Friday, July 25, 2014

Ozone Therapy and Common Sense Part 3 - Let's Clear The Ummm, Air...

At this time and in this post I feel it necessary to clear the air about some statements that I have made in the past and will be making in the future. It surprises me to no end to see how many people have nothing to say about a post that talks about healing but as soon as you rattle someone's belief about ozone therapy and what it can do, they rebel as if they were villagers hunting for Frankenstein. Please do not misunderstand me, Medical Ozone is the most important discovery in the last 150 or so years, that is without doubt. My issue is not with this wonder of nature but with the people that advocate it, use it, talk about it and in what manner. So, let me deal with these issues one at a time.

First would be the advocates of ozone therapy, many of which have never experienced any form of clinical use of ozone or are straight academics and know what they know from study and research. Second are those that take weekend courses, mostly doctors, and let their ego's dictate forcing them to believe that they know all there is to know about ozone use. Third are those that are wanna be ozonist that read books by authors that have no clue about ozone and buy an ozone unit to use on themselves while spewing information on what one should do with ozone on websites and blogs. Lastly are the true ozonists and pioneers of this technology, the clinician that works with medical ozone hour to hour, day by day.

The academic is the person that can tell you in detail what ozone does, it's composition, it's interaction and anything that you would want to know but his knowledge is limited to textbook analysis unless he or she have a highly equipped lab and many subjects to work on. Even then, he is limited by law as to what he can and can't do because of ethics committees and such that control what you can do with humans in research. So, his or her research would be biased and unreliable as it is limited in scope. I do not advise that you follow their recommendations or theories because of these factors. I would advise however, that you do read the research because it will tell you a lot about ozone and its function, but stay away from believing the conclusions for the above reasons.

Next we go to the guy that has taken a weekend course from some self-proclaimed ozone guru and bought the ozone generator he recommended so that he can easily do treatments in his clinic, office, what have you. These guys receive the basics of ozone and some in-depth stuff depending on the facilitator and his knowledge of ozone. This is not true in all cases but I can only think of a couple of trainers that I would trust. These students of ozone believe that they can use it successfully because they have been practicing medicine for a long time and relate it to their knowledge of medicine, not understanding that ozone therapy is a completely different ball game. The emails that I receive from patients, the horror stories that I receive are normally from this type of individuals use of medical ozone. You see, once they finish the course they are sent out with general instructions on what to do with a particular disease but this does not work. Why? Well, simple really we are not all the same in our composition and while we may have the same disease there are many more factors that need to be considered. Biology, race, creed, age, gender all have to be evaluated before we attempt to use ozone.

The wanna be probably the most dangerous of all these. This is the guy or girl that has searched the net or read books on ozone. Used ozone therapy on themselves and healed whatever condition they have so now they believe that they can heal the world in the same manner. They go on the net, blogs, forums and dispense medical analysis of a condition and how you should treat it. They are the most dangerous because they typically have no medical background or a very limited one. Their driving factor may be honourable or not but they are dangerous because of the same factors mentioned above. One can not simply talk on the internet and understand what an individual is suffering from. The correct, ethical and professional method is to have them present and do a complete diagnostic on their condition before prescribing any method of therapy. To do otherwise would be foolish and criminal as it could end up in a fatality as it has many times in the past.

The last person that I will talk about is the ozonist that does treatment hour by hour, day by day and
incorporates all forms of medicine in an attempt to eradicate whatever disease is presented before them. The one that takes the time to analyze the condition of the individual in detail. The one that runs tests on the patient no matter what the cost or time to get to the core of whatever ails them. The one that carefully puts together a program to return the patients health to a normal state. The one that carefully follows the progress of the patient and adjusts the therapy as they progress. The one that is open to anything that comes their way and does not accept the label put on a patient or the diagnosis from others but rather starts at the beginning and carefully deciphers the real cause of that patient's disorder. This, in my opinion is the person that you should seek out if you wish to be treated with medical ozone, this and no other.

I have held off in sharing this one post because I really am at a loss as what else to say. in my past
posts I have warned all of you about ozone and it's use but I still get a daily dose of emails that complain about what certain doctors, practitioners and such have done to them. When responding, I get the usual, "But he is qualified and has a certificate." People, please understand that certificates nowadays are easy to get, create, duplicate and do not necessarily mean anything if that person has not used ozone for a long time. I, myself took two years of straight study in ozone before I would even talk about it and that was day to day study. It is not an easy thing to understand, compound that with all the inaccuracy on the net and as well the crazy interpretations of it from professionals and others and you have a stew of misinformation that can really boggle any one of us.

So, what's my answer, well, I really have none. All I can do is keep writing about it and hope that you all hear me and understand what i am trying to say. Please understand that one point that is ever so important not only in the field of medicine but in life itself "First Do No Harm!"

                                                                    "Professor Ozone"

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Anonymous said...

thank you for educating people about ozone therapy all the time .every profession has its own quacks.I hope the overnight ozonists will learn from your experience before they ruin the image of ozone therapy.this is your friend from benin republic