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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fresh, Clean Water Anytime, Anywhere

The thought of having clean fresh drinking water has always been a dilemma. I know that even in my field it is of utmost importance when I am creating ozonated water for our patients and families to consume. I can never be certain of the source, bottled or any water I buy or use cannot be trusted as a reliable source, even the media agrees with that statement and they have now started talking about it everywhere.
We are all in a dilemma when it comes to having pure, fresh and clean drinking water for our needs. Most supplies around the world are contaminated and we have been forced to consume bottled water. Recently we have found out that this water is as well, unreliable. The bottles are a major issue due to their  disposal and how it affects the environment. Even the bottles, unless made of glass are a potential danger to your health no matter if they are BPA free or not. These bottles are distributed in open trucks and in extreme temperatures or held in storage facilities without temperature control. Scientists have noted that at 84 degrees Fahrenheit these bottles release toxins some of which are xenoestrogens  or mimicking estrogens. These toxic by-products have been related to breast cancer and many other diseases and disorders.

It has been reported that many bottled water companies lie as well about the purity and quality of their water and since it is impossible to check, bottled water goes out unregulated and is basically the same as tap water if not worse.
There are some ethical companies that produce real, pure bottled water, we have one in Malaysia with our Ozpure water but again the issue is that water is very difficult to ship across continents due to the cost. Just take a look at Avian water and it’s cost. To produce the same water in another country the start-up cost would be astronomical. Most people would not be able to burden that cost. Even if they did, it would be a long time before they would see any profit from their sales and distribution. This would also make the water prohibitively expensive to most of us.
So what’s the answer, well, really it is quite obvious, take the aspect of having pure, clean water in your own hands. It is the only way that we can be certain that the water we drink and feed our families is as it states. Certainly there are filters and gadgets that one can put into their homes to ensure the quality of their drinking water but again the expense really is more than most can shoulder. 
What if I told you that you could have all this in your hands at a fraction of the price that it costs to buy bottled water and that you could take water from any source and easily convert it to clean, fresh, pure drinking water? Yes, any source! You could travel with this in those countries where water is undrinkable and feel safe drinking it. It takes only a few seconds to do. So whether it be Mexico or Bali, just take it from the tap and drink it. Whether hiking in the mountains or in the jungle, any water source is usable with this method.

Click on the link below and see a video of what I did with swamp water. Start making water for yourself instead of depending on others to do it for you, take the power into your own hands and make your own fresh, pure, clean drinking water. There is no down side to this. If you follow what I have been trying to explain to you, not only will you have fresh, clean and pure drinking water in your own hands, at any time but you will also save the environment from those plastic bottles that do so much damage. It is our planet and we need to do what we can to help in its preservation. Take the power back in your own hands!

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