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Medical Ozone Therapy Personal Testimonial Part One

Been a long time since I created a post, the reason was that I was extremely sick, but now I am ready to talk about it and more. I think that this post will really add to the blog and my view on where medicine should be and as well, where medicine is at this stage of our evolution. This may turn into an extremely long post but I do believe it will be well worth reading to not only for those in a similar situation but for everyone due to my first-hand experience in the medical system.

If you know me at all, you understand that I really do not like testimonials much. The reason for this is simple to comprehend, we are all not the same, and we react in different ways to disease and to treatment. We all have genetics, eugenics as well as a host of other environmental issues and situations like present condition, all this must be a consideration when attempting any type of healing or therapy. When one reads a testimonial they should in fact understand that the above mentioned will have monumental effects on any and all therapies and considerations. What works for me might not work for you, and of course for the regulatory agencies reading this, it has nothing to do with treating, diagnosing or anything that you consider unlawful in your sorted cache of legal terminology. This is just my story and I am sharing it from my personal and professional viewpoint.

My issue started around August of 2012 when the family decided to go on a trip to Kenya for my sister-in-laws wedding and for my kids to meet their extended family on my wife's side. During that time there was great joy and partying. We stayed with my dear lawyer friend in Nairobi. He knew that I had an affinity for a certain beer called Tusker, found in Kenya as well as other African countries. To my delight, he told me that one of his clients had given him a case of this beer and I was welcome to drink as much as I like. Well, I am not much of a beer drinker, not really a drinker at all but at times when it is hot, nothing seems to take away that parched feeling in ones throat than a cold beer. Two is normally my limit as I also suffer with an acidic stomach after drinking any type of alcoholic beverage.

One day, we arrived at his house and I was exceptionally thirsty, so I opened a bottle of Tusker and started to gulp the beer as I would normally do. As soon as the first mouthful went down, I knew there was something wrong, the beer tasted funny and flat so I threw the bottle away and lost my taste for beer that day. That was the end of that.

Once back home after the trip to Kenya, I had to pick up our dog from the veterinarian that normally houses our dog when we are away, who is just next door to our clinic. I proceeded to go to her door and felt quite funny, like an out of body experience and thought that maybe I should return to the clinic. I opened the door to the clinic and in my blurred state could see the staff looking at me in shock, "What's wrong?” they said, "I don't know.” I said. They immediately laid me down on one of the beds and hooked monitors to me, something was definitely wrong.

Blood pressure was down; pulse was up so a round of saline V's and vitamins were in order. Once done, I was well enough to communicate and ask the staff to book an appointment with a physician that we normally use to try and figure out what just happened. I apologize if this story is a little spotty but I am trying to recall most of what had happened as best I can.

The next morning I went to the hospital where they ran tests after test to determine what the cause could have been. What they found out was that my spleen was abscessed in a third of its size. Now, a spleen abscess is not common and most doctors have not heard of it at all so the next issue is, what to do about it? I asked the physician and he said that I would need 24 hour high dose IV antibiotics for at least four days. Great, I thought, four days in the hospital, well that was impossible; I had the kids to take care of as my wife was still in Kenya with her family for another two weeks.

I talked to my partner and he suggested that I take treatment at the clinic and at home, which he was kind enough to provide for me so that I could still manage the kids and my life, fortunate for me. Many have asked why I did not use Medical Ozone to take away the infection, a good question and one of the reasons for this blog post.

Medical Ozone Therapy has its limitations, one of them is that it is very slow in its action and I needed something to clear my system that was going to act rapidly, I was in a state where I could develop sepsis quite easily so we had to work fast. The problem is that when you are hit with antibiotics at that speed, it is no party, I can attest to that and I am certain many of you can as well. You never really know what's worse, the sickness or the side effect. In any case for me, it worked and my spleen though not fully recovered was better but still enlarged. We did rounds of ozone therapy once I was off antibiotics to ensure that the infection was gone completely and to minimize the inflammation.

Some may have issue with what I have just said because those that have used ozone therapy do feel immediate relief. There are factors though, this was internal and was not something that I really could feel.  As well, let me say that those that do feel immediate relief should understand that medical ozone can and will pass through the blood brain barrier and increase serotonin as well as adrenalin for some. Also, consider at times the aspect of "the placebo effect". Of course I am not stating that this comes into consideration with all but it is noteworthy and a consideration. Also to note is that ozone is an anti-inflammatory and as well an analgesic.

After a while all was forgotten about all this and was leading a normal life until mid-March of 2014 when I started to get these unusually painful cramps in my lower abdomen. Normally, I am not that sensitive and can withstand a tremendous amount of pain but this was something else, so much so that I told my wife to drive me to hospital emergency. It was at night when I entered the hospital and of course they wanted info and for me to wait, I told them that would be impossible as the pain was unbearable. Normally, in hospital emergency, unless you have a bleeding something, you still have to wait, at least that has been my experience but fortunately at this one they directed me to a bed so that I could lay down. I still had to wait though until the attending physician came, when he did and I explained what I could, he ordered painkillers and sent me on my way. Ok, I thought, let them do what they know, don't argue I thought, stay calm I thought. I don't exactly know what I was given, probably tramadol, it did dull the pain somewhat so I left.

We drove home and when we were almost in the driveway, I turned to my wife and said, we have to go back, the pain started to increase as we were driving. Again went to emergency but this time the pain was so unbearable that I thought I was going to pass out. Again, I was put on a bed and had to wait for the attending physician. After numerous tests and more pain killer, I was advised to stay in the hospital overnight. The room I was given was wonderful, all the facilities of home so in that respect I was quite comfortable but the pain increased so much that eventually it took over my senses and I started to cry and howl like a baby, praying for God to take me so that I would not have to endure this pain. Still had no answer as to why this had occurred.

Late in the night, it became evident to the hospital staff that I would need something stronger to kill what pain I was experiencing so they called in an anesthesiologist who promptly set up a morphine unit for me so that once the pain came I could shoot morphine into me much like a late stage cancer patient. This did work somewhat and there I was attached to IV's, monitors and not lucid at all. I could feel the pain but really didn't care at this point.

The next day after a semi-conscious sleep, I was told that I had a lower bowel infection. Finally an answer.. Along with the pain, I was vomiting massive amounts of green fluids so the prognosis made sense. Well, the therapy again was massive amounts of antibiotics for four days only this time I had no choice but to stay in the hospital.

The days went by and I started to feel better, I was taken off morphine on the third day and released after five days. It was one week later and Easter was upon us. As we normally do we went to Easter brunch and decided to do a little shopping. All was normal until I was driving home with the family. At about two or three kilometers away from the house I noticed a weird sensation in my stomach area. My abdomen started to grumble, again came the pain I can never explain. It was like someone reached inside my abdomen and was twisting my intestines in an effort to pull them out. I grasped the steering wheel so hard I thought I was going to break it, I started howling and crying in pain but knew I had to get the family home safely. When I reached the house I did lay down and watch my stomach churn like there was a baby inside and I was nine months pregnant. I called my partner and he immediately sent a nurse to put me on fluids and ease my pain. I stayed in bed for about three days trying to get better but this, although subdued was getting no better. Nothing that I ate would stay down; it was like I was blocked.

We decided it was time for a CT scan to find out what the issue was, so I went to one of my dear friend who was a CT scan specialist, actually he teaches the method of CT. I had really wanted to get a proper diagnosis. After what seemed an eternity, he called the whole family into his office to tell us what he had found. It seemed that I had numerous issues, the infection in my bowel was gone but now it seems that my portal and mesenteric as well as pulmonary veins were blocked. As well, there seemed to be a blockage in my intestines, most probably a stricture that was narrowing the channel somewhere in my intestines. I say somewhere because even with CT, one can't really pinpoint intestine obstructions, too many twists, turns, guts, etc... Well, isn't that just peachy, I thought...

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