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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Truth In Medical Ozone Therapy

Been away for a while so did not have time to post about anything. Decided to take my family to Kenya to meet their relatives, you see, my wife is of Kenyan decent and has a huge family there. It was also the place where I was fortunate enough to start my work with Medical Ozone Therapy. It was the place where I met my wife, in a pharmacy. She was a pharmacist there and I needed to purchase medication on a regular basis . . .  even more so when I set eyes on her obvious beauty, but that's another story.

The reason I tell you this is because when I came back from Kenya with my kids, my wife had decided to stay for another two weeks. I was not feeling quite well. I had at first thought it was from the excitement of the trip and all that travelling with two kids in tow, and of course I would have jet lag and a bit of exhaustion, so it was something expected and I would get over it.

The day after my trip I went to pick up my dog from the veterinarian where he was being housed while we were away. Only about five or so yards from our clinic  I had a very bad feeling set over me and decided to return to the ozone clinic.  Upon entering I found myself very breathless and kind of woozy so I sat down. I could hear our manager at the clinic talking to me but I really could not make out what she was saying, as if I was in a trance and about to go to sleep. Still trying to catch my breath and keep myself together I could see all sorts of commotion around me, a bit scary at first, but really I didn't think much of it. I was ushered to a bed and made to lay down.

After a while, I had found out that my blood pressure was 90/60 and my pulse was 130. For someone of my size and height, this was of course very alarming, so they immediately started to give me IV fluids in an effort to stabilize me. This worked and my blood pressure came up to an acceptable range, and my pulse came down, but not much. I needed rest I thought, and it seemed like I was very dehydrated.

The next day I noticed that even the slightest movement would make me go breathless, and I immediately made an appointment with a very skilled Cardiologist friend of ours to see what it was that was going on. After tests and scans, we had found that there were a host of issues, my blood profile was a bit alarming and the CT scan showed that I had a large abscess in my spleen, somewhat of a rare disorder but very deadly. We immediately set out to do what was necessary, which was to be 4 grams of broad spectrum antibiotics a day for three days, another 2 grams of antibiotics per day for another three days, and then 1000 mg. per day for three weeks.

Why am I telling you this story? It is very simple. I have wanted to write for a long time about the fact that it is not always right to choose alternative therapies with every problem that we encounter. Sometimes it is necessary to use pharmaceuticals first and then choose alternatives. The question of course that I had been given was, why did you not use Medical Ozone Therapy for your abscess? Well, Medical Ozone as powerful as it is, does not have the capability to get rid of this type of abscess as fast as antibiotics do. Since there was an urgent need that we could not satisfy without pharmaceutical intervention, we chose antibiotics. This is exactly the point that I am trying to make.

In this medical world of ours there are many modalities that can be used and many disorders that need to be treated, along with that, there are many variations in humans and it is never one treatment, or therapeutic principle, that will benefit all. Life does not work that way, and certainly Medical Science does not work that way. We must really come out of this either conventional or alternative, either carnivore or vegetarian mentality. This is not what it is about, it is about taking all into consideration and working on what is best for you, specifically and individually.

Though I am dedicated to the promotion of Ozone Therapies as one of the safest and most potent healing options available today, I also recognize that some individuals are unable to do MOT, and, as a result, other options must be considered, or other factors corrected, before ozone can be done. And in some cases, pharmaceuticals might be beneficial/needed.

There is nothing wrong with this line of thinking and any skilled doctor or practitioner should embrace it as it is probably a lot easier to make a person not only feel better but get to a state of health much faster than with and either or mentality. We are in a world where it seems that every modality has its own team fighting against the other. Alternative practitioners against pharmaceuticals, naturalists against conventionals, vegetarians against meat eaters. I sit back and ask myself why?

In my opinion, the answer is not in one or the other, the true answer is in all of it together. We must, for the sake of all that are sick and diseased, come together and use whatever means are at our disposal to cure the ills of mankind. We must all stop thinking that the way we know is the best, because we really do not know, there are more things to learn and more possibilities to examine. I have said this time and time again. My journey in the healing arts started about twenty years ago and every day I learn something new. Sometimes, what I learn shakes the foundation that my thinking was built upon and I have to re-evaluate.

The true calling to heal is not about a closed mind, it is about an open mind to accept all that we have on this planet.  There is much to learn, and even though we have found ways to tackle some of the major illnesses that exist, there will always be more and there will always be better. It has been that way since the beginning.

I encourage you to explore new thoughts, look at all options, do not be afraid of any modality that brings about a change in your thinking. It just may be the right one for you and may save your life or that of a loved one. Do not let financial gain, or stubborn thoughts, or what someone else taught you get in the way. I did not and that is why I am alive today and able to write this to you...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Real Goods On Medical Ozone Therapy

This time I think we need to focus more on the topic of  patients and their therapy. Please note that I am in no way making any claims, this is a blog and my opinion only...

We are all, at least in my opinion a walking disease factory and as such do need to take care of ourselves if we are ever to live to see the fruits of both our labor and our life on earth. The decision that every one of us has to make however is how we want to reach that golden age. Do we hobble into it or do we walk gracefully through, the eternal question?

This is or rather should be the topic of discussion in many circles and it is beyond my comprehension why it is not. For me, I would take being able to live a life of enjoyment through my old age instead of one in pain and suffering should be a no-brainer, yet I find most do not even start to think of this very important fact until they have a disorder that they can't control or a pain they can't get rid of.

What is it that you are thinking of? What is it that takes you away from your thoughts about your future years and leads you into a valley of despair? Do you not understand that each day you age is a day that you will never regain?

Many times I am forced to say no to people that want to come for ozone therapy because "It is just too late!" the form of Medical Science that we deal with is powerful I must admit but it does have it's limitations just like anything in life, there is a time when the body is in such a state that it is virtually impossible to bring it back. Yes, I know there are many on the internet that will tell you different, they promise you that you will feel like your were seventeen again, hogwash! The only way that you can feel that way is you are really seventeen and that only if you are a healthy seventeen and the way things are going I do not believe the seventeens are healthy anymore. Between fast food, booze and all the other vices, they are doomed to live older than they should and this is a travesty forced on us by the same idiots that run the drugs, look it up they are all in it together and tied in one neat package from our birth to our death, they control what we do and what we consume, but that's another story.

Anyway, what I want to get to is patient expectation, what do patients want, what is it really that is important in Medical Care, I am really confused about this. Many times, I receive patients and find that their expectations are a bit off the wall, they do not come to heal, they seem to come for various other reasons. Really, what is it that patients want and expect? I have changed the way I focus on communication for this very fact and have instead tried to clear the expectations before hand. Clearing the air so that all of us are in sync is paramount to any service group.

What I want to tell you now is the least we can do so that you can answer a question for me, why are people not beating the doors of Government to have this type of Medical Ozone Therapy as standard care in any hospital? Why are our Medical Ozone Generators not a part of every hospital and clinic? I do not want to get too technical and for those that need that type of thing feel free to contact me at, I will attempt to answer anything you need and if I can't I will get an answer to you rather quickly.

Our Specialized form of Ozone Therapies has the ability to clear all plaque and debris both from the circulatory system and the blood in any person that we do it on, anyone!. Did you hear that? Do you all understand the beauty of this? What this means is that any sort of garbage that you have managed to stuff down your gullet and collect with your filters in your whole system can be extracted by our form of Ozone Therapy. The ramifications of this one statement are nothing less than mind-blowing for anyone that has the capacity to think and understand what I am saying. This is just the tip of the iceberg, imagine if you will what that would mean to have clean blood, clear arteries, veins and capillaries, even the ones in your brain, yes brain, because Medical Ozone has proved in science time and time again to have the ability to pass the blood-brain barrier, something the mainstream medical drugs can't do. Ozone has the ability to even penetrate the bone marrow and encourage the growth of stem cells, yep, stem cells! This is the secret folks, this is the way things resolve in the human condition, are you getting this?

Cells repair occurs naturally because cells have the space to unload their garbage and that means that they become fresh and new, unchained from their constant fight for survival in that ever increasing toxic sludge we call blood. Look at the many pictures and videos that I have up, goes in dark brown or black comes our cherry red, this does not just mean it is oxygenated it means that it is as well cleaned. My blood now is practically the same color as it comes out but then I have maybe done this form of Medical Ozone Therapy over seven hundred times.

Now I do want to put up a bit of a disclaimer and only to say that we are all different and have many situations that require consistent work to resolve while others of us are in fact, quite easy, but this is something that in no way can be predicted until a full analysis is done and the therapy has started. You see, it is very hard to restrict Medical Ozone and have it do what you want it to exactly, it is an all around killer of anything foreign and there is no way on earth that someone can tell you the exact composition and location of all foreign bodies in your system, no matter what you read on the internet. Think logically, how would that be possible. Maybe Star Trek had the answer but not now, it is impossible. No one can predict that, no one, no matter how elaborate their machine or spirit or mind is!

So, to sum up what I am trying to say here is that there is a way to enhance what it is that keeps you alive for those that are not sick, there is a way for those that are slightly sick to get better and there is a way for those that are very sick to get better, do not be fooled by doctors that tell you different, they just do not know, not because they are stupid but because they are not opening their minds to the possibility of this incredible and unique form of Medical Ozone Therapy. Forever I remind doctors that by choice of profession they are scientists and they need to start behaving like scientists and not caretakers. We are not machines that need to be oiled and greased we are much more complex than that and the beauty of the way we maintain our health is in the fact that we can recover from anything that ails us, given the right tools and support, unless of course "It is too late!".

Monday, April 09, 2012

Here We Go, Under Fire!

It just perplexes me as to how many people do not understand what it is that we do and as such seem to think that they can discredit our work just by putting up false stories on the internet. But I guess this has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. Ridicule, condemnation and harassment. The pioneers of anything that has proven to be worth something in science all went through this, Tesla, Einstein to name a few, it comes with the territory I would assume and I guess I should be proud to be a part of such prominent figures.

We strive to make the best ozone units on the planet, we may be ahead of our time on this and maybe that's why the sour feelings from our colleagues, they did not think of it first. One must remember we have been practicing this type of science for the last twenty years, they are just beginning. Sometimes, clinical practice tends to teach us more than we want to know and we start to try and tell the world of our findings only to be bullied and harassed. It is a free internet after all and anyone can and will say what they like which is more the reason that all of you reading this should really study everything in detail before making a decision to believe.

Maybe it's because we figured out a way to shorten the process and they are trying to protect their interests, I have no idea but is that  not the same as what the pharmaceutical industry is also trying to do with all their subversive payoffs, toxic drugs and unlawful use of Government clout? One doesn't know where the enemy ends and the friend starts anymore...

The most repulsive thing that I can think of is when a person approaches you and says, " I have heard about you and it aint good." The first thing I want to do is correct their language but I tend to get over that. What I want to know is why in the name of all that is holy do these people that talk about you never approach you and confront their issues? To me it seems that either they have no backbone or they are full of BS, what else can it be. I hate to rant but it is such a big thing in our society today to talk behind someones back, have we really gone so low and so deep that we must talk about each other and not to each other.

So, the lesson today is, if you have heard something about someone, go to that person and tell them what you heard, you may be surprised a the answer that you get. Why carry around a mind full of thoughts that are there from someone other than the source? We are all here for a reason, we are all bound by some fabric that the great Universe decided would be our destiny and it is our obligation to respect each other no matter what we hear so let's try and do what's right. There are two sides to every story and there are also you may find stories that are stretched beyond their initial act, I am certain that any adult can relate to this and if not, you have been very fortunate and sheltered in this life.

I would assume that once this technology begins to move even more around the world there will be more frequent attacks on the character of everyone involved. Please do not listen to third party information, ask the source and be liberated of the shackles imposed in your mind by those that have nothing better to do but create stories to make themselves look good...

Whatever the reason for this insane manipulation of fact, let it be known now and forever that we are the originators of the modern day version of Recuirculatory Haemoperfusion RHP and Extracorporeal Blood Ozonation and Oxygenation EBOO and that we are the only body that is certified to do these types of ozone therapies. So, the next time you decide that you want to try this method on yourself, ask the person administering this not so easy therapeutic process if they are certified by our body or any of us to do this work and if their ozone units are certified by us. If they are not and do not have a certificate to prove it, do yourself a favor and run the other way as you will most certainly be putting your life in an untrained persons hands. And for you that are doing this treatment, not certified with ozone units that are not manufactured by us, please feel free to contact us so that we can put you on the right track for the safety of all concerned.

I welcome any and all comments...