Monday, January 21, 2013

Ozone Therapy and The Patient Care

I know that I have talked about this before but I want to go into this a bit deeper due to our experience with a patient that just left. The story is of value to both patients and practitioners, so I thought I would share it. It is a common occurrence and not something that happens only to Alternative folk, I am certain that conventional medicine as well will have their share.

This particular patient was referred to me by another practitioner in the UK. When I received the message I was told she had breast cancer, stage four, and had been treating herself. All she wanted, he said was immune stimulation and some treatment. I always ask for Medical reports, so  I have a clear picture of what  the patient is suffering from and their general status. The practitioner informed me that there were none, which is very rare, however I dismissed it as I knew we would do extensive testing when they arrived.

We didn't hear anything for a while, but eventually received an email from her husband.  We communicated a bit, but I still did not get much information. Eventually I spoke to the husband on the telephone. He told me she would need treatment and he was sending her very soon.  When I asked what her condition was and why the urgency, he simply told me that she was sick. When I asked if the tumor had broken through the skin, he said it was all inflamed. I said, alright, please send her as soon as possible.

Normally we do not take patients that are stage four and very sick, but to me this was not an issue as her husband and the practitioner had told me that she was mobile and OK.  I didn't think there were too many issues, It sounded like she was in an early stage as I had no indication from anyone that there was cancer anywhere else in the body. We made all the arrangements for her and were ready to receive her when she arrived some days later.

Once she was here, she was lethargic and had an odor, but I shrugged it off, attributing it to a long flight. I told her I would pick her up in the morning for her analysis and treatment. Once we started to do the studies and actually looked at her breast we found out that this was severely late stage and in fact the tumor had taken over not only her breast but had also crossed the mid line and was now creeping up her neck and into her throat as her tongue and gums were black. There was quite a lot of necrotic tissue and infection as well. The next day we sent her to have a scan done so that we would know the extent of her condition.

The scan came back and it showed us that the cancer had, as we suspected, gone into the other breast and throat, and there were also secondary’s in her liver and kidneys. I was utterly shocked and perplexed as to what we could do with her. When the blood report came back, we saw that she also  had a severe infection, probably due to the necrotic tissue on her chest that was black and full of puss. This was so bad that if you touched her breast at the top, the puss would seep out of the bottom. It was time to hospitalize her for a short while and allow the hospital to give her a round of anti-biotics to tame the infection.

Once at the hospital  I talked to the head doctor, a friend and his surgeon to see if we could at least remove some of the mass. They had a look and informed me that she would have to have her whole chest removed and as well two ribs that the cancer had infiltrated but that it would be impossible in her condition as she would never live through the surgery. I asked if they had any ideas and they said in this late stage, no.

This woman had come to us seeking help, what was I to do? Surgery was not a possibility, and even if we administered B-17, Vitamin C in high doses and everything else that we have for fighting cancer, would we have enough time? There was no possibility to use ozone therapy as her cancer was stage four + and the condition of her blood was not that good. I decided that it was time that I had a chat with her husband who was the one paying the bill for all this and found out some remarkable things, things that I think we all need to hear and pay close attention to.

He informed me that she had not been to see anyone about her condition at all, which I would assume meant that she had suffered in silence for a quite some time. He also told me that he found out about this three months ago and only because he had thought it was an infection and had taken her to have it looked at. To his amazement they informed him it was cancer. So he never knew, and, in fact, she was reluctant to even come to us, he had to force her on a plane. After talking for a while, he asked what we could do. I explained everything to him in detail and told him that this type of care is rather strenuous and time consuming and there was no guarantee that anything would come of it. At best we would ensure that she would not suffer. He asked how long she had and I told him about two months. Then the big question, "What will I get in return for my money?" I was stunned. I didn't know what to say except," I don't know." I explained that in cases like this there is no telling what will happen, if anything, but we have to try. He declined and hung up the phone. In my mind, I could only imagine what he was going through , I do not like to think anyone is anything but good, so I excused it as a reaction to the news about his wife.

She will be on a plane heading home tonight as I write this. We have ensured that she will be Okay for the flight. On the way back to the hotel, I had a long chat with her about a few things, which I will get to, but most importantly I will remember her last words to me. She said, "You can't do anything when someone is as sick as I am, can you?" I said, "No we can't." She said, "Well, I know that you are doing your best." With that she waved good bye and left me standing in a daze, disappointed that I let a life slip through my hands.

The points that I wanted to bring up are obvious, I hope. First and foremost is that anyone with anything that is of concern, please go to a hospital and have it checked out. She was afraid to go there, because she thought that the doctors would force her to have chemo. This is lunacy.  Please understand that the hospitals main job is to analyze your condition, and after that it is your choice as to the treatment you choose. Do not be afraid of the analysis no matter what you read on the internet. I believe that her reaction, and subsequent action was in relation to what she had read on the internet. She had taken it all as truth, so she was hiding, suffering, and not eating very much except a little raw food. There were many other issues, but it would make this blog too long, so I have omitted some facts.

This is a true example of what can happen if one believes what they read on the internet and if one does not seek a medical professional that they like to help them in their recovery. Had she done that at the stage that it was starting to show she most probably would have lived a lot longer, and the cancer would have only been a past memory. My heart is heavy, not only for her, but for those millions out there like her. If this story helps but one person, I will truly be happy. This is the main message.

To end, I have been accused of bashing doctors. Please do not make the mistake of misunderstanding my position. I mainly fault the wheels that run the doctors: the pharmaceuticals, the organizations and government entities who care nothing about human life, but only about financial gain. This is a story of a person that suffered because of this (and the many others that we do not hear about). So please, I say to all of you, if you have physical symptoms that you are ignoring because of fear, please get a diagnosis early. Don't wait until someone says, "It's just too late!"


Lemag said...

Thanks Peter, indeed it is controversial, I agree it is dissonant when we doctors ask people to go to the hospital seek help and reconsider swallowing their pill ... It is also psychologically stressing to know that something might save lives and be unable to deliver. We may be endure to reach the point of : "send the patient over our premises" and at that point we realize that (the food we eat water we drink and air we breath) (hopitals) are also diseased and concerns. cheer up it is never too late for case reporting << ozone therapy may be a self medication >>

Prof. Peter said...

Thank you Magdi for your thoughtful comment...

preeti said...

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Xyphien said...

Wow, this opened my eyes about the ozone therapy use. I never even knew that this type of stuff went on, on it.