. Decided to take my family to Kenya to meet their relatives, you see, my wife is of Kenyan decent and has a huge family there. It was also the place where I was fortunate enough to start my work with Medical Ozone Therapy. It was the place where I met my wife, in a pharmacy. She was a pharmacist there and I needed to purchase medication on a regular basis . . .  even more so when I set eyes on her obvious beauty, but that's another story.

The reason I tell you this is because when I came back from Kenya with my kids, my wife had decided to stay for another two weeks. I was not feeling quite well. I had at first thought it was from the excitement of the trip and all that travelling with two kids in tow, and of course I would have jet lag and a bit of exhaustion, so it was something expected and I would get over it.

The day after my trip I went to pick up my dog from the veterinarian where he was being housed while we were away. Only about five or so yards from our clinic  I had a very bad feeling set over me and decided to return to the ozone clinic.  Upon entering I found myself very breathless and kind of woozy so I sat down. I could hear our manager at the clinic talking to me but I really could not make out what she was saying, as if I was in a trance and about to go to sleep. Still trying to catch my breath and keep myself together I could see all sorts of commotion around me, a bit scary at first, but really I didn't think much of it. I was ushered to a bed and made to lay down.

After a while, I had found out that my blood pressure was 90/60 and my pulse was 130. For someone of my size and height, this was of course very alarming, so they immediately started to give me IV fluids in an effort to stabilize me. This worked and my blood pressure came up to an acceptable range, and my pulse came down, but not much. I needed rest I thought, and it seemed like I was very dehydrated.

The next day I noticed that even the slightest movement would make me go breathless, and I immediately made an appointment with a very skilled Cardiologist friend of ours to see what it was that was going on. After tests and scans, we had found that there were a host of issues, my blood profile was a bit alarming and the CT scan showed that I had a large abscess in my spleen, somewhat of a rare disorder but very deadly. We immediately set out to do what was necessary, which was to be 4 grams of broad spectrum antibiotics a day for three days, another 2 grams of antibiotics per day for another three days, and then 1000 mg. per day for three weeks.

Why am I telling you this story? It is very simple. I have wanted to write for a long time about the fact that it is not always right to choose alternative therapies with every problem that we encounter. Sometimes it is necessary to use pharmaceuticals first and then choose alternatives. The question of course that I had been given was, why did you not use Medical Ozone Therapy for your abscess? Well, Medical Ozone as powerful as it is, does not have the capability to get rid of this type of abscess as fast as antibiotics do. Since there was an urgent need that we could not satisfy without pharmaceutical intervention, we chose antibiotics. This is exactly the point that I am trying to make.

In this medical world of ours there are many modalities that can be used and many disorders that need to be treated, along with that, there are many variations in humans and it is never one treatment, or therapeutic principle, that will benefit all. Life does not work that way, and certainly Medical Science does not work that way. We must really come out of this either conventional or alternative, either carnivore or vegetarian mentality. This is not what it is about, it is about taking all into consideration and working on what is best for you, specifically and individually.

Though I am dedicated to the promotion of Ozone Therapies as one of the safest and most potent healing options available today, I also recognize that some individuals are unable to do MOT, and, as a result, other options must be considered, or other factors corrected, before ozone can be done. And in some cases, pharmaceuticals might be beneficial/needed.

There is nothing wrong with this line of thinking and any skilled doctor or practitioner should embrace it as it is probably a lot easier to make a person not only feel better but get to a state of health much faster than with and either or mentality. We are in a world where it seems that every modality has its own team fighting against the other. Alternative practitioners against pharmaceuticals, naturalists against conventionals, vegetarians against meat eaters. I sit back and ask myself why?

In my opinion, the answer is not in one or the other, the true answer is in all of it together. We must, for the sake of all that are sick and diseased, come together and use whatever means are at our disposal to cure the ills of mankind. We must all stop thinking that the way we know is the best, because we really do not know, there are more things to learn and more possibilities to examine. I have said this time and time again. My journey in the healing arts started about twenty years ago and every day I learn something new. Sometimes, what I learn shakes the foundation that my thinking was built upon and I have to re-evaluate.

The true calling to heal is not about a closed mind, it is about an open mind to accept all that we have on this planet.  There is much to learn, and even though we have found ways to tackle some of the major illnesses that exist, there will always be more and there will always be better. It has been that way since the beginning.

I encourage you to explore new thoughts, look at all options, do not be afraid of any modality that brings about a change in your thinking. It just may be the right one for you and may save your life or that of a loved one. Do not let financial gain, or stubborn thoughts, or what someone else taught you get in the way. I did not and that is why I am alive today and able to write this to you...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Debate, "Ozone Therapy" or "Medical Ozone Therapy"!

This one sentence above has been on my mind for a long time now so I want to write about it. It is of great concern of mine that the issue of ozone therapy is taken seriously not only by the media who, for the most part ignores the whole issue completely, but as well by the general public, all those scientists, medicos and professors as well. So, listen up all of you, even the ones in the Health Ministries, I know you read this blog, so listen up...! What I am referring to today is the whole concept of the terms, "ozone therapy" and Medical Ozone Therapy", am I the only person that has a problem with these terms? What are all the professors and highly skilled surgeons and doctors, etc.. thinking, why would you use the term "ozone therapy" when clearly it should be described as "medical ozone therapy"? Think for a minute, if one wants to distinguish medical ozone from environmental ozone would it not be prudent to give it a different name?

The mistake that we all tend to make now is to call it ozone. Immediately you get people looking up at the sky, thinking ozone hole, ozone smog and anything to do with environmental ozone. Negatives and doom and gloom pour into their heads and they either change the topic or look like a deer that has seen headlights. But that's not all, not only will people that have no former knowledge of this wonderful therapeutic marvel be confused but you tend to confuse all those that you introduce to on the idea, including, doctors, scientists, scholars of all fields and types. The more educated on environmental ozone, the worse it becomes. You see, we have been conditioned to think about global warming, ozone hole type of ozone but nothing near the fact that there exists a totally unique and different ozone, medically therapeutic ozone! It has absolutely nothing in relation to the ozone in the sky, nothing, it is a combination of toxic gasses and fumes and might as well be called gas soup and not ozone.

Here's an example to make you think. How about the difference between oxygen in the atmosphere and bottled oxygen, if they were the same why would they put a mask on you and make you breathe pure oxygen to get better in an emergency situation? Why would they have oxygen bars dispensing oxygen to those that keep coming back for more? Why would everything oxygen be showing up in anything one can think of oxygenized this and that, bottled, compressed, infused, the list goes on. But, in the same breath one needs a prescription to have medical grade oxygen, does that make it dangerous, well anything too much would be but certainly when used intelligently, a resounding, no! You would assume then, to any person with the inkling of intelligence this would mean something? And in this sense people understand the difference, and why, because it is classified as medical oxygen, that's why! Makes it easy to tell the difference, doesn't it?

Now, I am a great believer of the KISS method, for those that do not understand, that means, "Keep It Simple and Stupid", well, at least that's what I remember it to mean and it does make sense in this crazy information world of ours. There is such a stream of information that we are bombarded with on a day to day basis, the less complicated something becomes, the easier it would be to understand. We really do not have time to hear long drawn out explanations on every little aspect of our lives so we depend on those more learned than us to give us bits, nuggets that we can swallow, so here is one from me, forget "ozone therapy" and think "medical ozone therapy", forget "ozone therapist" and think "medical ozone therapist", forget "ozone generator" and think "medical ozone generator"! In essence, when you hear or read about any ozone being used on humans or animals, or any person doing ozone of any sort on any living thing, just put the word "medical" in front of it so that we, you I and all other people on this planet do not confuse the two terms, simple, huh?

What we need to do is shift our thoughts away from that railroad track that we have been stuck on by the masters so that we can understand more about this world and the wonders that surround us day to day. This is true with the many materials that we encounter in an effort to better humanity. We had thought of alternatives with everyday objects and materials and used them differently with success, sometimes they were better than the original use. I bet if you really think about it you can picture many ingredients, objects, things, etc...with alternate uses, so I won't go through that. Please open your mind to a different reality, one of observation and examination, do not listen to those with vested interest, explore your unknown realities that exist. Should you listen and do this, you will find without doubt there is no object more important to explore for our health and well being than "ozone". But please be correct in your terminology and classify it as what it is, and that would be nothing other than "medical ozone"!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ozone Therapy Misconceptions

 Fortunate as I have been after being in the Medical Ozone field for the last 17 years and having myself thrust into building  three hospitals that serviced patients in ozone therapy, I still am finding new modalities and uses for this gas that we call Medical Ozone. It is very complex in nature and as well in science and it sometimes baffles me when I read stories and postings on the internet. Stories of unbelievable cures (not my words, don't like that word) that seem to be real.

To gain an understanding of all this one has to add equations to the subject at hand. These come in the form of a couple of things. One would be the person's physiology, another is the disease progression. Some others would be what other therapy the person was doing at the time, even geography has something to do with it. Who was doing the ozone therapy, what were they exactly doing, was the disease misdiagnosed, was a cure declared too early? Perhaps the more direct question would be, is it lasting or a transient effect? I don't know, maybe they are true and I am just putting words out there but our bodies are very complex in nature and it normally is a stretch to believe that in a short time anything will heal, it takes a while as the body has usually been in that state for a lot longer. This again is based on my opinion and what I have witnessed over the years.

This puts a very strange question out there, are we actually helping our cause or harming it by putting this information up? Yes, while it is true, in my opinion, that ozone therapy used for reversal of disease is the safest and best form of therapy to use, the real question is, how is the public to believe us if we do not clarify what we put up on the internet? You see, I think it is our duty to clarify what it truly is that ozone can do although I can tell you honestly that we really have not even begun to understand it's complexity even though all of us have been studying it for over 150 years. There are still some things to this day that occur and I am completely baffled as to how it can possibly be.

Now, do not get me wrong here, there is a lot of credible research on the net regarding ozone therapy and it's efficacy, like on Medscape and such. There are even two books by Professor Velio Bocci, even testimony on my own site that covers the potent efficacy of Medical Ozone Therapy. What I am talking about is the common man's testimony, reason I say this is that it would have you believe that since Joe Smith had his disease resolved so will you and that is just not the case. We are all different and being so must understand the issues I stated above, what works in a certain way with one may not work the same with another. This is the issue with Alternative Therapies, they do not work like drugs. They are in effect stimulating your own system to do the work, whereas drugs target some function and force it to do something or block something. In essence, because we are so vastly different, so is the effect and recovery in Alternative Therapies. This understanding is of paramount importance and must be clearly understood by the public and all that try to help in the aspect of healing, including professionals. 

You see, the real problem is Medical ozone Therapies acceptance as a true Medical Modality, if it were, there would be major studies in every university, ozone therapies would become the standard in every doctors office and every patient at some point would benefit to some degree. Ozone therapy would become so inexpensive that we could dispense it for free to those in lands that really have no source of income to make them capable and healthy human beings. It would be covered under insurance in other countries and obtainable to everyone. Drugs or most of them would no longer be in use, most surgeries would not occur and most cancers would as well be non-existent. No bad viruses, bacterium, parasitical infections, fungus gone. This would be a world much healthier and saner because ozone has the ability to even normalize brain chemistry as it does truly pass through the blood/brain barrier, where no drug is able to . Everybody would go in once a month, as I do and get their blood cleaned and purified keeping their immune system, organs, body and most importantly their heart in the best shape possible. Wow, think of what this would mean?

Oooops, wait, is that what the world really wants, is that what our leaders want, is it all an imaginary dream that I am relating, seems so, because at this point it has gone far past the point of frustration with me. Try as I might the powers that be just turn their heads and ignore the issues of success like they really do not care. Their illogical stance regarding ozone therapy is well, illogical. What has happened to us that we now do not even look at things that could possible save our life or give us better quality of life? If we are to ever become sick with God forbid something the world deems incurable, what then, would we then turn to ozone therapy, but what if then is too late, what if the body is so festered that nothing short of a miracle would be able to have it recover? It is nothing short of criminal to deny a person something that could potentially save them or at best give them a better quality of life, I do not think I am alone in that assumption.

Folks, we really need to smarten up here, because it is in our hands, you know, we do have the right to dictate what goes in our bodies and what we do with them, we still do have choice, we still do have the power to tell the governments that we want a better option to the one we have, we still have that voice where we can band together united and stand for a common goal. But I fear that we will not have that much longer, we get sicker by the day, our children are poisoned by the fast food and garbage products big business spews out day by day, not to mention vaccines and every other poison that inflicts our lives day by day. Be steadfast in your internal urge to do something, to say something to speak out because deep inside you I know there is a belief that it can be better, it must be better for the sake of us all. It is your right and duty to do what you can for your fellow man or for yourself before someone comes to you or one of your loved ones and utters those words that will make you shudder, "I am sorry but it's just too late!"