Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Let's Continue!

Where was I, oh yeah. So how did all this start, well, a while ago Medicine was taught as Hippocrates wanted and did it, healing was done with herbs, trees, roots, nourishment. It as all good, not much disease, sure people died but for normal reasons and not due to the poisoning that goes on today. Doctor's were healers not custodians or mechanics.

Then one day a group thought how can we make money on this, always the way something starts to get corrupted, the short story is of course they decided to build schools of accreditation, universities, Complexes, Research centers and everything you can think of. This mushroomed, no more like ballooned, since they already had the money and the power it was an easy thing. They trained and certified people to go out and preach this new modern type of medicine, but they needed to make money, so they thought, why don't we invent drugs to take care of the sicknesses that we name, sounded logical and as fast as they could name them they would invent drugs for them and there you have it, Modern Medicine is born.

But wait a minute they said, what if people don't get sick, so they started buying companies that produced anything relating to human consumption, their idea was that if they loaded us with enough pollutants they could use others to make us feel better and then keep it going until eventually our bodies gave up and at the same time funny enough went broke.

This may be hard to swallow for some but just think about this, the guy at the top of the heap, the one that takes in all the profit, has everything he needs and the only thing he looks forward to is his next jet or cruise ship, that guy, what do you thing he cares about. If you said you, well you are exactly what he wants for a client because you will buy into whatever he tries to sell you. Actually all he cares about is that house in the Hamptons, his Rolls-Royce, his wife's plastic surgeries and what is the most expensive Private school he can send his kids to. If it is going to cut into his finances he isn't going to Ok it. He depends on your health or rather unhealth to keep him going, he is not about to stop, in fact, he will only contribute to his own success which in turn contributes to your demise.

So now he has his troops thinking of ways to extract money from us while he marches us to our grave, his minions are all out there pushing drugs that are mostly ineffective if not deadly and all in the name of better for you, only choice, best that money can buy, passed by the FDA, Consumers Digest recommended, Top Scientists worked on it, Top doctors recommend it, Natural, Nothing Artificial, Organic, Pure, on and on and on......


Bill White said...

I agree, money corrupts things.

Adam said...

Yes, let's continue. Ozone therapy just gets better and better, haha.