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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Epilogue

Continued from Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Part Four

As I had mentioned in the previous post, we continued therapy but there were issues. You see when one has major surgery, it takes a while for the body to start functioning again. This I relate to the fact that it is still in a state of shock. Added to that is the amount of sedatives, antibiotics and God only knows what else thrown into an already weakened system before, during and after surgery. Even though I am stronger than some, this felt like I was hit by a bus and recovering from the impact. At first I could barely talk, move or eat. I ate fish, milk fish and salmon because it did not bother me in any way and then introduced other food bit by bit and watched what effect it had on me. I was at one time a voracious eater, it looked however that those days are far gone now and I would have to not only curtail my consumption but watch what I eat and when. This brings me to another topic.

We are inundated by what we should eat and when, Internet sites and blogs are plenty, eat this, don't eat that, this is good, this diet, that diet and so on. Some advise is good and reasonable but when those that have adapted an eating habit, whatever it is try to bully you into their lifestyle using scare tactics or misinformation or cherry picking studies in an effort to have you follow their eating habits, it is all wrong. Just as in the therapeutical process, diet and lifestyle are an individual parameter and should be treated as such.There is no correct consumption menu for all of us, just as there is no therapeutic protocol that fits each individual. Considerations and aspects ascertain what we do, what we eat and yes, how we heal. There is no magic bullet and those that believe there is are living in a life of rainbows and unicorns. Forever society and those involved in medicine of whatever flavor try to shoebox the above, it just does not work. We are different and have to be treated in the same fashion, as individuals. For you in the healing field, if you do not see your client, patient or person and note their history and all other factors, genetics, environment, eugenics, to name a few before you decide to give advice, you are doing it all wrong and what you advise on may work for a while but will only be because you are forcing the body to react and not easing the body into healing. This is of paramount importance.

What we did with my situation is look at all aspects, my history, my heritage, every single aspect of my life to try and figure out what was wrong, what went wrong and how to correct it. Studying my eating habits, toilet habits was among the issues that we looked at. This is important because what goes in and what comes out is how one assesses what is retained.We would be incredibly naive to think that these two important factors do not come into the equation when one is trying to heal. By doing this you begin to realize what your body is retaining and what it is expelling. Also, important is how you feel, not right after you insert something in your mouth, although that may be a consideration as well, but how you feel in one hour, six hours, twelve hours and so on. This in an effort to adjust your eating habits so that what you consume does not consume you, get it? Yes, I know we are obsessed with the consumption of good things, the problem is that all those good things are flavoured with ingredients that do not exist and are made in a lab just for that specific purpose. No, in no way am I saying that you can't create good tasting food without using a lab experiment but it takes a bit of work to find it and use it. However, it is of significant value to your health and welfare, so isn't it worth that effort?

We used a combination of therapies on me, of course we used RHP Ozone Therapy as the main basis of getting my body back in shape but we also did a lot of fluid extraction because fluid build up in my case was a very serious issue. The aspect of bacterial infection was paramount in considering the protocol. Bacterial infection from ascites is common and it would have meant surgery again, problems with my blood and all other aspects would have made that dangerous and I was not about to let that happen so we trudged on and kept up the filtering of the blood, massive medical ozone infusion and the fluid extraction, all the time hoping and praying that I could at least recover some aspect of my life again. So here I was feeling old and very tired even at the best of times, not knowing whether I was to live or die, thinking about my life, my kids, my wife. This was certainly a time of reflection and I had to believe that I was to get better, if not for me but for my family. That's what goes through your head, is life worth it, what do you have to look forward to, have you finished what you wanted to do in this life, can you live like this, why me, why this, all those thoughts constantly in your face while you grasp every day and get up to do it all over again. A trying time, I feel for all of you that go through this, really I do.

Well, it was about March, mid-March I think of this year when out of nowhere I woke up and thought to myself, my belly looks rather small today, what the hell is going on? I asked my wife and kids, they agreed and we were all shocked, it was an overnight thing and certainly something that we did not expect. I went to see  my partner and he suggested that I go to get an ultrasound to see what was going on. I went to the hospital and the same radiologist that saw me shortly after surgery was there. He kept looking at me with a real weird look on his face. I started talking to him and he paused and looked like a deer in headlights. He looked at my chart and then back at me, he said that he could not believe it was me, how, he said? You were a mess the last time I saw you, what did you do, how did this happen, you do not look the same, I didn't recognise you at all. I started to explain the process but could see the glazed look in his eyes so I stopped short and got him to do his diagnostics. He looked at my spleen, said it was a bit large, we knew that would be, looked at my prostate, a bit large, no surprize there, kidneys, liver all good. Then the moment of truth, the portal vein, he put down his instrument with a shocked look on his face and said he can't believe it, I have a perfectly normal functioning portal vein. I said, no way, he said look! There it was on the screen, normal as normal could be, amazing!

The true test would however be when I go for my CT Scan and that was at the end of March, actually about two days after my birthday. The CT Scan guy as I had told you earlier was a friend and a professor so he was always warm and welcoming although i was not so happy to see him as I did not look forward to that feeling of drinking a liter or more of contrast liquid and having it shot into my arm at the speed of light, feeling that incredible burning pain so that he can read the CT better. No fun at all but I was excited to see what comes out in the scan seeing as the ultrasound was shocking, to say the least. Went in to the room, like a puppy being called out for misbehaviour, tail between my legs, had the shot and patiently went through the scan. We sat outside and waited for what seemed an eternity for the master CT radiologist to tell us what he sees. He called us into his room, he was always nice enough to let us into his cave where he analyzes all this stuff so he could show us what he was talking about, here it comes I thought, this is the defining moment in my life. This will dictate what happens in the future, was I scared, was I nervous, was I sweating bullets, you betcha!

We walked into his room and he had this unusual glow on his face, greeted us as he always does, very warmly and proceeded to talk. He said, I have no idea what you did and I really at this point do not care, my friend, but what I see it remarkable. All your veins are clear, portal, mesenteric and pulmonary, they are clear and functioning normally. Sorry, I took so long but I have never seen this before in a case such as yours, whatever you did, you did very well. He had known of our therapy and I proceeded to talk to him about what we did exactly and thanked him for his opinion and diagnostic brilliance. We walked out of there shell shocked, could it be, I thought? Things happen when you are very sick for a long period of time and all of a sudden someone tells you that you are ok, at first you really do not know how to react, disbelief is the first of the reactions, joy, the second then again doubt and disbelief and so on, vicious cycle.

The next day, we went to see the surgeon and give him the CT Scan, I had gotten over my disbelief and was now elated. I took the Scans and Ultrasound in my hand like a child that had discovered a new world and wanted to show it to his mother, proudly I went up to the surgeon's office and sat down, trying to tame the glee and side to side grin on my face. He said, as he normally does, so how are you doing. I burst out, because I couldn't hold my excitement back any longer. LOOK, LOOK, it's all gone, all gone, LOOK! Well, his excitement was not present at all, he looked at the reports, hummed and hawed and after a while said, who did the scan. The number one guy in Malaysia I said, he said, don't know him and I have my doubts. WHAAAAAT! what the hell is he saying, rightly so I was starting to get quite mad. The nerve of this guy, but I kept my cool and asked why do you say that? He said because it normally does not happen this way, so I doubt it but if you think that this is ok, then good I guess it has cleared up. That pompous, arrogant and words I do not want to repeat on this post. I kept calm, so what do you think did this, he said I guess it was the Warfarin. Now, remember some posts ago I wanted you to remember what he said. He had said that Warfarin will not clear the clots but will keep others from forming. I confronted him with that and he said well in this case it did. Again, that pompous, arrogant and words I do not want to repeat on this post. I asked, so you want to know what we did in case you have someone with the same issues, he said no, no need. That pompous, arrogant and words that I do not want to repeat on this post. Anyway after that I got up to say good bye and left. When we were leaving my wife said, you know he had his hand out to shake it, I said, he is lucky I didn't break it!

So, there you have it, the story of my personal health issues. I had wanted to write about this for a number of reasons, mainly to tell all of you that there is always hope, no matter what they tell you. Another reason is because you should always do your research, seek advice from the best around, do not look at one form of medicine, look at all of them. Decide for yourself what will work for you, once you have done so, stick to it and do not think that it will be easy or short. My issue was resolved with consistent and persistent therapy for 9 months and I am still cleaning it up, it is now 15 months in. I truly believe that one of the reasons that I am getting better and better is because of my obsessive nature, I do not go one day without doing what I am supposed to do that day for my health, no matter what occurs that day. This is my advise for you be consistent and persistent and it will come. In my years of doing this I find that people dabble in one therapy and then after a month or two go to another because they believe it is not working. Healing the body takes time, it will not happen as fast as you think it will, there are ebbs and tides in healing as well but if you are consistant and persistant,it will happen. Please do not listen to others, if you can keep it a secret, there is nothing worse than good  intentions from folk that care about you and because they do you may do as they suggest out of guilt or love, this is a mistake and may make things worse and most of all stop reading the crap on the internet from those that want your money. Read from blogs and sites that have no vested interest in extracting money from your wallet. I get so turned off by these sites that talk about the dangers of this or that and then show a product to cure it or that they are some sort of scientific brainiac that now has checked and concluded that the product they are trying to sell you is of the purest quality. While at the same time pushing conspiracies about the doom of the planet, aliens, meteors, riots and financial chaos and with every year telling us it will happen in the next few months. Why do most of you even bother to read it and support it, and if you choose to at least take it with a grain of salt, ok? If you re-read that you will guess which ones I am talking about.

My final message for you in this and all the other posts is that I truly believe that there is something for everyone out there to heal with but I just as much believe that something will not heal everyone so please do your research and understand that you may be human and have all the parts that the next guy has but your internal mechanism, chemistry and biological function is vastly different and individual!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Part Four

Continued from Medical Ozone Therapy Part Three

As you have read, it is a bad state of affairs at this point, surgery was done, quite extensive. I was told that I would have to remain on Warfarin (Rat Poison) for the rest of my life and that  would have a belly full of liquid (Ascites) for eternity that would have to be drained occasionally. As well, I am not able to consume more than 1.5 liters of fluid a day. To add, my portal vein, mesenteric vein and both pulmonary veins were as well blocked or thrombosed. Not to mention the DVT that had occurred long ago. So, here I was, not capable of much movement and feeling like I was pregnant, sloshing when I move due to the amount of fluid in my abdomen. My weight loss was dramatic, before surgery, I was 130 kilos and now I was 87 kilos, a loss of 43 kilos or 94.8 pounds, dramatic to say the least and all in about two or three weeks! It was at about that time that another issue came up.

You see, men when they are boys have testes that are up from their normal place and drop to their normal position when they become men, for that to occur there are holes that the testes fit in, those holes never really close so at times what occurs is that a man can develop an inguinal hernia. Quite simply put, if there is pressure on the abdomen, things can and will fall into that hole, intestines for instance and in my case. So, what happened due to the condition I was in is that as soon as I would get out of bed, my intestines would drop to my scrotum sack for lack of a better explanation. This, as you can imagine was quite uncomfortable and rather painful but again something that I did have to endure. The only solution is surgery and that was certainly out of the question. The fear was that I would strangulate my intestines making surgery inevitable, a stressful time, once again.

Please do understand that I am telling you all this because I do want to be clear about the extent and issues that occurred to me at that time. This by no means was an easy time and one that I certainly would not wish on anyone at any level. I can also tell you that when this does occur it changes you, as some of you already know and you either give in to it or you decide to take matters into your own hands and do something about it. We all have a breaking point and now, more than ever I do understand what patients go through, it's funny how that works...In a sense I am as much grateful for this as I am horrified, scared and confused by it all.

Those of you who know me well would understand my persona, I do not take things lightly and i do not stand by and let things occur. I had at that time decided that enough was enough and began to formulate in my head how I was to solve these issues. The only problem that I could not solve was which issue first. In my practice and work, I know that the human body is very generous in it's ability to heal itself if given the right tools, survival is what the body wants to do. The problem comes when we try to do too many things at once or give it more than it can handle. This I was well aware of and whatever I did I would have to concentrate on what I was trying to achieve and not give the body too many tasks.

Those of you that have been in similar situations know well what occurs first, you reach out to the internet and those that are close to you for help and information. This, at times makes matters worse because, well meaning as they are they give you a plethora of potions and lotions as well as instruments that you should use to put yourself back together. It becomes a huge task just looking and researching the suggestions. Most make the mistake and buy whatever suggestion is given to them, after all it is a life or death proposal so in panic we tend to eat, consume, probe, insert, and do whatever else to try and achieve some semblance of health.

Well, I did not do that. What I did is go back to basics and do some research. The two main issues that I saw were that I had to in some way unblock my veins so that the accumulation of fluid would not continue and the second part was that I had to ensure that the accumulation of fluid did not get out of hand. I ran this issue by my partner and as well by my good friends Robert Rowen and Howard Robins, all had a working knowledge of Western Medicine and Herbal, Alternative or Complementary Medicine. All were as well, leaders in their field on Ozone Therapy or Medical Ozone. The first suggestion was that I do Ozone therapy, well that was a no brainer as Medical Ozone does have the ability to repair and open up vessels as it is a vasodilator, we all agreed to that. The second was that I look into something called Lumbrokinase. Now this one stumped me, what the hell was that. So, off to the internet to search.

What I found was this:

Hwang CM, Kim DI, Huh SH, Min BG, Park JH, Han JS, Lee BB, Kim YI, Ryu ES, Kim JW. "In vivo evaluation of lumbrokinase, a fibrinolytic enzyme extracted from Lumbricus rubellus, in a prosthetic vascular graft." J Cardiovasc Surg (Torino). 2002 Dec;43(6):891-4.
Ji H, Wang L, Bi H, Sun L, Cai B, Wang Y, Zhao J, Du Z. "Mechanisms of lumbrokinase in protection of cerebral ischemia." Eur J Pharmacol. 2008 Aug 20;590(1-3):281-9.

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Kasim M, Kiat AA, Rohman MS, Hanifah Y, Kiat H. "Improved myocardial perfusion in stable angina pectoris by oral lumbrokinase: a pilot study." J Altern Complement Med. 2009 May;15(5):539-44.

Sun H, Ge N, Shao M, Cheng X, Li Y, Li S, Shen J. "Lumbrokinase attenuates diabetic nephropathy through regulating extracellular matrix degradation in Streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats." Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2013 Apr;100(1):85-95.

Sun HL, Jiao JD, Pan ZW, Dong DL, Yang BF. "The cardioprotective effect and mechanism of lumbrokinase." Yao Xue Xue Bao. 2006 Mar;41(3):247-51.

There is lots more if you Google it but it was enough for me to order it and start consuming large quantities of it. Not many side effects, made from worms but safer than most things, especially Warfarin. Hell, what did I have to lose. So, that was to take care of the blockage in my veins, I thought, but was it enough?

I would as well tell you all that I was ingesting in the way of supplements, diet, etc..., but I truly think that at this point it did not have much bearing on my issues. I also do not want to hear from well meaning people that I was doing it wrong, what vitamins, supplements, MLM and all that other advice that I normally get. That is an issue that we are unfortunately placed in as well when sick. You see, I believe that we as humans for the most part are so constricted that we do not have the time to do the research or really do not believe that we can understand what it is that we are trying to figure out about our health. So instead, we go to the internet, friends and so forth, in an effort to gain an understanding of what we should do. What we do not understand and I can't stress this enough, is that we are all unique. It is not necessarily true that what occurred with one of us will occur with another. The Roman poet Lucretius wrote, "One man's meat is another man's poison." No truer words were said, and this would apply in health more than anything. We continually search for testimony about how others got well but do not understand that we may be doing ourselves harm. More on this later on.

My eating habits at first were dramatically changed, I did not consume much, couldn't, I found that in the beginning after surgery, I was in so much pain that normal pain killers were of no use. I tried oxycontin and although it made me so numb that I did not care about the pain, it gave me a side effect that I did not like. It made my testes the size of grapefruits, not very comfortable! My main diet was a little piece of fish, could not eat much else, vegetables were out of the question as gas would kill me, the pain was intolerable and I would cry like a baby at night and during the day. Some episodes were so bad that I would wish I had died in surgery, I kid you not! In any case I had to endure. I asked the surgeon why this was all happening and he said that normally after abdominal surgery, the intestines, bowel, etc.., go to sleep and wake up after a while. When, I asked? He said, different for everyone. Great, so here I was writhing in pain, with nothing much of a pain killer, eating little portions of fish which in the beginning was Milk Fish as it is the fish that babies eat and easily digestible. 

We then decided that it was time that I do RHP Ozone therapy but with a twist, we were going to use low dose Medical Ozone and at the same time try to suck as much fluid out of the blood as we could. In theory if you dry the blood, fluid will be displaced and go from my abdomen to replenish. So, we decided a good level would be 20mcg. of ozone and try to at least extract two liters of fluid. We would do this weekly or so, but to make certain that enough fluid would come out we needed a diuretic. Well, I am not that fond of those, seeing as they can lead to a host of issues so we had to find one that was herbal or natural, which we did and I tell you it worked like a charm. I would get anywhere from 1-2 litres of fluid taken out of me plus a huge amount of Medical Ozone added to my blood and on top of all that we were able to use this diuretic and have me pass at least another two liters of fluid. I did go on this therapy, but there was a problem with that as well...

Monday, September 30, 2013

Ozone Therapy and Common Sense Part 1 - Cancer and pH

Lately, I have been inundated with emails, more than the normal ones, about the use of ozone in medicine by my colleagues and friends across the world. In particular, the use of RHP ozone therapy but as well all use of ozone therapy. The questions are numerous and vary from complaints to absolute shockers.

I guess maybe I should be grateful that our advanced form of therapy has gained notoriety in many of the ozone circles but it does offend me personally and professionally when therapists out there decide that they can just put together a unit and do the type of therapy that we do without any experience and training whatsoever. It is even more offensive when a therapist takes on the task of using ozone on a patient when he or she has only taken a weekend course. I would assume that because they have MD or what have you, credentials, they truly believe that it is enough for them to practice medical ozone therapy but this is far from the truth and I believe it is time all this is addressed.
Ozone Structure

In this series of posts I will try to address the main issues and answer most questions in regard to ozone and it's use in the medical field. I know or at least believe that some will be offended at what I have to say and I may be putting myself out there to be crucified by some but I only want you, the public to understand the truth about ozone therapy in science and practice. It is crucial to our well being that we understand the capabilities of this wondrous molecule as well as the setbacks of it's use. Challenge me if you will but you all know that what I will put in this blog is scientific and factual.

To understand why there is so much confusion in the use of ozone one must first understand the reality of commerce and finance. I am not in any way making a judgement call here but please note that all of us in the field, while we believe that this is the best form of therapy do make a living from it and as such have vested interest in what we say and do. Money and finance have a way of clouding both our integrity and our desire so much so that we tend to forget why we started this in the first place. Then there are some that see this as a cash cow and just get into it because they can make a decent living, jump on the band wagon if you will. The problem here is that if and when ozone therapy becomes mainstream, and it will, all this will come out and in effect hurt ozone and it's use. So let me be the first to unveil the mystery that surrounds it and separate the false beliefs that are being put out to you, the public. I will try and cover all this in later posts.

There is no better place to start talking about any form of oxygen therapy than with Otto Warburg. The claims regarding poor Otto are so vast that they have now taken on a life of their own. Let's clear up who Otto Warburg was
After all, most oxygen/ozone people hang on to his words like they were inscribed in stone. You will see this on almost any website that has to do with any oxygen therapy, here's the quote, "Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by fermentation of sugar [anaerobic respiration]." This was a good theory in 1931 I believe it was, but there have been quite a few advances in science since then and things have changed a bit. Besides, he did not say that if you introduce oxygen into the body, cancer will die.

Otto Warburg did not receive the Nobel for this as many claim. Don't get me wrong, Otto was a brilliant man but we need to really look at what he did, said and believed in a true light instead of grasping on some words and using them to justify our use of ozone in cancer. This is much the same as the theory that you can change your internal pH to kill cancer cells, it just will not happen. Cellular pH is regulated in the body and protected, to change it would be lethal. Many tissues of the body are naturally acidic. Yet this does not make them cancerous. The above statement can also be proven false by the fact that acidosis occurs during normal exercise, holding one's breath underwater, swallowing some poisons, during diabetes and COPD, etc. Still none of these are causes of cancer.

I could go on about this and talk about the low oxygen level maintained by cartilage, yet not cancerous or the fact that cancer tumors release vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) to allow it to create it's own blood vessels so that it would receive more oxygen than healthy tissues. You see, cancer proliferation is dependent on sufficient oxygen levels. What I am trying to say is that we really have to start coming to grips on all this and understand that if you use a theory from over 80 years ago to substantiate what you are doing in the scientific front you had better do your research to see if there have been any advancements in that theory. Just think of what it was like 80 or more years ago and what we believed to be true, things have changed, science has progressed in leaps and bounds.

If we are to do anything in the field of ozone therapy and progress this science further in both research and medical use we need to come to the present and use sound theory as its base and not something in the past. Not only will it be a dangerous proposition to rely on past science to treat the conditions that come up in today's world but as well ineffective and it will only fuel the fire that our detractors have it to label us charlatans, snake oil salesman or what have you. What we do must be based on true factual scientific theory and fact that can be explained and re-created. Not a hypothesis that is outdated and easily proved to be inaccurate. After saying all this let me add that some ozone therapy does seem to help in some cancer but as I have said in past posts only in the lower stages and combined with a well thought out complete therapy. All this to me is just, ozone therapy and common sense!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Ozone Therapy RHP - Why Is It Superior?

RHP Unit
There have been many requests over the years from the public regarding our form of RHP Ozone Therapy and most are to do with the simple question, why is it superior? So, in this post I will outline some of the facts as to the technology and methods so that they are clear and understood by all those interested.

It may first be important to explain what common ozone therapy treatments are, these are by no means a comprehensive list but are the ones most used around the world:

Direct Injection
Ozone IV or Direct Injection. This method is generally done with a 27g. butterfly needle and 20 - 50 cc's of ozone gas infused directly in a vein at a normal rate of 1 - 2 cc's a minute. This is the correct way of doing it and the safest method. From what I know most do not do it this way due to time constraints or for other reasons only known to the therapist him or her self.

Ozone MAHT or Major Autohemotherapy. This method is done by taking 200 - 250 cc's of blood from a vein, mixing it in a bag or a jar with the same amount of ozone and a bit of heparin, then re-inserting it in the vein. Again this is the correct method although some physicians tend to change the amounts or ratios.

Ozone Minor Authemotherapy is the other method, where there is a small amount of blood 3 - 10 cc's taken out and mixed with ozone then re-inserted intramuscularly

Ozone Rectal Insufflation or RI. The aspect of rectal insufflation is primarily to use a standard catheter and introduce ozone into the rectal area, normally in this method 200 - 1000 cc's are used and held on to for about 20 min. or so. Then it is released by the patient, as well, an ozonated water enema can be done prior to this method.

Ozone Vaginal Insufflation or VI. Like the above, a catheter is used to inject in this instance anywhere from 500 cc's and above into the vagina. Again an ozonated water vaginal flush can be done previous to this application. Unlike the colon, the vagina can receive much more of a volume of ozone so there are different amounts and methods used.
RI or VI Set

Let me be clear that these are general explanations and are not to be used for therapeutic purposes, they are only being used by me as a comparison. There are far too many variables of these methods being used, right or wrong, good or bad and anything in between is really not the issue or my purpose for naming and explaining them. There are as well many, many others.

Let me now try to explain why our method is superior, safer and more efficient:

We take a large gauge needle and insert it into a vein in each arm of the body, then we attach blood lines, one in and one out. In the middle there are two instruments used, one is a pump that moves the blood from one arm to the other in a loop so we are basically just interrupting the normal blood flow. The other instrument used is a specially designed filter rated at .22 microns. This filters has many functions, one is to mix the blood and ozone, another is to filter out unnecessary components in the blood such as urea, creatinine  uric acid, etc... (see here for a complete list This filter also acts as an escape for the excess oxygen and ozone that is not used by the blood. Since the blood can not pass through the membrane it is not affected in any negative way and only oxygenated and cleaned of all viruses, bacteria, parasites, well as excess materials stated above and on the link provided. There is as well a minimal amount of heparin used in this process so as not to have blood coagulation and as well to ensure viscosity while sending blood from one arm to the other.

Here are some of the advantages of our system. There are far too many and would take up more space than I have. So, here in my opinion are the major ones:

This method of ozonation takes one to one and a half hours to complete, in that time we ozonate or rather activate a minimum of 35 cc's of blood a minute and a maximum of 75 cc's a minute. Now if one considers this and calculates the total amount of blood activated it would be equal to doing one minor autohemotherapy every minute or one direct injection every minute or one major autohemotherapy every three minutes and so on. Quite a remarkable concept considering that it is not possible to do these other therapies more than once every couple of hours, days or what have you. If we total this all up and use an hour as our base, it would come to the equivalent of 60 minor autohemotherapies or 60 direct injections or 20 major auto hemotherapies in one session.

Waste Container
How is this possible, well it is quite simple really, one must remember that we have an outlet for all the gases to escape so we are not introducing any gas into the system, we are just creating the reaction that ozone is known and used for while in any other application, the ozone and oxygen is first introduced into the body and then body has the job of dealing with it. This, then enables us to use more ozone and higher concentrations than in other ozone therapies safely and effectively.

There is as well a safety feature included in our method that others may not know about. In conventional ozone therapy applications one must observe and test the antioxidant level of a patient to understand what or how much the patients body or blood can withstand. Since ozone works on oxidative stress this is quite important so as not to unduly stress the body, system, blood. This is crucial to a successful therapy. In normal operation this is not done as it is an expensive test and one that almost all therapists do not do. In essence all applications using the standard method ignore this one crucial aspect and hope that damage does not occur to the patient or the blood. It is debatable if this is correct and not something I want to get into discussing at this point in time.

We, however have an easy solution to this, you see, in every application there is a waste disposal unit that is made of clear plastic, this disposal unit serves many purposes, one very important purpose is that it quite simply enables us to see and gauge when the patient has been either introduced to too much ozone or a concentration of ozone that is too high just by looking at the waste apparatus. Once we see any change in color, normally pink, we know that the blood has started to break down and we can decrease the rate of ozone or decrease the concentration, in either case the waste will again return to normal color. This method enables us to see changes in as little as 1 - 2 cc's of blood so that there are absolutely no issues encountered or created, this can not be done with conventional ozone therapies and would be unknown until a problem occurs later down the line and in some cases too late.

Another consideration in this therapy is the ability for our advanced units to safely and effectively squeeze the excess fluid from the blood and in effect drain the body of any water that has been retained for whatever reason, this is especially useful for those patients with water overload, retention, uric acid, gout, etc...and is the only safe form of water extraction when diuretics fail to do their job or are not used for whatever reason. we can also visually gauge what comes out of the blood and at times this is very useful in diagnosing a patient's condition.

The White In The Tube Is Plaque
Finally, the aspect of filtration is a major advantage to our method. As I had mentioned above many unwanted components in the blood are filtered out. In the number of years I have researched this therapy, I have seen plaque removed in every case, I have seen black soot and almost everything you can imagine come out of the tubes and into the waste container. This in itself is remarkable because the body is incapable of removing these components by itself and this is the only method capable of doing this form of mechanical chelation. This means that even if you are having normal ozone therapy done and don't get me wrong, ozone will inactivate all this and try to remove it but in conventional ozone therapy it would mean that your filters, liver, kidneys etc, would have to do the work. In our therapy it acts as the filter of the body and safely extracts all this through the blood and out to the waste container or at times into the filter, safely and effortlessly. 

The question that you must be considering is, why then is this method of blood ozonation not standard in ozone therapy? Well, the answer to that or rather the simple answer is that the health authorities have not fully yet even embraced ozone therapy let alone our advanced form of therapy. So then why do ozone therapists not use our form of therapy around the world, would be the next question? I would assume it is for a couple of reasons, mainly because it is a lot more expensive to start RHP ozone therapy than it is to start basic therapy to be one consideration. The other would be that it is more of an invasive therapy and most are not equipped to handle this advanced procedure or that they are just scared of the retribution of the powers that be. As well, in this field we do have those that are the so called guardians of ozone therapy or would structured associations be a better word? In these organizations as in any there are die-hards that already have a vested interest in the application, creation and peripherals used for standard ozone therapy and have invested large sums of money into their creation, introduction and application. As with any type of business and this is a business, switching any modality would be a loss of income and I suppose they are just not willing to do that. Do they know about our therapy? Of course they do, they are well aware of what it is and have followed it from inception but as yet have not come forth, save a few to ask any questions. They have however tried to copy it and unsuccessfully I might add. 

This therapy that we have created, tested and perfected is true medical science and in our opinion makes any other ozone based therapy inferior, while there are uses for the other therapies, ours should be the standard in all ozone therapy and the one used most often while the other less effective and minor therapies can be used as  additions, this is the way it should be if we are ever to progress in the use of ozone therapy but as in every case,progress is slow because people are reluctant to listen and change their ways of thinking. 

It could as well be that this type of therapy is a bit complicated to master. It is quite simple to learn how to use but there is a lot of analysis needed and as well a lot of training in it's correct use. Many that come to us are overwhelmed at the intricacy and level of science needed to perform a successful therapy and are perhaps a little intimidated by all of it. In our opinion it takes a therapist at least two years of clinical application to be certain and confident. In that time they would be able to analyze and correct whatever disorder they come across. It may be much but then we are talking about saving lives and correcting disorders that medical mainstream does not have any answers for. Looking at it in that aspect, whatever it takes to achieve this goal is worth it.

Maybe this post will rattle some chains or shake some trees and just maybe other prominent open minded ozone therapist that truly care about humanity will take a look at this and be enticed to at least think about starting to use this far more advanced form of ozone therapy. If that should be the case it will in fact create a snowball effect and contribute to our research in making this even better and then one can only imagine where we would go to create an even better form of healing using Medical Ozone Therapy.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ozone Therapy Advanced FAQ

In an attempt to  dispel rumors and misinformation on advanced ozone therapy use this blog will try to answer questions that I have been asked over the years. There is so much information on the internet and sometimes it can be quite confusing for most people. What one must understand is, just as in anything, do not believe what you read until you can verify it. We must all remember, our society is based on money not good intentions. As much as we should all object to this mode of living, it is what it is...

If any of you think of anything that you want an answer to and I have not covered it, please feel free to ask by commenting below, in fact, if you disagree comment as well. For us to be a society that truly believes in having the freedom of choice, it is essential that we have all the facts, good and bad, enabling us to make the right choice for us individually.

1. Does ozone therapy cure as many diseases as they claim it to?

This is a very difficult question to answer. In my vast experience, I can say that not one individual in the many thousands that we have treated that has not had some form of benefit from Ozone therapy when it is done correctly by a well trained ozone therapist. By well trained, I mean one that not only knows ozone therapy but, is also familiar with all aspects of the body and can read into the testing of the bodies parameters when analyzed by a lab. This must include observation of the patient as well. These points are critical and must be observed in successful ozone therapy treatments. At times, diseases can be reversed, at times it can be regulated and at other times it can be helped, This therapy is not a panacea or a magic formula, it is true science and should be understood as such and nothing else.

2. What are the differences between normal ozone therapy and advanced RHP ozone therapy?

 Anyone who has studied ozone therapy and it's many applications has read that our form of ozone therapy is known as the best, there is no arguing this fact. The problem that most face is why is it the best? Well to explain this in simple terms, I must first say that really there is no comparison as it is a completely different process. You see, in conventional ozone therapies such as direct injection, saline infusion, insufflation, major and minor autohaemotherapy and any others. The body is filled with ozone in many ways and forced to absorb the ozone into the blood, this process creates chemical reactions inside the body and creates waste products that need to be excreted by our many filters, kidneys, liver, etc...To add, these processes do not enable us to infuse more than a small amount of ozone at a time. This due to the conversion of ozone to usable components and as well the excretion of waste coupled with the ability of the body and it's components to tolerate ozone's powerful effects.

In our method, we circulate all of the blood and at the same time ozonate and filter it. The body in this case is not forced to both withstand the reactions created not filter the waste, it is all done outside and what goes back is fresh, ozonated, filtered blood, nothing else. There is another point, valid or not, it is but a theory that I am working on. When ozonating, the ratio is typically 3-5% ozone and the rest is oxygen, I am still not certain whether the 93-97% oxygen put into the body is beneficial. Of course in our method, this does not occur as all extra oxygen is released. Due to this method we are able to safely infuse a higher concentration than typically recognized as safe and much more ozone into the system safely and effectively. All in all, a much more effective means of ozone therapy than all the rest.
Clean blood versus dirty blood
Clean Blood Versus Dirty Blood

3. I have a friend who told me that there are others using RHP ozone therapy.

Yes, as with anything else we do have copycats trying to create RHP in their own way and attempting to do it without the proper training. I want to make myself perfectly clear here. This is medical science and not something that can be understood by a lay person or attempted by someone untrained in it's use. It should be avoided if the ozone therapist or clinic/hospital is not certified or substantially trained in it's use and I do not mean a during a weekend seminar. Our training involves a multitude of courses over a long period of time. This method of healing is very intricate and as such needs to be taught by those that are trainers and educators in this field. A good part of knowing what to do with ozone is based on experience and observation and for that experience is the best teacher. Be wary of those that have just started or that have tried to copy our method. You may wind up worse than when you started and in critically ill patients, this could be disastrous. Should you encounter any of these instances, please feel free to contact me for an opinion or a review of either the person claiming to do this therapy or the establishment that you are in contact with.
RHP ozone generator
True RHP Ozone Unit

4. How safe is this therapy?

Safety of ozone therapy has been tossed around the internet for quite a while and I read many of the citations that exist. The use of ozone therapy has been around for at least a century, unfortunately however, there have been no safeguards to assure accuracy and benefit. In any therapy there are risks, even with a skilled ozone therapist. I can say however that this is the safest form of medicine that exists in the world today. Having said that though, it does not mean that it is completely safe and one should exercise caution by reading and understanding what I have stated above and in my many blogs.

5. Is this Alternative Therapy?

Although we, as ozone therapist have jumped foolishly on to the alternative Medicine heading, this is not what ozone therapy is. Ozone therapy and especially advanced RHP therapy is in fact, a true medical modality and should be recognized as such. We hope to have that happen in the near future, it is our course and our aim.

6. Why is it so expensive?

Traditionally all forms of medicine are funded and researched by the pharmaceutical giants, government grants and such, they are as well covered by insurance. The only people that truly understand the low cost and value of ozone therapy are the ones without insurance as they are the ones that have to pay full price for their treatment. In the world, I can state that above any other true medical treatment, ozone therapy is by far safer, more effective and less expensive than any other. If one was to take a close look at all these parameters, there is no doubt in my mind that they would come to the same conclusion.

7. Why is it not accepted and available?

The world of medicine is dependent on, as with everything else, financial gain. There is no financial gain with ozone, it can't be patented and t is a cure unlike the medicine of today that merely puts off disease or creates other issues. As well, should the world embrace ozone therapy, most researchers, societies and grants would disappear and there would be less dependence on surgery and most drugs would be of no use. This would create financial kayos in our money dependent world. All these institutions I have mentioned also pay taxes, fueling the government coffers and no government at any point in time can afford to lose the fuel created by them. Simply put, the financial system in itself would suffer immensely should ozone therapy be common. Remember it is not about lives it is about money and the creation of it that fuels our economy, it's that simple.
Just in the US
I hope that I have answered some of the questions that need an answer, please feel free to ask any others that you may have so that we can establish a true and safe understanding of what is Medical Ozone Therapy.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Truth In Medical Ozone Therapy-Epilogue

I am deeply touched at the outpouring of concern and interest in the last blog about my illness and my fight to resolve it. I want to update you all on what happened, and how I was brought back to good health. It was a scary experience for me, and one that I will not forget. As you may have read in this post here , I quite suddenly became dangerously ill, and it was discovered that I had a large abscess in my spleen. At that point, I was given the choice of surgical intervention to aspirate the bacteria causing it, or to  go on heavy antibiotics. Ozone Therapy was not an option as sepsis was already occurring and we had to move fast. While ozone therapy is the best form of therapy, as far as I am concerned, it would have been too slow, in this particular situation. Time was running out and my blood tests indicated a grave issue.

I was put on four grams of broad spectrum antibiotics, which is quite heavy when you consider a normal dose is 250-500 milligrams for infections. To say that I felt sick from all the antibiotics would be an understatement. I lost considerable weight and could not function or move without gasping for breath; this went on for about a month until my next ultrasound. When the test came in that my spleen had shrunk, we immediately started using RHP Ozone Therapy  and Major Autohemotherapy.

Most of you know what RHP is, but for those who do not, it is well explained on Major Autohemotherapy is a process where you extract about 200-250 mls. of blood into a bag and add medical ozone to it at a normal concentration. You then mix the two and return the blood to the patient. With me, however, we did it differently. We did take out about 200mls. of blood, but we mixed it with 250mls. of medical ozone at a concentration of 100 mg/l (which is pretty high), and we did it three times a day for two weeks. This would mean that I was absorbing 750mls of ozone at a concentration of 100 mg/l a day.

Even with such high doses, the change did not occur instantly, which is the point I want to make in this post. It took awhile for us to see the results of our efforts,  but, certainly and surely, in two weeks we saw the difference, both in me and my blood profile. Everything was coming back to normal, I looked like myself again, I felt wonderful, and my health was restored,. Of course this was by no means a scientific test, and it was not meant to be one, but I think it is important to report the facts of my recovery as I witnessed it.

One must be clear and understand the process involved with ozone therapy. Ozone is a gas that is absorbed by the haem of the blood (or red blood cell). It then creates a number of subspecies and chemical reactions in the body. More on this at for those of you that are interested in reading about it. These reactions, although intense, need time to change the parameters of the blood,  lymph fluids, and tissues, etc, which isn't always obvious immediately.

At times, people have argued with me about this; swearing that they have felt something. Ozone does enhance serotonin levels in the brain giving a feeling of euphoria, it eats fat and  sugar,  and also opens up blood vessels. As a result, the average person will feel some positive things in their body, however, these are transient. Actually changing the disease state takes time to occur. If you are not willing to be patient and allow ozone therapy to do its job do not choose it as a therapy. The time it takes is different for all of us and depends on the person, the disease and the progression of the disease; please be clear on this.  I can guarantee you, however, that if you give it time, and have a well-trained Ozone Therapist doing the job, you will be more than satisfied at the outcome.

I want to make the point again that Alternative Therapies and Ozone Therapy do not need to be the only choices in your health regimen. Integrating the two, so that they work together (as we did with my illness and recovery), should be considered.

Your goal is recovery, right? I encourage you to be wise and consider all your options, and use all the tools available to you to help yourself stay alive. Certainly if I, Professor Ozone, chose to forgo ozone therapy as a the sole solution for my emergency health challenge, you can also consider all your options for healing, and do what is right, for you, to get yourself back to good health.

I know that I am repeating myself, but I really want to get the point across that in some cases it can be dangerous, or life threatening, to not make use of allopathic options. There are many ways to conquer disease, and many modalities that can and should be used to do this. Please for the love of all of us listen to what I am saying and do what is necessary to cure yourself of the diseases inside you. Do not listen to either camp when they bash the other, find the guy that talks about both and is willing to use all known therapies to help you regain your health.

If you have any questions or comments, please speak up regarding this very important topic.

The next blog post will be back to normal. Be watching for it, as I have some interesting developments to talk about. Till then...